LEXX Chat: Ellen (Giggy) Dubin chats with lexxians

The on-line chat was held on Sunday December 2nd, 2001
Location: chatroom on the irc.fef.net chatserver.
Room: #marty
This log was edited by SadGeezer.

<Giggy> Hi everyone. Hungry to be here and answer your questions…
<lazzo> there she is
<Zbu> YAY!
<thefrey> Hello Ms. Dubin
<Lunatic> hehehe
<milk> heyhey ๐Ÿ™‚
<Hypatia> hi
<Giggy> yup in the (raw) flesh
* klaatu applies more pineapple…internally and externally
*** Splarka changes topic to ‘no greetings please, just questions for the queen! :)’
<Giggy> Don’t be shy
<Zbu> Okay…errrr…um….
<Splarka> what was your favorite job besides Lexx? ๐Ÿ˜›
<Giggy> Fave job otherwise: Forever Knight
<Lunatic> hello Ellen, extremely pleased to chat with you, you look like having so much fun being Giggy in the serie, is it your fav character yet, compare to Queen or the real estate agent ?
<Giggy> Love Giggy, but you guys are in for atreat the new character of POPE is the best
<fx> for british peep; were there any complalints from religious types about pope
<Giggy> A mixture of all characters back in the show
<idiotboy> don’t think so
<Giggy> Not yet, has not aired yet…
* Lunatic can barely wait now !!
<Giggy> Me neither…
<Splarka> do you make anyone “Holey”?
<lazzo> How long have you been in ‘the business’ ??
<Lunatic> well, we’ll have to brace ourself for it, puns really much intended ;))
<fx> do you have the skin suit from iwhs?
<Giggy> Yes I made a few people “holy”. Been in business since 15 years old
<klaatu> lol
<Doffy> wow
<fx> lol
<lazzo> cool
<Giggy> Did not keep skin suit. Will have to talk to Paul. Lots of pics though
<Doffy> that suit would go for a lot
<milk-boy> ๐Ÿ˜‰
<Splarka> hmm, wonder if they’ll put the suit on ebay.
<tack> whats the worst job you’ve had so far??
<Giggy> Worst job: wearing heavy prosthetics out of fur and hair in WRINKLE IN TIME, but great show
<Hypatia> what did you first act in?
<milk-boy> giggy: would you realy eat a milk fed boy…? ๐Ÿ™‚
<Giggy> Like chips, you cannot stop at one (milk fed boy)
<Spike> giggy: who do you prefer, Eva or Xenia?
<Splarka> mammybeast:P
<Giggy> LOVE both, Stanley best
<fx> we all love stanley!
<lazzo> brian is the coolest
<Zbu> How much effort did it take to put on that suit? I mean it, I heard skintight stuff is hard as hell to wear.
<Giggy> Veery hard to put on suit. Had to wiggle into it
<Zbu> Really? I’m so sorry.
<Giggy> Molds to skin temp
<Morfeusz> lol
<Doffy> LOL
<Zbu> Molds???
<Splarka> Giggywiggle… damn, now that image will stay with me all day
<Giggy> Moulds
<Hypatia> wow
<klaatu> In case you didn’t see my post earlier, Ellen…there’s mention of you in the Toronto Star today
<Giggy> Yes saw Toronto Star today. Great mention. THanks
<mike-l> any other projects lined up?
<Giggy> Yup, shooting a PAXNET/Global Mary Higgins Clarke Murder mystery movie this month
<Giggy> Hope to work with Paul again… anytime
<Spike> Giggy: favourtie band and genre of music ?
<Giggy> fAve band…Beatles.:{
<Giggy> Giggy loves EEATING to Barry White, Aerosmith, Abba, Beethoven…
<Lunatic> ooh, areosmith :))
<Splarka> eating to abba?!
<Hypatia> Giggy, what was your first acting job?
<Giggy> First job: dinner theatre… waitress and acting and singing and cleanup and dancing
<Zbu> Hey Giggy, do you watch “Secret Adventures of Jules Verne?”
<Giggy> No to Jules Verne… shot in Montreal I think
<Spike> Giggy: Phantom Menace : love or hate?
<Giggy> Not a fan of Phantom Menace, sorry… but if he wants me in the next one, LOVED it
<Giggy> Thailand was AMAZING. Great people great experience
<Splarka> Gig: least fav ep of Lexx?
<Giggy> Love them all, especially mine
<Giggy> Brigadoom was EXCELLENT and so glad they did it….
<Giggy> Anybody picked up some of the props and stuff on E Bay?
<Zbu> There’s stuff on Ebay? I would love a Mantrid arm. ๐Ÿ™‚
<overprince> Got my own
<Doffy> I got a Brunnen suit from Brigadoom
<lazzo> I want one of those jumpsuits:)
<lazzo> worn by brian:)
<Hypatia> oooh, you’re asking a poor student ๐Ÿ™
* SadGeezer has one of Prince’s costumes
<Elle91> yup are there any mantrid arms left?
<Giggy> Don’t knkow about Mantrid arms
<Zbu> Giggy, do you watch “Ab Fab?”
<Giggy> Yes Ab FAb
<Spike> giggy: how about most annoying lexx character?
<Giggy> To me, most annoying Lexx character is 790… not personal, just he grabs all my closeups
<Splarka> and you can’t eat him?
<Lunatic> Giggy, 790 : food in can ๐Ÿ˜‰
<SadGeezer> Gigy, how do ou feel about this being the final season of LEXX?
<Giggy> Very sad this season is over… a great part of my life
<Doffy> we’re sad too ๐Ÿ™
<Zbu> ๐Ÿ™
<SadGeezer> yep, feel the same way
<klaatu> we agree, Giggy
* Zbu wants more Lexx….probably still have to turn to fanfic.
<Hypatia_B> Giggy: If you could play any character in any movie, who would you play?
<Giggy> Any movie? I would play Scarlett O’H in GWTW
<Giggy> The sci fi version of course
<Doffy> ooo…that would be great!
<klaatu> Frankly Stanley, I don’t give a damn
<Spike> Giggy: Ever been to England?
<Giggy> Yes to England, once. Love it. Didn’t recognize Buckingham P
<fx> favorite character in lexx? why?
<fx> besides giggy of course
<Giggy> Prince is my fave…. wanted to “work” with him
<Lunatic> Giggy : what was your fav moment ever in the serie, either particularly funny or proud moment ?
<Giggy> Lunatic- funny was grabbing Brian’s hands and putting them on my “body”…and pretending to secuce him
<Giggy> most touching moment was either in Thailand or on sound stage in Berlin
<milk-boy> even been to scotland? ;p ๐Ÿ˜‰
<Giggy> Never been to Scotland, cannot wait
<Giggy> Hope there is a convention/ con there soon.
<milk-boy> yay, come visit me, maybe you can have a bite ๐Ÿ˜‰
<Giggy> or two…
<Splarka> what actor or actress, that hasn’t been in Lexx, would you like most to devour in an ep?
<Spike> giggy: what did you feel you personally brought to Giggerota?
<Giggy> Spike- good question: humour first, movement/ wild stuff, and passion… and it is a GREAT fun part
<DalekTek790> G: Did the Beans tell you anything about Giggerota the Wicked’s background? Like, to help you get into the character?
<Giggy> Beans were great with freedom to run with it, but not too much background
<Giggy> to suggest the various people I ate… I wear their scalps
<Zbu> Stupid question: is the Giggerota hair real or a wig?
<Giggy> Most of the golden brown part of the hair is mine, black part a wig… and scalp pieces…
<Spike> was that costume “easy” to get into?
<Giggy> there were 2 costumes. Season one was rub ber latex/ smelly! heavy.
<Giggy> Season 2 more comfortable… buckskin suede… more flexible
<Spike> nice ๐Ÿ™‚
<Zbu> Very nice. ๐Ÿ™‚
<Lunatic> ooh…real suede…:-)~~
<Giggy> season 1 costume broke in the water scene
<Giggy> had to get a new one
<Lunatic> it looked awesome on you ๐Ÿ™‚
<klaatu> Mmmm! that new car smell ๐Ÿ˜‰
<Splarka> did you break it on purpose? ๐Ÿ˜›
<Giggy> Thanks lunatic.
<Giggy> No splarka… did not break on purpose but wanted to
<Giggy> very uncomfortable
<Spike> Was Tim Curry on the set or was it all pre-recorded?
<Giggy> Tim was on set. Never met him I’;m afraid. Too bad. never scenes together
<Talon> giggy: what was barry bostwick like to work with?
<Giggy> BB very generous and very TALL (great!!)
<Lunatic> what would be a dream role for you to play with Tim if you had the chance ?
<Giggy> I’d love to do the remake of Rocky H (RHPS) with Tim and Barry….both were in it
<Briseis> Giggy, what’s your favourite perfume? (to cover up the rubber stench)
<Giggy> don’t wear perfume… babypowder
<Splarka> its been asked before but never hurts to ask again.. what did you eat when you were eating moth parts and divine predecessor salty brains?
<Giggy> splarka- was eating sponge toffee covered with jam and gelatin pieces. yum
<Spike> ever wish Lexx took a different turn with just you and Stan on the Lurrve ship? ๐Ÿ˜‰
<Giggy> no spike. Me and PRINCE on the LOVE ship!!
<Hypatia_B> you would be perfect for it
<Splarka> “Didn’t I see you in a movie once?” “You didn’t see *that* movie”
<Giggy> Splarka you are teasing, from TAMMY AND T REX that I try to forget
<Splarka> you will never live that down, Giggy:)
<Splarka> that running in skimpy short skirt…
<Spike> skimpy short skirt? waa?
<Giggy> Yes, I was HELGA in T and T Rex with my good friend Denise Richards
<Zbu> Giggy: take heart….that is probably a thousand times better than Whoopi’s “Theodore Rex.”
<Giggy> You are right about Whoopie’s T Rex. At least mine is funny on purpose
<Zbu> Speaking of which (;)), how was Nigel Bennett to work with?
<Spike> any “chemistry” with you and nigel? i’m curious now… ๐Ÿ˜‰
<Splarka> did Nigel remember you from Forever Knight?
<Giggy> Never worked with Nigel on Lexx (cannot believe this) but did work with him in two episodes of Forever Knight
<Giggy> Fab actor, wonderful prescence
<fx> do you get to fight anyone as pope?
<fx> kick any kaibutt?
<Giggy> Oh ya, took people prisoner… cannot tell. you have to watch this winter/ spring
<milk-boy> giggy: do you like pies?
<Giggy> like pies… did NOT kick Kai’s Butt
<Hypatia_B> Giggy: What would you be doing if you weren’t an actress?
<Giggy> If not an actor, I would SING for my dinner (or dance)
<milk-boy> giggy: but what kind of pies…?
<DalekTek790> Dead thing pie?
<Hypatia_B> I love dead thing pie
<Giggy> Love milk boys pies
<Giggy> Fave food: Italian, Chinese, Japanese, American… always hungry
<milk-boy> giggy: have you ever seen a barking snail?
<Hypatia_B> what? a barking snail?
<Apophis> Hyp: they’re very common in England
<DalekTek790> Barking snail? Is that an s4 spoiler?
<milk-boy> giggy: would you ever eat a snail that barked at you..?
<tack> what about Least favorite food?? heh
<Giggy> least fave food: eel
<Splarka> in Paint Cans, Lex G turns into Neve Campbell… Wild Things is laced with Lexxness…
<Giggy> I am a little wild in a magazine coming up next month…. Urban Male Magazine
<Giggy> I think web site is umm.ca
{ed. note: Web site is correct but does not have article on-line mentions “Toronto’s Ellen Dubin, the women of Paradise Falls”}
<Shukaido> Giggy, last thing I heard you worked on Was Highlander: The Raven and Pacific Blue. Have you been busy acting since then? ( I heard something about Robocop?)
<Giggy> yup Shuk…. did Wrinkle in Time for ABC/ Disney out soon, Relic Hunter, Robocop mini series, a Daniel Baldwin movie THE TUNNEL… and Earth Final Conflict
<Giggy> and more LExx and this Pax Mystery movie in production…l.
<Giggy>I was Sandra Smyles in Dark Justic and Meltdown… Hostage negotiator.. lots of things blew up around me
<Splarka> Giggy is trying to forget about Addams Family? ๐Ÿ˜›
<Giggy> LOVED Addams Family. One of my faves. Country cousin to Morticia…. with black teeth and all
<fx> do you like working in canada better, or la?
<Giggy> Love both FX
<SadGeezer> Giggy: Have you heard of the possibility of any spinoff LEXX shows (series, films etc.)?
<Giggy> Not sure of any spin offs… All that stuff is up to the Beans…. would love it of course
<DalekTek790> Lexx: Deep Space Dexter 9
<Splarka> Lexx: The Next Giggy Ration
<fx> what did you think when you saw the script for lexx?
<Giggy> FX- LOVED the script when I saw it. Went in for Zev at first, like everyone…
<Giggy> Does Sci Fi in the US show the full versions of Lexx, or with edits?
<Splarka> edited
<Zbu> Edits.
<mike-l> edit
<Zbu> Many, many edits.
<Hypatia_B> edits ๐Ÿ™
<DalekTek790> Edited.
<Hypatia_B> Zev’s shower too
<Splarka> the US not only edits for obscenity (nipples = bad, killing people = good, weirdos)…but also for time, 2+ minutes of extra commercials here
<Spike> how about the uk?
<idiotboy> not so many edits, methiks
<Spike> what do they edit out? the xenia shower scene wasn’t edited
<mike-l> nudity
<Zbu> So I haven’t seen anybody from Lexx naked….good or bad, I still have yet to decide. ๐Ÿ˜‰
<DalekTek790> G: The scene where you smoke Wayne Robson in “Patches” was cut down here.
<Spike> hmm, they didn’t censor the nudity in boom town
<Hypatia_B> they blur out nipples too
<Hypatia_B> in the US
<Splarka> the movies were unedited on TMC/Showtime (except for the last scene in Gigashadow), but were heavily cut on SciFi, like, they cut out Zev’s trial
<Spike> Giggy: Do you think the nudity is need in Lexx?
<Spike> *needed
<Giggy> I don’t have ANY problem with nudity on Lexx, as long as all the boys are naked
<koudelka> Giggy was that skin suit you wore hot?
<Giggy> Skin suit was hot and smelly koudelka
<Shukaido> Have you done any nude scenes Giggy? And If so where can I get the tape? ๐Ÿ˜‰
<Giggy> Sorry Shuk… clothes on all the time… but still some sexy stuff
<Giggy> Tammy and the T-Rex had some fun outfits
<Giggy> So did the dominatrix stuff from Forever Knight
<Splarka> and you got the only slow motion bouncy shot in that movie;P
<Shukaido> I remember that one Giggy ๐Ÿ˜‰
<Talon> heh heh, but of course you could always yeah, ive filmed in a birthday suit! uh, just not my own ๐Ÿ˜‰ (and of course, not really human skin ;))
<Parasite159> it was only slow motion cuz you kept hitting the pause button
<Giggy> yes, running from the barn… after the dino spews junk
<Giggy> good one parasite
<Splarka> mm, dino spew
<thefrey> Ms. Dubin, this may have already been asked, (I keep peering) but have you got any plans to work in the States anytime soon?
<Giggy> Yup thefrey… I live in L.A. most of the time. Doing a big L.A. convention Jan 19th and 20th at Bev.Garland
Holiday Inn
<Doffy> I heard about that!
<Giggy> The hollywood collectors autograph convention, with Brian Downey
<angelmay> Yeah, Brian told us about that.
<Giggy> woould love to see you guys there…. this will be my first
<Spike> Giggy: ever had any stalkers?
<klaatu> Do you get a chance to meet up with the Toronto based lexx cast in private?
<Giggy> not lexx, just bunch of different shows from old stars to new stuff
<Giggy> Saw LEXX torontians in Thailand. Great to spend time together…..
<Lunatic> GIggy : are you a trickster on the set, did you ever play naughty funny tricks on your friend/co-actors ?
<Giggy> love joking around but when I work, I work. It is hard serious stuff
<tack> speaking of autographs, any way for a fan to get one without coming to a convention?
<Alliss> Giggy: do you know if anyone in the lexx-crew are comming to Lexx-O-Rama?
<Giggy> what is Lexorama?
<Alliss> swedish lexx convent.
<milk-boy> its a con in the summer time, in gothenburg, sweden
<Giggy> tack-email splarka and will forward request. Happy to help.
<tack> okay:)
<Giggy> would LOVE to come to Sweden… wow
<Splarka> swedish population control;P
<Mira> Lexxorama takes place in the beginning of July, 5-7th of July most likely, you haven’t got any plans then so far?
<Giggy> No plans yet Mira
<Giggy> Bring Brian (and me) and we will see you
<klaatu> Giggy, we’re arranging HoggCon for next year….this is an open invite for you to attend ๐Ÿ™‚
<Giggy> Would love attend Klatu
<milk-boy> ellen: its in the beginning of July, maybe gonna come? ๐Ÿ™‚
<milk-boy> sweden, lovly weather
<koudelka> Giggy got any other prodjects instore?
<Giggy> yup… working right now on a murder mystery ALL AROUND THE TOWN with Natashia Kinski
<Giggy> Mystery movie will be on PAX in the U.S., on Global in Canada, and in Europe also. In May.
<fx> giggy, can you describe your costars in lexx as food? ๐Ÿ˜‰
<Giggy> Yes.. Brian is string cheese. Xenia is juicy meatloaf. Bunny is a carrot. President is a Rolo Bar
<Lunatic> Bunny is carrots ?!?!?
<Newkate> Is Bunny a bad carrot?
<Splarka> bad carrot?
<Giggy> Kai of course is frozen broccoli
<Doffy> LOL…I picture him as dark chocolate, myself
<Giggy> Prince is a juicy rare steak
<tack> anything you wish you could change about Giggerota?
<milk-boy> (21:24:02) (Apophis) were there any lesbian orgies with cast members?
<Giggy> No Lesbian orgies with cast (yet)
* Fusion thinks xev would be like irn-bru and chocolate mixed :ยฌD
<thefrey> How hard was it to work the Lexx guest shots in with your schedule with your other work.
<Giggy> Thefrey it was just a bunch of juggling schedules…
<Giggy> love that
<Giggy> fave drink is Baileys I guess
<Knas> Yeahy! Baileys! ๐Ÿ™‚
<Mira> Giggy, you like corsets?
<Giggy> In this Urban Male magazine out next week, I am in a corset, more or less (less)
<PrayrieWolf> I thought your Girltown performance was one of your best.
<thefrey> Where is Urban Male Mag available? The guys will want to know ๐Ÿ™‚
* Hypatia_B grins
<Newkate> I will really really miss Gigarotta’s man skin suit…
<Giggy> Don’t miss first season outfit…. newkate…. was itchy. 2nd season better
<Giggy> Newkate- missed earlier… buckskin suede 2nd season after season 1 rubber latex broke in water scene
<DalekTek790> G: There’s no alien tongue in “Apocalexx Now” is there? : )
<Giggy> I can tell you NO tongue in Apocalexx Now… but lots of other good stuff
<fx> was lex in thailand with you guys?
<Giggy> sightseeing in Thailand (and some shopping with Xenia and Rolf and Bunny and Lykia)
<Giggy> Lyekka
<koudelka> Giggy what is you favorite episode you done on the show?
<Giggy> My fave is SUPERNOVA and now the new Thailand episode coming soon to tv
<Giggy> worked with Stanley, PResidend, Bunny, Xenia, Kai and Lyekka in Thailand…
<Splarka> was that also your fav death scene? in Supernova?
<Giggy> LOVED that death scene
<koudelka> what where the brains made out of?
<Giggy> Gelatin covered in jam and sponge toffee was the Lexx
<Lunatic> shopping the girl said the magic word : what was your best found in Thailand, shopping wise, Giggy ?
<Giggy> Chea p watches lunatic, (whole cast bought em) and silk stuff
<thefrey> how hard was it to film the scene in the first movie when you where thrown by Kai? any actual stunt work or was it all cgi?
<Giggy> I had to fall on a pillow but not much of a stunt.. mostly green screen in Halifax
<Giggy> Liked my death scene also in GIRLTOWN in the Tub
<thefrey> looked good on screen though ๐Ÿ™‚
<Giggy> Thanks Thefrey… it did look good……. the hours and hours in water in Girltown was tough
<klaatu> they have a green screen in Hali? hehehe ๐Ÿ˜‰
<Giggy> Green screen everywhere. Huge one in Halifax
<Mira> Do you have any Lexx memoribilia of any kind at home?
<Giggy> Mira- have a few things. From Thailand ep.
<Giggy> And a jump suit. And some signed scripts. And lots of great photos of course with my friends
<thefrey> did the tub really get too hot for you as we have heard?
<Giggy> Tub was very hot. I got dizzy. 13 or 14 hours, in a cold concrete bunker in Germany
<Newkate> didn’t they give you a diving suit? animals!
<Giggy> Yes they gave me a diving suit so that helped
<Splarka> how come your theme song didn’t appear on any soundtracks? do you plan to eat Marty for such an insult?
<Giggy> Marty Simon is a great guy…. big part of the success of the show.. never met him though
<thefrey> Ms. Dubin, have you ever done any work in commericals?
enjoyed the view anyway
<Giggy> Did lots of beer commercials thefrey. Molson, coors light, etc. ski bunny, etc.
<Giggy> dancer, server,
<Splarka> dominatrix with a beer enema tube… oop, maybe that was just a dream I had
<Giggy> loved playing defiant roles
<Giggy> loved the dominatrix also…. great costumes to bring home
<Giggy> no enema though….
<Giggy> also did some lottery commercials and for Holland Cheese.
<Giggy> For those in UK or near good news stands, TV ZONE issue #43 out now has a great LExx feature and a good 4
<Giggy> page section on me pages 20 – 24 check it out… good
<Newkate> thanks!
<SadGeezer> thanks Giggy ๐Ÿ™‚
<Doffy> that was a great article
<Giggy> In TV Zone pics of Giggy, G.G. Rota, Queen, etc….
<Giggy> did you see it Doffy?
<Doffy> yes
<angelmay> I did too, great article
<Doffy> and yes, there were some terrific pics
<Giggy> Just saw it today. thanks guys
<fx> what do you think about promotion for lexx in states,giggy
<Giggy> FX- not enough promo but hey, i’m an actor. easy for me to complain… but should be more
<fx> definitely
<Doffy> Lexx could have been so much bigger with better promotion\
<fx> do you think that is scifi or salter (lack of promotion)
<Giggy> salter has been great. they cannot force sci fi to promote. I know sci fi is doing more now than they used to, but…
<Giggy> Hmmm.. sore point. have not been in Outer Limits yet. Write the producers!!
<thefrey> Any idea when you will have an official web site?
<Giggy> thefrey… go to made in Canada where I kind of have one.

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<Splarka> hmm, okee.. what character in all your parts would you say is closest to being the real you? and no, you can’t say Giggy here:P
<Giggy> the real me is in every role i do
<Giggy> ‘well part of every role i do
<Briseis> Giggy, have you heard about and seen the pictures of the first baby from a couple who mt in the #lexx chatroom?
<Giggy> no what baby
* Knas grins
* Mira uhohs ๐Ÿ˜‰
<Giggy> that is cool
<Mira> Little human/clusterlizard mix so far..
<Briseis> Mira’s and Knas’s little baby seamonster girl
<Giggy> ho w old
<Zbu> “#Lexx–All the Sex and Now Some Results!”
<Mira> She’s just about to be 10 months..
<Doffy> she’s adorable
<Knas> Official Baby addy: Http://dive.to/scylla ๐Ÿ™‚
<Giggy> what is your fav moment in the entire series? can be anything
<Hypatia_B> hmm, favorite moment, Zev “I had a good life for a girl who grew up in a box”
<fx> yup
<Giggy> yup would have loved to have had more with zev do you know that girltown was supposed to play opposite zev and not stanley
<Giggy> stanley
<fx> how did it get changed? (girltown)
<Splarka> she got the Flu during GirlTown filming?
<Giggy> yup hypatia but xenia was sick so brian went in the cage instead
<klaatu> Stan in the bedroom scene in boomtown
<Lunatic> very tempted to say the battle between Vlad and kai, was very action packed and lots of puns :))
<Doffy> gosh…so many to chose from…but I loved when Kai got his memories back and stood up to HDS
<Giggy> all great moments yes
<Giggy> yes good one doffy
<DalekTek790> The Divine Shadow part at the beginning of “Mantrid”.
<Johnnyflash> i loved… hmm The prison ep:D
<Splarka> Lex said his original idea for ‘milk fed boys’ was a row of fat kids burried in sand with funnels in their mouths… but the director Ron changed that.. did you prefer his version?
<Giggy> of ccourse Splarka but i can work with everyone
* Splarka grins
<Giggy> loved working with the director ron
<thefrey> I like the director version of Milk Fed boy better too ๐Ÿ™‚
<DalekTek790> When the milk-fed boys scene began I thought I was seeing a commercial for Calvin Klein. : )
<Giggy> yup the calvin klein ad was definitely in the directors mind
<Giggy> he mentioned it
<Giggy> good eye gals
<Giggy> and guys
<Doffy> how funny
<Giggy> so anymore questions
<Giggy> dont’ be shy
<Newkate> is it your real hair in season 4 or a wig?
<Giggy> my real hair
<angelmay> What was it like working with Michael McManus?
<Giggy> angelmay unfortunately we don’t work together much i am 5 /10 and he is about 6 ‘1 and a half he is tall and dreamy
<tack> whats your favorite horror movie??
<Giggy> the exorcist
<Giggy> did one called tammy and the trex with paul walker and denise richards a spoof of one
<Giggy> bye lunatic and mike
<Newkate> can you tell us will the pope be cannibal?
<Giggy> the pope will have other traits …….stay tuned
<Giggy> yup i make some weird decrees as pope
<Giggy> not traditional at all
<thefrey> care to give us any hints????? ๐Ÿ˜‰
<Giggy> well thefrey
<Giggy> the only thing i will see is that catholicsm is not my religion
<thefrey> well, that’s good, or it might have been hard on you to spoff the pope ๐Ÿ™‚
<Giggy> yup the pope is very dangerous territory to spoof not well received if done
<Giggy> so we went a different way
<thefrey> where can we find a list of your appearances for future use?
<Giggy> you can go to www.imdb.com
<thefrey> personal appearance are listed there>
<Giggy> or www. geocities.com/canadian_sf/index.html
<DalekTek790> When is the “Wrinkle in Time” TV movie on?
<Giggy> wrinkle in time is not set yet sometime on abc next year
<Giggy> they are making it a big event
<Doffy> that’s a classic story
<Giggy> very famous book yes
<DalekTek790> I love that book!!!
<Giggy> i play aunt beast yesa classic story a harry potter for tv
<Giggy> do you know aunt beast
<Giggy> i wore 2 fat suits and was covered from head to toe with hair
<milk-boy> giggy: whats your political affiliation? ๐Ÿ™‚
<Giggy> no politics
<Giggy> no politics just food
<klaatu> How was working with Tia Carrera?
<Giggy> loved tia we got along great in relic hunter beautiful all around
* SadGeezer has a crush on Newkate, but tia carrera comes in a close second ๐Ÿ™‚
<Giggy> good taste sadgeezer
<Giggy> she has great skin
<SadGeezer> haha giggy, yeah I noticed that ๐Ÿ˜‰
<Giggy> thanks guys
<Giggy> we are going to wrap this up soon
<Giggy> tired fingers
<klaatu> Ellen, it’s been a real pleasure ๐Ÿ™‚
<DalekTek790> Hey, you should play Tooms’ sister in a new X-ep! : )
<Giggy> love to dt790
<Doffy> yes, thanks so much for joining us today, Ellen!
<koudelka> it was fun Giggy
<Twilight1> yes thanks Ellen
<thefrey> Thanks for talking with us
<PrimaNW> yes, we hope to see you again some time ellen!
<Giggy> you are so welcome
<SadGeezer> thankyou so very much for joining us Giggy. It’s been a real pleasure!
* Doffy thinks the Lexx actors are the best peeps anywhere
<angelmay> Thanks ellen!
<fx> thank you giggy
<frosch> thanks for visiting )
<Giggy> keep reading the websites for further info
<fx> you rule!
<Mira> Cya soon Ellen ๐Ÿ™‚
<Giggy> keeping watching lexx
<koudelka> hope to see you at conventions
<Doffy> we will!
<Hypatia_B> and we hope to see you in more movies and t.v
<Giggy> the cast loves it s fans and sends their love
* SadGeezer hugs
<Giggy> hugs to all
<Splarka> please feel free to take some of our boys with you for a snack, can I get you a doggy bag?
<DalekTek790> Bye.
<tack> thanks so much for coming:)
<Giggy> thanks moderators
<fx> thanx to you and all the lexx people
<Newkate> thanks a lot!
* Twilight1 hugs back
* angelmay hugs
* SadGeezer notices splarka volunteer for doggy bag
* Hypatia_B hugs
* klaatu offers Ellen a few chicken wings for on the way home ๐Ÿ™‚
<Giggy> watch the new shows
<Giggy> we are going now
<Giggy> giggy has to dine
<fx> love u and will look for more ellen dubin appearances
<Giggy> thanks fx
*** Giggy ([email protected]) Quit (Leaving)

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