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Aeon Flux Animated TV show
Aeon Flux

This is the story of Aeon Flux and her adventures as an independent agent of the Monican Republic. The Breens (of Bregna) are an opposing culture governed by Aeons enemy, lover, conspirator and fellow ‘tongue gymnast’, Trevor Goodchild, a smooth talkin’ visionary who is in love with her.  There are short (some not seen on MTV) and long episodes reviewed on this site; there are breakdowns of the Breen and Monican cultures, people, creators and beware, there is even an Aeon Flux Purity Test!

Andromeda TV Show Reviews

This saga is set thousands of years in the future, and revolves around the Systems Commonwealth, a constitutional monarchy based in a distant star system called Tarn-Vedra. Humankind is a part of The Commonwealth, having been discovered by its members thousands of years prior. This Guide has a number of TV show reviews, culture, character reviews and an Andromeda Purity Test.

Babylon 5 TV show reviews and resources
Babylon 5

‘The Babylon Project was a dream given form, a place where humans and aliens could argue without blowing things up and killing each other. It’s a place where all sorts of weirdo’s can live, all wrapped up in a two million, five hundred thousand tons of spinning coffin. This is the story of the last of the Babylon stations. The year is 2258. The place is….

Battlestar Galactica TV Show Reviews
Battlestar Galactica

There are still people who refuse to watch this on the grounds that a) It’s like that dumb show from the 1970s or b) It’s not enough like that dumb show from the 1970s. Both groups are seriously missing out because the revamped Galactica might just be one of the finest sci fi shows ever!  We’ve produced a detailed set of resources for you to checkout: click the pic!

Buffy TV Show Reviews
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This is the guide for season seven of a marvellous show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. It’s not quite a sci-fi since it had only one alien and even less spaceships, but it’s definitely a cult show and a modern-day classic.  There are a limited number of reviews available, but still plenty to read.


This is the first and only spin-off of the famed show Babylon 5. It aired for only 13 episodes on TNT before the producers backed out of the show. The network wanted too much control, and the creators rightly felt that it would destroy the feel of the show.  While it only lasted a short time, it is still terriffic TV Science Fiction.


The Sci-Fi Channel’s production of Frank Herbert’s Dune is an epic tale with adventure, romance, and political intrigue.Staying relatively true to its source material with well-developed characters, the series has an engrossing plot that’s complex, yet entirely comprehensible. This site provides reviews of shows, character bio’s, culture details and even a purity test.


The Rockne S. O’Bannon/Brian Henson creation was certainly a key force (along with Babylon 5) in moving the genre forward and out of the doldrums that science-fiction television found itself in the later years of the Star Trek Next Generation-inspired TV formula. These epsiodes remind us that sometimes TV Sci Fi is a fun, messy, sexy and scary place.


This Guide is dedicated to the finest animated Science Fiction show to ever air on FOX, Futurama. It’s a show about Fry, a 20th century delivery boy who accidentally freezes himself for 1000 years. He wakes up to discover a new earth filled with strange aliens, loopy technology, and the same dead end job as a delivery boy.


This isn’t a show with many special effects or cool aliens and there is a bit of an irritating cowboy theme. The spaceships look a bit shabby and there is no latex!! Yet, the characterisation is first class and the stories entertaining. Whedon has made every effort to keep the humour and ‘fun’ elements in each show. This is well worth watching!

Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy

This is a Guide to one of the oldest and best respected cult sci fi shows on British television. It was written after a successful Radio 4 series on the BBC and a cool series of books soon followed which have been enjoyed all over the world. This Guide deals with the TV show only and, since it is not my intention to offend (well not much anyway), it’s mainly for the more mature visitors to this site.


This is the largest guide on the Sci Fi Sadgeezers website – it’s also probably the most comprehesive LEXX guide on the internet. The usual episode reviews, character bios and cultures details are here as is the purity test. Checkout the LEXX conventions page to see what the fandom got up to during the making of the show. Get an idea of what it’s like to create, act and produce the show from character and cast interviews and meet some of the fans of the show and lean why this site considers LEXX to be one of the all time classic cult science fiction series.

Nowhere Man

This show ran for 25 episodes in 1995/1996 and was never (it seems) seen again (certainly in the USA). It is a thought provoking and and relatively cerebral story which was ahead of it’s time. This is not for the average “Entertainment Tonight/Desperate Housewives” TV viewer, but it certainly holds it’s own as cult TV science fiction.

The Prisoner

Probably the most critically acclaimed and seminal sci fi TV show in television history. Ex ‘Danger Man’ star Patrick McGoohan was the British spy who resigned abruptly and without explanation from his job, only to be kidnapped and transported by persons unknown to ‘The Village’, where everyone was known by number – and names were never used.

Red Dwarf

By today’s standards the science in the show is exceptional and the writers tried to put a plausible face on some pretty hairy concepts. If yer gonna do nano-bots, why not make them talk? If yer gonna play a virtual reality game, why not date one of the ball girls in the ‘Tennis Challenge’ module? The shows are very short but they packed a lot of story into each well crafted episode.  At one point, for good reason, this was the most popular show on British television.

Tripping the Rift

This is a Guide to one of the most sexually overt (read ‘just plain rude’) cult Sci Fi shows on TV.  The Sci Fi Channel commissioned a series for March 2004 following the creators being awarded best animation from Playboy Magazine.  Besides the eye candy cartoon characters (and ugly ones too), there is some really good voice acting and pretty wacky stories. (The chainsaw baseball concept is a total winner!)

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