Battlestar Galactica: Transcripts: S04E03: The Ties That Bind


Galactica: Machine Room

Chief: We’re Cylons. And we have been from the start.

Galactica: Briefing Room

Apollo: It’s time for a change. I’ve had some feelers from the government. I think I could make a valuable contribution there.

Galactica: Hangar Bay

Adama, to Starbuck: I’m giving you a ship. Now go find a way to Earth.

Kobol Opera House

D’Anna, VO: “There are five other Cylons, brother. I saw them.”


Cavil: Yes, we know. That’s why we’ve decided to box your entire line.


Natalie: The telencephalic inhibitor that restricts higher functions in the Centurions? We had them removed.

Cavil: Say what?


Resurrection Ship

(Cavil wakes up and throws himself from the pod, falls naked to the floor. Boomer and another One wrap him tenderly in towels.)

One: Welcome back, Brother.

Cavil: What happened?

Boomer: You were shot, but you’re with us now.

Cavil: Shot by who?

One: By our own Centurions.

Cavil: That’s pure insanity. The Sixes have lost their minds. They have no idea of the threat that they’ve unleashed. I need to get to my ship.

One: It’s not your ship anymore. The Sixes and their acolytes used their new pets to engage in a little ethnic cleansing.

Boomer: The whole Fleet’s split right down the middle. So much for my swing vote.

Cavil: That’ll teach me not to trust in democracy.

(She smiles and kisses him passionately.)

Galactica: Tyrol Quarters

(Cally numbly remembers her latest fight with the Chief.)

Cally: They can’t possibly need you every single hour of every single day. Can’t you just tell someone to fill in for you?

Chief: Who? Who, Cally? Who’s gonna fill in for me?

Cally: I don’t know! Anyone can frakkin’ turn a wrench down there. There’s not …

Chief: I’m the chief of the frak….I’ve had enough of this. Enough of this!

(Cally cries and, later, plays with Nicky on the bed.)

Cally: Yes! Yes!

(Cally calls the Hangar Bay.)

Cally: It’s me again. No, I know, I’m sorry. No, can you please just check?

(Cally goes through Chief’s things and searches the room, finally finding a napkin for Joe’s Bar.)

Galactica: Joe’s Bar

(Chief sits with Tory at a table, sharing a drink.)

Chief: I used to know who I was. Galen Tyrol. Crew chief, husband, father. I look in the mirror nowadays, I don’t even know what I am.

Tory: Are you and Cally getting along?

(Cally carries Nicky through the ship toward the bar.)

Tory: You know, I never really liked ambrosia before. But now. It’s like I’m being flooded with new sensations and new feelings. Maybe you are too.

(As Tory comforts Chief, Cally watches from behind a bulkhead.)

Tory: In some ways, I don’t hate this. Feeling new. Feeling open to things. To change…

Chief, firmly: I don’t do well with change.

Cally, finally charging them: Galen, you son of a…

(Cally vomits on the floor.)

Chief: Oh, Cally! Cally, come here, come here. Just give her some room.

Cally: Let go of me! Let go!

Chief: Just listen to me for a second. Where are you going? Cally. Cally, listen to me.

(Chief watches Cally run away; Tory continues nursing her drink.)



Galactica: Sickbay

(Dr. Cottle hooks up Roslin’s IV.)

Cottle: The nausea should go away in about an hour.

(Laura tries to read for a moment, then takes off her glasses, feeling sick. The Admiral sits down beside her, without comment.)

Adama: Love & Bullets, by Nick Taylo, Chapter One. “It started like it always did. With a body. This one was in the river. I could tell she had once been beautiful, but this a bullet and fast current had taken away from her. All we are, all that we think we are. All that we are certain about is taken away from us. When you’ve worked the streets and seen what I’ve seen, you become more and more convinced of it every day. Caprica City had been my teacher, my mistress. From the moment I open my eyes, she’s in my blood, like cheap wine.”

(Laura moans and begins to weep, holding her hands over her abdomen.)

Adama: “Bitter and sweet, tinged with regret. I’ll never be free of her, nor do I want to be.”

(Adama looks at her and she smiles and continues to listen, in pain.)

Adama: “For she is what I am. All that is, should always be.”

Colonial One: Press Room

(Lee, Tom, Laura and Tory give a press conference; Adama sits in the front row.)

Apollo: I am grateful and consistently inspired by the compassionate and forthright leadership of President Roslin. By the wisdom of my father, whom some of you may know. And by the support and advice of my valued friends. Some of whom, you may be shocked to hear, are not Capricans. And so I am honored to accept this appointment to the quorum in the hope that I can continue Delegate Cowan’s courageous work on behalf of the people of Caprica and the Fleet. Thank you.

(The press corps begins to ask questions and take pictures.)

Apollo: Yes.

Reporter: Madam President, by confirming Mr. Adama’s nomination, does this mean you don’t have any hard feelings about his role in the Baltar Trial?

(They look at each other, and she touches his arm, thanking him and taking the podium.)

Roslin: Mr. Adama took on a cause he felt was important. And I fully trust he will continue to bring the same passion and clear-mindedness in representing his constituents. Yes?

Playa Palacios: What about the Demetrius, the sewage recycling freighter that jumped away three weeks ago.

Roslin: I will ask Admiral Adama to answer that question.

Adama: The Demetrius is on a military mission.

First Reporter: What about the rumor that Kara Thrace was put in charge of that mission?

Adama: I don’t comment on rumors.

Roslin, conferring with Tory: I’m gonna have to cut this short. I will see you all very soon at the Quorum Q&A. Thank you very much. Scattered applause and more scrum.

Colonial One: Roslin’s Offices

Roslin, alone with the Admiral: Frankly, I’m surprised it took them this long to come after us about the Demetrius.

Adama: Any luck and it’ll blow over.

Roslin: It’s not going to blow over. I’m gonna be covering for you for a long time on this.

Adama: I wanted to give Kara a chance. I wanted to give myself a chance to believe in her.

Roslin, disgustedly: Apparently.

(He lingers, and then leaves when she won’t meet his eyes.)


Mission: Find Earth

Day 22

(Kara reads star charts, draws and calibrates and measures, flips through files and folders. She sees the gas giant as she described it, the triple stars, with a comet flying through the system.)

Gaeta: You wanted to see me, sir?

Starbuck, sweating: I’ve made a decision.

Demetrius: Racks

Seelix: CAPs and recon runs… Okay, anyone want to remind me what we’re supposed to be looking for?

Pike, reading a copy of Nymph magazine: Didn’t you get the Commander’s memo? It’s a unique astronomic cluster. A system with a ringed gas giant, trinary star, and a comet.

Seelix: Astronomic cluster. Sounds more like a cluster frak.

Helo: Hey, that’s enough of that crap.

Seelix: Sorry, sir, but you gotta admit it’s starting to feel like we’re flying around in circles.

(Gaeta enters, angry.)

Athena: What’s the latest, Felix?

Gaeta: She’s reversing course, returning to sector seven.

Athena: Oh, that is the tenth course correction. She give a reason this time?

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Gaeta: A reason? Let’s just say I think she’s steering with her gut.

Seelix, under her breath: Frak me.

Pike: I’m telling you guys this thing is a setup anyway. I mean, you think that the old man just gave her the ship and then cut her loose? I guarantee you Galactica’s dogging our every move, and they’re just waiting to jump in as soon as she shows her true colors…

Anders: — You know what? You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

Pike: You gonna tell me what I know, rook?

Anders: Yeah!

Helo: I said to can it! All of you!

Starbuck: Helo, I need to talk to you. Now!

Pike: Who wants odds on a course correction then?

(Sam looks up at Kara through the floor grating, unable to see her face.)

Anders: Kara, hey, listen. Some of us have been wondering about this trinary star formation we’re supposed to be looking for. Is there anything else you can tell us about it? Any new data? Anything at all?

Starbuck: You know everything you need to know, ensign. So stow the questions and do your job.

(Helo joins Starbuck on the upper deck and they walk away.)

Helo: Yes, sir. What’s up, Captain?

Starbuck: Helo, I have new jump coordinates. Double check the data file and the FTL drive. Got it?

(In the racks, everybody looks at each other. Anders slams a locker.)

Galactica: Tyrol Quarters

Chief: Cally, I told you last night and I’m telling you again right now. I am not having an affair. I went out for a drink. I ran into Tory. We started talking. Look, I know how it looks, but it’s completely innocent. There’s nothing to it.

Cally, ignoring him: You’re gonna have to drop Nicky off. I have a doctor’s appointment. Can you tell them not to feed him any of that algae mash? I think he’s allergic.

(Chief slams the table, tears in his eyes. Nicky starts to cry.)

Cally, leaving: Just remember about the algae.

Chief, calming Nicky: No, I’m sorry. Daddy’s sorry, Daddy’s sorry.

Basestar: Conference Room

(A Centurion wipes blood off the walls as Cavil enters; Natalie sits with two Eights.)

Cavil: I see you’re still cleaning up your mess.

Natalie: Oh, I hardly think this qualifies as our mess.

Cavil: Well, I guess that explains why none of you are lending a helping hand. Really, Six, if you had wanted some room to spread out, you could’ve just asked.

Natalie: Is there anything that isn’t fodder for a joke with you? Or is that really how you see our very existence, as some sort of nihilistic punch line?

Cavil: Nihilistic punch line? I like that. But quite honestly, I’m feeling very serious. Getting riddled with bullets affects me that way. But I want you all to know that I place the blame for all of this squarely on myself.

Natalie: Go on.

Cavil: Well, you had legitimate concerns, but I refused to hear them. But now I’m listening. So tell me, what’s to be done to stop all this and let us get back together?

Eight: Well, for starters, you can stop lobotomizing the Raiders.

Cavil: Done.

Natalie: And you can agree to unbox the D’Annas.

Cavil: Resurrect her entire line? Don’t forget, Six, it was D’Anna’s messianic quest for secrets better left alone that started us down this divisive path in the first place.

Natalie: You talk about restoring our unity. Well, we think it’s time to restore our greater unity. To unite the twelve models once and for all.

Cavil: Well, I don’t think the others will accept this, but I’ll make your case.

Natalie, to a Centurion: Escort him off the ship.

(Centurion doesn’t move.)

Natalie: Please?

Cavil: It’s a good thing you remembered the magic word. You’re going to find you opened a bigger can of worms than you realize.


Colonial One: Quorum Offices

(Lee sits in the Caprica Representative’s seat, and Tom Zarek enters.)

Zarek: Inspiring, isn’t it? A government of the people, for the people, and answerable to the people. At least that’s the idea. I heard you tried to see her.

Apollo: I had some bills I wanted to discuss. Projects Delegate Cowan was pushing before she died. But they told me she wasn’t in.

Zarek: She was, just not for you. By standing up for Baltar, you crossed the line with her. And Laura Roslin is not the type to forgive and forget.

Apollo: She forgave you. She made you Vice President.

Zarek: To keep me on the sidelines. Same way she’ll try to sideline you.

Apollo: Well, then. I’m intrigued. Why did you nominate me in the first place?

Zarek: Because you did stand up for Baltar. And you put Roslin on the stand to do it. You weren’t afraid to ask some hard questions and to demand some honest answers.

Apollo: Well, if you’re looking for a repeat performance, you’re out of luck. I didn’t take this job to help you undermine the President.

Zarek: I’m not asking you to. Believe it or not, I’m on Laura’s side.

Apollo: Okay, then what’s the problem?

Zarek: It’s amazing the things you start to notice when you’re on the sidelines. How every decision that Laura and your father make gets stamped “CLASSIFIED.” Or how her directives are starting to read like decrees, yet still get enacted without so much as a debate. You know, she won’t even allow records to be kept of any of her meetings. Secrecy and control are becoming obsessions for her. I think this Demetrius business is just the tip of the iceberg.

Apollo: Well, sometimes a benevolent tyrant’s exactly what you need.

Zarek: No. A tyrant craves power for its own sake. And all Laura wants is to save us all. Trust me. Better yet, trust yourself. Because that’s what I’m really counting on, that you’re not the kind of man who can ignore the truth when it stares you in the face.

(Zarek drops a folder reading “CLASSIFIED” on the table before him, and leaves.)

Galactica: Sickbay

Cally: What if you gave me a sedative and I just slept here?

Cottle: Oh, sure. We’ll just turn my sickbay in an opium den so you can have a little snooze.

(He pulls an empty bottle of pills out of her pocket.)

Cally: Feels like I haven’t had a night’s sleep since we reached that frakkin’ Nebula.

Cottle: How are things on the home front?

Cally: You mean other than catching my husband with another woman and having him tell me I’m imagining things?

Cottle: Well, the man doesn’t know what he’s got at home. Should have his head examined. As a matter of fact, why don’t you bring him in? I’ll take a look.

Cally: See, that’s what I like about you, Doc. You just pretend to be a bastard.

Cottle: Well, while you’re in the mood for tough love, maybe you are imagining things. You know, fatigue and antidepressants can make a hell of a paranoia cocktail.

Cally: I felt like I needed to take something to keep from going completely crazy.

Cottle, lighting a cigarette: You’re not crazy.

Cally: What would you call someone who all but proposes to a man after he breaks her jaw?

Cottle: That the last time he laid hands on you?

(She nods, and takes a drag from his cigarette.)

Cally: You want to hear something really sick? Sometimes I wish he would. Lay hands on me. At least then I’d… I’d know he had some feelings about me.

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Cottle: Listen, just get some sleep and clear your head.

Cally: Will do, Doc. Thank you.

Demetrius: Thrace Quarters

(Kara paints her vision on the wall of her rack, above her head. Sam enters.)

Anders: Kara, what the hell’s the matter with you? ‘Cause the way you’re holing up in here, you’re making people wonder.

Starbuck, without looking: Let ’em. Frankly, they’re starting to bug me as much as I bug them. Frak ’em.

Anders: You know, some of us actually volunteered for this mission.

Starbuck: “Some,” meaning you? Is that what this is about, Sam? You want to know what the deal is with us? With our marriage? Well, it didn’t make much sense to begin with, makes even less now.

Anders, taking her paintbrush: Give me that. I don’t buy that. I don’t think you believe a single frakkin’ word you’re saying. You’re just scared.

(He finally forces her to turn around, shoving their wedding tattoos together.)

Anders: You see that, hmm? You see this? You remember those? Do you remember when we got ’em? That’s what’s real. Okay, that is part of who we are. That is a part of who you are, whether you want to admit it or not.

Starbuck: You dumb motherfrakker. I only married you because it was safe and it was easy, Sam. And you were just pathetic enough to go along with it. So get the frak out. I said get out. Get out!

Anders: What are you gonna do, huh?

Starbuck: Get out!

(She shoves him against the hatch and he holds her arms, and she starts to kiss him.)

Starbuck: I don’t want to fight, Sam. I want to frak. You don’t get it, do you? I’m not the same girl you married. All I want to do right now is frak. Really frak, like it’s the end of the world and nothing else matters. So come on, Sam. Make me feel something. I dare you.

(Anders shoves her across the room and onto the bed, and she starts to laugh. He holds her arms above her head.)


Demetrius: Thrace Quarters

Starbuck, after: We were married, weren’t we? I mean, that wasn’t just like a fantasy.

Anders: Hell no. And I got the scars to prove it.

Starbuck: Does that seem different to you somehow?

Anders: Different how?

Starbuck: Not sure. It’s like everything seems so far away. The way things feel, the way they taste. Like I’m watching myself, but I’m not really experiencing it, not living it. Like my body’s just this alien thing that I’m still attached to. Does that seem crazy to you?

(Anders stares at her.)

Basestar: Conference Room

One: Frankly, we were as surprised as you are. We presented your case. There was some debate. And we were outvoted.

Cavil: Our compatriots now seem to agree that it was wrong to box the D’Annas.

Natalie: Sounds like your own opinion hasn’t changed.

Cavil: I promised that we’d do some hard thinking. But in the end, we decided that our choices were correct.

One: Unfortunately, restoring unity was all the others seemed to care about.

Eight: It’s hard to have unity when you’re still so opposed to everything the rest of us believe in.

Cavil: Look, he kept his word. You won the day. Do you think you have the right to win our hearts and minds too?

One: No, you’re being presumptuous…

Eight: Don’t even try to compare us to…

Natalie: They’re right. If they’ve agreed to our terms, then there’s no point in courting any more discord.

One: Any more discord and we may run out of spare bodies.

Cavil: The Threes’ core consciousness is being downloaded at our central resurrection hub. The nearest accessible server is a half dozen jumps from here. We can go together and hear what your newfound heroine has to say.

Natalie: If you don’t mind, we’d prefer to stay on our own ships.

Cavil: By all means. I doubt that the rest of us would feel comfortable here anyway.

Colonial One

Zarek: The chair recognizes the delegate from Sagittaron.

Jacob Cantrell: Would the President care to comment on the news stories crediting so-called military sources that claim the Demetrius is searching for new food sources? Or, Madam President, would you rather that we just simply accept this obvious attempt at disinformation?

Zarek: Order, please.

Roslin: I’m afraid I don’t control the media, Jacob, as much as you know I’d love to. Regarding the reports, the Demetrius mission is a matter of Fleet security, and as such I can’t and won’t discuss it, period.

Cantrell: Madam President, I have to say that my constituency is not satisfied with an executive…

Female Representative: Do you realize this casts doubt on something as fundamental as our route to Earth?

Roslin: Yes, but don’t take my “yes” to imply that the rumors are true.

Cantrell: Madam President!

Roslin: Jacob, everyone, please. I cannot believe that the Demetrius is the only matter that is important to your constituents. Can we please move on? You know my answer to this.

(Lee stands.)

Zarek: Order, please. Order!

Apollo: Madam President, I’m sure we can all understand the importance for the need for security. Coming from the military, it’s my experience that we sometimes err too strongly on the side of caution. So for the sake of reassuring my colleagues and hopefully putting this matter to rest, would it not be fair to say that you and Admiral Adama are naturally exploring all possible routes to Earth?

Female Representative: Hear, hear. Now we’re getting focus.

Laura, standing: Mr. Adama, we are all anxious to receive the benefit of your experience. But, um, I personally don’t feel the need to have a junior delegate appoint himself my spokesman. Let’s move on. Jacob, you had a matter on the table. Would you please continue?

Cantrell: Thank you, Madam President. My constituents are once again having problems obtaining medical supplies now I have…

Apollo, resolved: Point of order. Excuse me.

Zarek: Hello? Order, please! Order, please! Thank you very, very much. Mr. Cantrell, will you yield the floor?

Cantrell: I will yield.

Apollo: Thank you. This relates to your Executive Order 112…

Roslin: 112

Apollo, handing out copies and speaking over the press’s rising noise: …Which establishes a system of tribunals, the judges chosen by you, answerable only to a special court of appeals, the judges of which would also be chosen by you. Effectively it creates a justice system that further and dangerously concentrates power into the hands of the Executive. Namely, into your hands, Madam President. Far from being independent or impartial, it would actually damage the very idea of justice. Even the illusion of the idea of justice.

Roslin: Thank you, Mr. Adama. The order you’re referring to, Executive Order 112, is actually a work in progress, and the changes it proposes are provisional. It is a first step, a tiny step, but the first step in a, uh, in a larger plan, actually, to create a fair and comprehensive legal system, which you of all people can admit we sorely need. Now naturally I was going to bring it to the Quorum to open it up for debate once it was finished, which it isn’t. But since you’ve brought it into the public today, I propose that we put it on the docket for the next full session. Is that satisfactory to you, Mr. Adama?

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(A Fleet of Basestars jumps into an empty area, without a Resurrection Ship included. For some reason, you can see Orion’s Belt.)

Natalie’s Basestar: C&C

Eight: The Resurrection Ship didn’t make the jump.

Natalie: Problem with their FTL?

Eight: No report.

(Basestars crowd around the original ships that jumped.)

Eight: Now Cavil’s baseships are breaking formation, taking positions around our periphery.

Natalie: They’re going to attack. Alert the others! We need to jump now.

(A blast shakes their ship.)

Eight: They’ve taken out our FTL!

Natalie: No Resurrection Ship… They’re really trying to kill us!

(Missiles fly from baseship to baseship. At least three are clearly destroyed.)

Cavil’s Basestar: C&C

Cavil: Just remember. They started it.

Boomer: But we’re killing them. We’re truly killing them. My own sisters…

Cavil: They can trust their God to watch over their immortal souls.

Boomer: What about ours?

Cavil: We’re machines, dear, remember? We don’t have souls.

Galactica: Tyrol Quarters

(Cally looks all through her quarters, remember her relationship with Chief, her pregnancy, New Caprica. She imagines seeing Galen kissing Tory in Joe’s Bar. She counts the pills in one bottle, kisses the baby and goes to shut the hatch door. Stuck in its hinge, there’s a note

Galactica: Corridor

(Cally watches Tigh and Chief meet Tory and enter together. Cally opens a machine panel and climbs through the bulkheads, pulling down a panel outside the locker.)

Galactica: Weapons Locker 1701D

Tigh: Now I’ve heard everything. Anders and Gaius Frakkin’ Baltar. That’s just what we need, another Cylon nymphomaniac.

Tory: Don’t worry, Colonel. You’re not my type.

Tigh: And one more thing, from now on we only meet in private. After that scene you two pulled in Joe’s Bar the other night we can’t risk any more attention.

Chief: Fine, great. We done, can we go?

Tigh: Why are you so antsy?

Chief: I told Cally I’d check on her.

Tigh: Well, didn’t you do that when you got my note?

Chief: I didn’t get a note. What note?

Tigh: The note I left in the drop in your quarters about this meeting.

Chief: Tory found me. Did you…Oh, frak me. If Cally finds the note then…

Tigh: Well, you better hope she doesn’t. And you better put an end to this affair business. whatever it takes to stop her from nosing around. Last thing we need is for your Cylon-hating wife to find out there’s a bunch of skinjobs running around this ship and that her husband is one of them.

(Cally imagines making love to Galen, imagines him cutting into his hand and licking the blood off. There’s a shot of Boomer’s blood from when Cally shot her. She drops the panel down into the ship and everybody freezes; she vanishes back into the walls.)

Tigh: I’m tired of looking at your sorry faces.

(Cally runs off down the corridor without replacing the wall panel; only Tory notices.)


Galactica: Tyrol Quarters

(Cally enters, shoves the note back where it went, and begins to freak out.)

Cally: No, no, no, no. Frak! Frak!

(She hears the hatch open behind her and tries to compose herself, not turning around.)

Chief, softly: Hey. How you doing?

Cally: Fine.

Chief: You feeling okay?

Cally: Yeah, I’m fine.

Chief: You sure?

Cally: Yeah, actually, I am. Thought I was coming down with something, so I slept in.

Chief: Did you go see Cottle?

Cally: No, I’m feeling better.

Chief: Good. Look, I know it’s been a rough couple of weeks. I know what you’re thinking. It’s not true.

Cally, terrified: It isn’t?

(As he speaks, she remembers their life together.)

Chief: No. I’m not having an affair. I figured it out. I know what’s important. You’re important. Nicky’s important. We’re important. Us. That’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it? Family, a future. Building that future together. I promise you from now on I will be here for us. The three of us. Maybe the four of us. You know, maybe someday we, we’ll have another baby. What do you think? Another baby? A brother, a sister for little Nick? What do you think, buddy? Hey? Would you like a little brother or sister?

(Cally beats him mercilessly with a large wrench, grabs a launch key from his pocket and the baby, and leaves him for dead.)

(Cally ignores everybody as she walks through the corridors, holding onto the baby. She crosses the Hangar Bay and enters a launch tube airlock.)

Galactica: Launch Tube

(Cally stares out a porthole, into space, and then activates the lock panel with Nicky in her arms.)

Tory, appearing: Cally.

Cally: Stay the frak away from me! I know what you are. I know what all of you are. How could you?

Tory: We don’t even know what we are.

Cally: I heard you. You’re Cylons! A bunch of frakkin’ skinjobs.

Tory, sighing: I wish it were that simple.

Cally, turning the key and closing the airlock behind Tory: I told you to stay away from me. Guess you better hope there’s a spare body waiting for you.

Tory, holding her arms wide: You want to kill me? Go ahead. Don’t do this to yourself or to your child. To Nicky.

Cally: Get the frak away! You’re not getting your hands on my son! Not you, not Galen! He frakkin’ used me!

Tory: He didn’t know. None of us did. We didn’t find out until we entered that Nebula.

Cally: Oh, shut the frak up, traitor! Frak!

Tory: All we know is that we’re Cylons. But in every other way, we’re still the same people.

Cally: You’re frakkin’ machines!

Tory, looking at her hands: I don’t know. But I do know that we’re not evil. We’re not inhuman. And we’re just as scared and confused as you are.

Cally, as Tory comes closer: I can’t live like this! It’s a frakkin’ nightmare.

Tory, nearly weeping: You don’t want to do this, Cally. He’s your son.

Cally, falling to her knees: What have I done? I’m so sorry. Oh, Gods.

(Tory touches her shoulder as she comforts Nicky.)

Cally: It’s okay. It’s okay, Nicky. It’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be okay.

Tory: Let’s just get out of here. It’s okay. We’ll work this out together. It’s okay.

Cally: Okay.

(Cally stands and Tory takes the boy. Cally weeps, and Tory knocks her across the tube. When she comes to, she notices first that Nicky is gone, then that the launch key is gone from the panel, and that she’s locked in. She looks up and Tory is holding Nicky on the other side of the glass. Tory soothes the baby, and turns the key. She meets Cally’s eyes for a moment, and then looks away and pushes the button. Cally is pulled out into space.)

Galactica: Tyrol Quarters

(The Chief sits with the Admiral, with blood still on his face.)

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A Special thanks goes out to Boomer and TWoP for their gracious assistance in preparing these transcripts.

Battlsestar Galactica names, characters and everything else associated with the series are the property of Sci-Fi Channel, NBC Universal and R&D Television.

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