LEXX Chat: Lex Gigeroff joins LEXXians in the chatroom

The on-line chat was held on Saturday April 6th, at 08:00 Eastern (USA) Time, 2002.
Location: chatroom on the irc.fef.net chatserver.
Room: #SadGeezer
This log was edited by thefrey

*** Lex_G ([email protected]) has joined #sadgeezer

<theFrey> Welcome to the Sadgeezer Lex Gigeroff chat. Please in order to keep Mr. G’s chat unmoderated do not greet or comment when entering or leaving the room. Also wait for Mr. G to type ga (go ahead) before you enter a question. Thanks

<angelmay> hi d

<Doffy> I see I’m just in time πŸ˜‰

<Lex_G> why sure, theFrey-ness… ga

<theFrey> Please no more private greetings.

<theFrey> okay, who wants to throw out the first question

<PartyJooon> not me πŸ™‚

<Lex_G> me! me!

<eo> lol

<Nightgaunt> Hey Lex — any plans for you and Jeff to appear in anything together post-Lexx? I’m really pissed off that I never got to see El Mundo del Lundo…

<Lex_G> Nightgaunt – no plans for me and Der Hirschfield at present, but I just know we’ll hook up again… ga

<Lex_G> where are y’all from? Quick answers, please… ga

<aleck> DC

<SoberJon> sweden

<Nightgaunt> England

<StanleyTweedle> Minnesota

<Mike-L> CO

<Raven> Wales

<Parasite> UK

<Klaatu> Toronto

<Doffy> California

<theFrey> DallasTexas

<fx> florida

<swoop-logg> Illinois

<StanleyTweedle> Minnesota

<SadGeezer> England

<randee> Moscow

<angelmay> Minnesota

<Parasite> Splarka: you perv!

<eo> sweden

<StunnerLuver4> Pittsburgh

<Arania> Georgia

<Splarka> your basement

<Lex_G> splarka – lol

<Lex_G> no, he’s right

<Splarka> oops what a give away, I’ll start again ( Cali )

* Splarka gives Lex an extra special hug for that basement:)

<SadGeezer> Lex, how the hell are ya dude (and the wife and kids) and why the hell aren’t you doing a LEXX season 5 you bugger

<Lex_G> Sad sad sad…. give a peck to your lovely bride for me… and you know what they say about things that start spontaneously – they sometimes end that way… ga

<SadGeezer> haha Lex :-)I will

<Splarka> Left: Who decided on what new writers to bring in? you and the beans, Salter, alliance/Atlantic, Uk producers, Us producers?

<Lex_G> Splarka – hmmmm, kind of a joint decision, as it were… we wanted to have new writers, that was the plan all along… ga

<fx> are you working now? and on what?

<Lex_G> fx – I have several things on the hop at present, but I can’t really talk about them… I have, however, just finished a play about John Walker

<Raven> Lex, what’s your Favorite Lexx episode?

<Lex_G> Raven – Brigadoom is my favorite episode… ga

<StanleyTweedle> Lex What was it that got you to be the cab driver in Love and Death on Long Island ? Money or the fact you would get to work with Jason priestly

<Lex_G> Stanley Twiddle – oh my god… I bullshitted the director with all sorts of wild tales about how I’d studied at RADA and at the Actor’s Studio… I almost lost the gig, too, because I don’t have a driver’s license (hard, when you’re playing a cabdriver)…. Priestly was okay, actually – we hung out for a bit and he was all right… ga

<Nightgaunt> Lefty: which of your characters did you have most fun playing?

<Lex_G> Nightgaunt – another toughie, but there was a certain something about Farty the Clown…. ga

<angelmay> Lex, Any idea if a Lexx spinoff is going to happen?

<Lex_G> angelmay – not at present… ga

<Parasite> G-man: any plans to have a “Lexx: the animated series”?;)

<Lex_G> G-Man – gee, I always thought it kinda was…. but no, I don’t think so…. ga

<Lex_G> I/me discovers he likes saying “ga”

<theFrey> πŸ™‚

* Lex_G discovers… oh screw it

<Klaatu> lol

<Doffy> LOL

<SadGeezer> lol

<Klaatu> always knew he was ga ga

<Parasite> all we hear is radio GaGa;)

<Nightgaunt> Any truth in the rumors about a kids’ version Lexx, containing all the bits that were just too hot for the regular version? If not, why not? πŸ˜‰

<Lex_G> A Kids version of Lexx?! Holy Christ, what a terrifying concept…. ga

<Parasite> lexx eats Barney the purple dinosaur

<StanleyTweedle> Lex are you wanting to continue in scifi or move on to other genres in the near future?

<Lex_G> Stanley Tweedle – I certainly would want to work on another sci-fi project, but I have several other interests as well that, um, need further exploration…. ga

* Lex_G locks his kids in the basement next to Splarka’s socks….

<Slopmaster> Lex is there any chance of doing a Star Wars like makeover for the Lexx movies?

<Lex_G> Slop – hmmm, what’s involved in a Star-Wars-like makeover, I wonder? In short, no…. ga

* Splarka pouts, they make good varmint gassers

<Parasite> not Splark’s socks, they’ll eat your kids alive!!!!;)

<SadGeezer> lex, were you entirely happy with the standard of writing for the episodes in Season 4?

<Lex_G> Sad – I’m never entirely happy with the quality of writing in any season (I’m not sure that answers your question)…. ga

<SadGeezer> no πŸ™‚

<Jooon> Lex_G: was your brother involved with other stuff than brigadoom? and how much German “stuff” is really in that episode? (I’m under cai piranha threat from 13 other Germans here, please help me out)

<Lex_G> Joon – almost every song in Brigadoom was a cannibalized version of ancient German folk songs (Zum Zunm Zum, etc.)… ga

<Lex_G> Joon – my brother (Andre Haines) also played one of the fighter guys in Lafftrak, and played one of the “girls” in Girltown…. ga

<dgrequeen> Lex, what other things are you interested in doing?

<dgrequeen> Sorry if that was asked already

<Lex_G> drgqueen – I have a couple of other series ideas that are rolling around at present… ga

<angelmay> Lex are you going to pursue more acting now or writing?

<Lex_G> angelmay – God, I certainly hope so…. hopefully both… ga

<Valdron> What episodes in fourth season have you been happiest with?

<Lex_G> Valdron – hmmm, Prime Ridge was a favorite… ga

<Valdron> Hmmm, interesting choice.

<Slopmaster> Lex maybe you can finally put a rest to this argument. Is it Austro B or Ostro B?

<Heywood_Jablome> its such a pressing argument πŸ˜›

<Lex_G> Slopmaster – Ostrol B…. ga

<StanleyTweedle> I thought it was Ostral B

<Heywood_Jablome> hehe

<theFrey> πŸ™‚

<Parasite> I thought it was oralB

<SadGeezer> haha para

<Valdron> lol

<angelmay> πŸ˜›

<Splarka> thought it was ‘Aunt Bea’.. maybe I am in the wrong universe tho

<SadGeezer> (I thought it was astral B)

<Parasite> oralB heretic: at least they have good teeth;)

<angelmay> lolol

<dgrequeen> LOL

<Valdron> Did you get the chance to go on location yourself?

<Lex_G> Valdron – where? To Ostrol B? Most of our shooting was done on earth… ga

<Valdron> Tortola , Iceland , Thailand , Windsor Nova Scotia , places like that…

<Nightgaunt> Whose idea was the carrot infestation? I need to know who should be charged for my therapy… and if I could sneak in another question related to them, which five people would you most like to see on the receiving end of a bad carrot?

<Lex_G> Nightgaunt – the carrot thing was a, shall we say, collective malaise…. as for the five people I’d most like to see carrotted, I’d pick Bin Laden and four pitchers for the Blue Jays (pick any four)…. ga

<Slopmaster> Yeah in that case Bin Laden might actually save earth. They would take one taste of him and never come back.

<Raven> Lex, who do u find most attractive – Eva Habermann or Xenia Seeberg?

<Heywood_Jablome> what about Brian Downey?:P

<Jooon> Nightgaunt: Paul! πŸ™‚

<StunnerLuver4> LOL

<angelmay> LOL

<Lex_G> Raven – hmmmm, I’m not sure either is quite my type (I’m an Eleanor Roosevelt man)…. ga

<SadGeezer> (Raven, lex’s wife looks a bit like Eva habermann)

<Raven> nice! πŸ™‚

<Parasite> lol

<Valdron> I have the impression you were man on the spot for on site writing, Jeff was in Toronto , Tom and the other guys were in England . Were you the guy who had to adjust scripts on the spot, and if so, was that stressful?

<Lex_G> Valdron – yes, I was the on-set bitch…. ga

<Valdron> Man, I’m surprised you were able to sleep at night.

<Valdron> Apart from Viva Lexx Vegas, any major headaches?

<Lex_G> Valdron – lotsa headaches all the time (they’re going away now)… but other than the VLV incident, just routine… ga

<StanleyTweedle> Lex, What are your 5 favorite films?

<Heywood_Jablome> Flesh Gordon one of them?

<Lex_G> Stanley Tweedle – oh god, I can’t pick five right now (The Conversation would be on the list for sure)…. ga

<Slopmaster> Well he had Kai’s cryopod to keep him unconscious

<Lex_G> wait please I’m catching up

<Lex_G> Heywood – no, but Barberalla cracks the top 30….

<Parasite> <random madness question> how many decimal places can you recite Pi to?;)

<Heywood_Jablome> hehe

<Jooon> Parasite: that’s unfair, he’s an actor/writer πŸ™‚

<Lex_G> Parasite… two…. ga

<Headgehog> Lex, Pres. Priest looks a lot like George W. If Gore were elected, would a different actor have been castled, who looks more like Gore?

<Valdron> good one Hedge

<Valdron> How much of the Shrub is in Priest

<Lex_G> Headgehog – no, we were going with Rolf all the way… ga (but it kind of worked out okay with the Dubai thing)… ga

<Valdron> Looking back: 6 day shooting schedule, Nightmare or Mistake?

<Lex_G> Valdron – THOSE are my choices???

<Valdron> lol

* Lex_G starts to cry and re-adjust the freon tubes

<Valdron> Pick a third choice.

<Lex_G> Seriously, you’d like twenty days per ep… but you work with what is feasible…. ga

<Raven> Lex, in the episode Lyekka… What is with the human heads in the vegetable patch? I didn’t understand that bit…

<Parasite> raven, maybe lex likes head?;) j/k

<Lex_G> Raven – that’s cause you don’t understand “family values”… :)…. ga

<theFrey> Para ??

<Parasite> sorry, that was OTT

* Parasite bows his head in shame

<dgrequeen> Lex, do you miss working on Lexx? (just type dgre, it’s easier)

<Lex_G> dgre – yes… it was a great experience with wonderful peeps… ga

<Valdron> Here’s a technical question. Some credits are”PD with LG” some are “PD and LG”some are “JS & AL” I assume there’s some consistent underlying meaning with regard to the use of ‘with’ ‘and’ or ‘&’?

<Lex_G> Valdron – and the question is…. ?ga

Valdron> What’s it mean…if it means anything?

<Lex_G> Valdron – yeah, “And” implies a roughly equal amount of work… “with” implies someone who helped… ga

<Valdron> and’&’ implies a joint writing team, thus Spira and Selzer?

<Valdron> okay

<Lex_G> Valdron – yeah I guess

<SadGeezer> Lex, we still haven’t had a good reason why the whole lexx saga is ending. Was it because you guys got bored, ran out of ideas, got sick of each other? or what?

<Lex_G> Sad – I guess the best way to put it is that we always felt it was better to go out on your own terms… the history of television is littered with shows that got cancelled before they should’ve, or shows that stayed one season too long. I don’t think we were bored with it by any means, but on the other hand we feel that the series wraps up quite nicely, and why screw up a good thing?ga

<dgrequeen> well said

<Doffy> yes

<SadGeezer> oki, thanks lex πŸ™‚

<Splarka> Did you consciously borrow “First served, first come” from History of the World?

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<Lex_G> Splarka – No, god help us, if we were subconsciously borrowing from Mel Brooks than it really was time to quit…. πŸ™‚ ga

<theFrey> Lex would you like us to pause a moment to let you catch up?

<Lex_G> yes, Frey, thank you

<theFrey> all right people, let us wait until Mr. G tells us he is ready for more questions.

<StanleyTweedle> Lex – Are you going to continue to work with Salter street?

<Lex_G> STweedle – I hope so at some point… ga

<Jooon> Lex_G: have we (the fans) affected the writing of Lexx, or are you completely independent of our opinions? πŸ™‚

<theFrey> Jooon? We are waiting remember

<Lunatic> to Lex : does that mean in a more or less future time we might have the pleasure of a movie just like those in season one ?

<Lex_G> Lunatic – well, we’ve always maintained on our show that “Death is never final

<Lunatic> hrm…okie Lex…thanks for giving us the best of hope then !! πŸ™‚

<Lex_G> Maybe there will be a movie at some point, but I wouldn’t hold my breath…. ga

* Lunatic would snuggle but…decides to be good for once πŸ™‚

<Lex_G> , and I guess that holds true… ga

<Parasite> lex: would you ever sink as low as to do a Lexx:TNG?

<Lex_G> Parasite – lol!

<Lex_G> Believe me, I’ve sunk a lot lower than that… ga

<Nightgaunt> Lex: What would you consider your most irritating habit — or, if you don’t feel up to the soul-searching, what would you consider to be the weirdest habits of your fellow beans?

<Lex_G> Nightgaunt – my most irritating habit?Hmmm, I think I have a typewritten list around here somewhere…. how’s this: I play with my balls on the bus…. ga

<angelmay> LMAO!!!!

<fx> lol

<Lex_G> As for the fellow beans, they’re all moral degenerates of the worst order… ga

<theFrey> pffftttt..

<Poet_Man> I thought I was the only one who did that on the bus

<Nightgaunt> You play with Lex’s balls too?

<dgrequeen> LMAO, and the cast as well?

<NecKRx> I don’t wait for the bus

* SadGeezer soes it all the time πŸ™‚

<angelmay> LOLOL

<Parasite> poet, lex at least does it whilst wearing pants;)

<Slopmaster> Hehe

<Slopmaster> Lex: Any chance of a spin-off series that takes us back to bad old evil days of the Divine Order?

<Lex_G> Slop – who knows?ga

<Parasite> Stan becomes a bald brit, kai gets a golden tan, and xev either becomes a doctor or a psychic

<StanleyTweedle> Lex–Are their any plans for new merchandise besides the trading cards now that the show is over?(cause I could really go for a 8.675 scale model of the Lexx)

<Lex_G> STweedle – I don’t think so, sadly… ga

<Poet_Man> ahhh oke,

<Parasite> we hope

<Parasite> πŸ˜‰

<Klaatu> Lex, do you have any hobbies?

<Lex_G> Klaatu – you mean, aside from playing with my balls on the bus?Uh, No…. ga

<StunnerLuver4> heya Lex: was the whole carrot bit just another way to bring Lyekka back, or did you have something different planned for them?

<Lex_G> StunnerLuver4 – We wanted to do the carrot bit, and Lyekka just “julienne” her way into the plot…. ga

<Jooon> carrot anal probes? must have been Jeff’s idea

<Lex_G> Jooon – yes, Jeff always says “write what you know”… ga

<Valdron> Actually, I think it was Alex Busby and David Hackle

<theFrey> Alex has issues with veggies I think

<Valdron> It was a nice segue though.

<Parasite> why did you change the asteroid sequence in 41?

<Lex_G> Parasite – Not sure… ????…. ga

<theFrey> ummm, Lex, you do know that Alex saw a transcript of that chat, where you guys mentioned is veggie issues.

<Slopmaster> I would hate to see mechanical corn on the cob

<NecKRx> hehehe mechanical beets

<StanleyTweedle> haha

<Lex_G> Alex Busby is a dangerous psychotic … ga

<Valdron> Well, his hair is, anyway.

<StanleyTweedle> Lex, Who’s idea was it to use the fruit in the brainwashing video in Woz?

<Lex_G> STweedle – that was Paul and me… we shot the sequence on a Sunday afternoon, him and me, at PD’s house…. ga

<Nightgaunt> Lex: What was your favorite death scene in Lexx? Or, to broaden the question, another film or TV show…

<Lex_G> Nightgaunt – one of my favorites is the scene in “Miller’s Crossing” where Gabriel Byrne takes Turturro out to the woods to whack him… we’ve kind of reprised it here and there… ga

<Parasite> you know, when the asteroid picks up the radio signal and uncurls a thruster, but you seemed to of changed it into a fixed one of the TV showing

<Lex_G> Para – ahh, the wacky world of post-production…. I’m not sure of the exact reason, though… ga

<Parasite> ah well

<Raven> Lex, do you have any idea if LEXX Series 4 will be shown on Channel 5 in the UK ?

<Lex_G> Raven – sorry I don’t …. ga

<StanleyTweedle> Lex, do you know if there was a production problem with the S3-V1 dvd cause I got it from amazon.com and it doesn’t work and they say its available in 3-5 weeks?

<theFrey> St, I will ask Acorn about that for you

<Lex_G> STweedle – sadly, I’m just a lowly writer, and nota Promotions Dude…. ga

<StanleyTweedle> darn been asking everyone that and nobody knows

<dgrequeen> Lex: Without giving away the plot, can you tell us what to expect from the final episode?

<Lex_G> dgr – I think Lexx fans will find the last ep eminently satisfying…. πŸ™‚ … ga

<Jooon> Lex_G: a simple filler… the dead do not…?

<SadGeezer> Joon: scratch their balls

<Lex_G> Joon — …. chat….. ga

<Slopmaster> Hey I bet Kai was scratching his cod piece on the bus in “Stan Down”

<dgrequeen> πŸ™‚

<StanleyTweedle> Lex, How lowly?

<Lex_G> STweedle – you have no idea… (as Bulow once said)…. ga

<theFrey> 15 minute warning people

<Raven> 15 minutes for what?

<Slopmaster> Till the pizza is done

<theFrey> the rest of the chat Raven

<Parasite> awww, does lex have to go home, I wanna keep him in a cage and feed him rabbit food;)

<Raven> k

<Slopmaster> πŸ˜€

<Valdron> I’ll repeat a question cause I’m interested, how did the dancing vegetables in Woz come up? And did Albiston do the stop motion for that?

<Lex_G> Valdron – well, we actually needed to stretch out the show, and we wanted to do something fairly fucked-up…. No , Paul and I did it with a video camera ga

<Valdron> You’re kidding, the two of you personally?

<Valdron> I love that bit by the way, it’s just demented.

<Doffy> it’s brilliant πŸ˜‰

<Nightgaunt> Another daft question. His Divine Shadow, Mantrid, Prince — with which would you rather be trapped on a desert island?

<Lex_G> Nightgaunt – good question…. Mantrid, I think, cause then I be his new Vigl…. ga

<dgrequeen> LOL!

<theFrey> ewww

<Parasite> sick puppy

<dgrequeen> you have a copper nose ring?

<Lex_G> dgr – no (sniffs)…. ga

<dgrequeen> πŸ˜‰

<theFrey> Mr. G, what part of the Lexx Story would you have changed if you could have? And to What would you have changed it to?

<Lex_G> theFrey – not sure I would have changed anything dramatically…. ga

<Mondo_Kane> Lex: do you have a favorite line of dialogue from the Lexx?

<Lex_G> Mondo_Kane – I know I shouldn’t…. I know I shouldn’t… I know I shouldn’t…. ga

<StanleyTweedle> Lex, did you write “Go Fluffdaddy, Immerse yourself in your craft. Fluff like you have never fluffed before.”?

<Lex_G> STweedle – that was a Hirschfield bon mot…. ga

<Lex_G> Valdron – I hope so…. ga

<Valdron> Will we ever see the original cut of Fluffdaddy on DVD?the 59 minute one?

<StanleyTweedle> well you were perfect as hufferton

<StanleyTweedle> I could so see you as a porn writer/director

<Parasite> StanleyTweedle: according to most critics, lex is a porn writer;) imoa

<StunnerLuver4> Lex: anything interesting happen while filming Tunnels?

<Lex_G> StunnerLuver4 – yeah, it was a hoot; very cold and dusty, but I was so stoned most of the time…. ga

<StunnerLuver4> LOL

<theFrey> Mr. G, what advice would you give to an aspiring writer? (sappy question I know, but then I also know a lot of aspiring writers.)

<Lex_G> theFrey – follow your passion with a white-hot intensity…. ga

<theFrey> Mr. G, we have about 6 minutes left, is there anything you would like to ask us?

<Lex_G> yeah – what are your favorite episodes… ?

<dgrequeen> The Game!!

<StunnerLuver4> TUNNELS!!!

<Splarka> Brigadoom and The Game

<Doffy> Brigadoom and The Game

<Mike-L> Xevivor!

<Raven> Love Grows is mine, Hilarious!

<dgrequeen> Walpurgis Night and Vlad, and Brigadoom

<Splarka> deja doom

<Arania> brigadoom, then viva lexx vegas

<SadGeezer> Lafftrack

<Headgehog> Game, Vlad

<angelmay> Brigadoom, Twilight, Wake the Dead, Gametown, Gondola

<Mike-L> and yes, Viva Lexx Vegas

<StanleyTweedle> LAFFTRAK and WHITE TRASH

<angelmay> and Fluffdaddy

<Poet_Man> any of the ones with naked chicks!

<Mondo_Kane> Love Grows for me… I always was sick… πŸ˜‰

<drat> IWHS, The Game

<LOTfirewerx> Twilight (and the grinding wheel)

<fx> eating pattern, love grows, terminal, game

<aleck> The Game, Lafftrak, Love Grows, Brigadoom, Heaven & Hell.

<Nightgaunt> Ooooh… tricky. Possibly Bad Carrot… but I’d have to go for Eating Pattern, ultimately.

<minecritter> Mantrid is my fav ep (and I also loved the vegetables)

<eo> love grows

<SadGeezer> yeah, Twighlight is my second choice

<Parasite> iwhs, Brigadoom, The Web

<Parasite> or was it The Net

<theFrey> WTD, The Rock, The Game, Brigadoom

<Lex_G> Most fascinating… ga

<Doffy> Twilight and WTD were classics too

<StanleyTweedle> and the rock

<Mike-L> also iwhs and love grows

<dgrequeen> Ooo, WTD. Lex, can’t we have them *all*?

<Raven> Eating Pattern is a cool ep

<Lex_G> What an interesting and eclectic set of choices… you all make me very happy

<eo> the end of Supernova is amazing

<StanleyTweedle> I just love the robot talk show sidekick you played in lafftrak I about died laughing

<Raven> I thought it was silly

<Splarka> happy happy matron

<drat> Stuff blowing up is always good πŸ˜‰

<theFrey> I thought the movies had the best overall feel though

<Raven> the talking planets and all

<fx> have you visited with jeff, paul etc since wrapping?

<Lex_G> fx – I see PD quite regularly, but Jeff is in Toronto with a houseful of brats…. ga

<StanleyTweedle> shaking hands that weren’t there and laughing out of nowhere

<Poet_Man> we saw pics of his newest brat, when in Toronto last week

<Lex_G> πŸ™‚

<Lex_G> yes, they’re breeding like gerbils in Hogtown these days… ga

<Poet_Man> πŸ˜›

<dgrequeen> Do you see much of Brian Downey?

<Lex_G> dgr – I saw Herr Brian on the street the other day (outside of the Shoe Shop)… he was looking fine fine fine… ga

<dgrequeen> good

<Nightgaunt> Oh, wait… I’ve got to ask — how was Priest’s fart-track in Bad Carrot produced?

<Poet_Man> whos ass hand a “hand” in that?:P

<angelmay> LOL

<Lex_G> Nightgaunt – I think the sound guys had lunch at the Midtown tavern…. ga

<Valdron> Hey, have they finished postproduction? Or is there still an episode left to go?

<Lex_G> Valdron – the last ep left last week … ga

<Valdron> good to know

<Splarka> if offered a job to host a morning talkshow on E!, CBC, etc, would you take it?

<Lex_G> Splarka – yes, but only if I could wear Paula Zahn’s shoes… ga

<Slopmaster> Hehe hey Lex any chance of doing a new Lexx series with Muppets ;lol

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<Poet_Man> yeah, its called Teletubbies:P

<SadGeezer> (or maybe write for farscape πŸ™‚

<Lex_G> Slop – yeah, watch 791 fuck Miss Piggy…. ga

<Mike-L> put Aryn in a cluster lizard outfit:)

* Parasite gives Mike-L a cold shower;)

<Poet_Man> gonna join him, Para ?:P

<Poet_Man> Mmmm makin bacon!

<Nightgaunt> Woulda thought 791 preferred Kermit, but there ya go πŸ˜‰

<angelmay> 791 Should do Barney if he does anyone

<Parasite> 791 and gonzo surly

<Parasite> “lexx, blow up that gaint purple dinosaur”

<Raven> Lex, what is your FUNNIEST Lexx moment? Mine is when Stan kicks that android kid’s head off in Lafftrak πŸ™‚

<Nightgaunt> Classic, Raven… almost up there with ‘please return our weapons’… πŸ™‚

<Lex_G> Raven – gee I dunno, there’s a few I really like… including Thodin’s “Today, I — ” (keel over)…. ga

<Lex_G> brb

<eo> ooh.. how about Lexx/Meet the feebles crossover? πŸ™‚

<Vigdis> What was Thodin planning to say, anyway? Or couldn’t you guys figure it out?

<Lex_G> I’m back – Vigdis, Thodin was about to launch into an incredibly pompous speech, but we spared him (and our audience)…. ga

<dgrequeen> πŸ˜‰

<Raven> lol, aww

<Vigdis> Thanks! We appreciate that! LOL

<angelmay> When Kai ran out of protoblood in Gigashadow, what was he going to say to Zev?He had started to say something.

<drat> my wallet is in my left pocket….take the credit cards and buy yourself something nice

<Lex_G> angelmay – your guess is as good as mine, maybe better…. ga

<angelmay> hehehehe

<Raven> Lex, what is your WORST Lexx episode, ifyou have one..

<Lex_G> Raven – there’s so many to choose from…. I was never very happy with “Patches in the Sky” for example… ga

<SadGeezer> wow!I thought that Patches in the Sky was great!

<minecritter> I really enjoyed the guy who played “Fruitcake” in Patches in the Sky

<Raven> Lex, why didn’t you like “Patches in the Sky”? I really liked it!

<Slopmaster> Me to

<SadGeezer> hehe

<Lex_G> Re: patches, oh I don’t know – I had to pick one.Okay, then how about Dutch Treat…. ga

<PeridotEyes> *bows to the great God Giggerof* I was wondering what substances have been used for protoblood over the seriee

<Vigdis> good one!

<Doffy> yes! And the changes in its appearence

<Lex_G> PeridotEyes – now now, no boot-licking here…. ummm, I think PB was supplied by the “props” department, and I always shuddered at inquiring further… ga

<Parasite> you never know what those prop boys are doing

<Slopmaster> Yeah I would be suspicious of a mens room that was allways out of order

<fx> it did seem to get darker with each episode…

<drat> they seem to be drinking slushies these days

<PeridotEyes> in Gigashadow it was clearly honey in some scenes

<Vigdis> Lex, What’s your proudest LEXX moment?

<Lex_G> Vigdis – getting a paycheque with my name on it – ummm, that and the fact that there are so many cool peeps who like our show is what I’m proudest of…. ga

* Vigdis blushes happily.

<theFrey> Mr.

<theFrey> grrr, cat on keyboard

<fx> lol

<Splarka> your cat is Mr Grrr?

<drat> let the cat ask his question then πŸ˜‰

<theFrey> *Rover the Cat* wants to know why there were no pets running around on the cluster.

<Lex_G> theFrey – they were early candidates for the protein bank… ga<Night-gaunt> Lex: what do you consider to be Stan’s most awful pick-up line?

<Lex_G> Nightgaunt – it’s like choosing the least rotten piece of cheese, I can’t do it…. ga

<drat> he’s getting better at it though

<LOTfirewerx> Lex_G: The net / The web, breakthrough or budget? or both?

 <Lex_G> LOTRetc. – Both, for sure…. originally we had an idea of doing something akin to that Japanese film told from different perspectives (name temporarily escapes me… anyone?)…. but it also fit into our budget problems at the time…. ga

<Lunatic> To Lex: if on one already asked, may I ask what inspired the eps The Game ?

<Lex_G> Lunatic – MM is a huge chess fan, and we wanted to do a “special” show this season….

<PeridotEyes> it was special, many on the board who consider it equal to Brigadoom

<Doffy> The Game was incredible

<Lunatic> was it to make up for making him kiss Brian in an earlier eps ? πŸ˜‰

<Lex_G> dgr – that’s it

<angelmay> Yes, the Game was amazing!

<Lex_G> Lunatic – no, we thought Brian was a lucky man that day… ga

<Lunatic> hehehehehee

<dgrequeen> Did Brian?

<StunnerLuver4> I think MM was the lucky one

<Praxilla> hehehe

<StunnerLuver4> πŸ˜‰

<NecKRx> Poor Brian, always getting lucky the wrong way

<Lunatic> this is one eps I would be dying to see the out takes…

<SadGeezer> Lex:I have to go, it’s 3am here.Miss you loads dude, love to the wife and kids.Catch ya later man and thanks!!:D

<Lex_G> Thanx Sad, cheers mate!!!

<Lunatic> awh…yer so sweet :))

* Lex_G tosses a big ol’ hunk o love across the pond to Sad

<SadGeezer> πŸ™‚

<SadGeezer> bye all, thanks for poping in

<dgrequeen> Bye Sad

<Night-gaunt> See ya Sad. Nice running into you again.

* SadGeezer waves

<Praxilla> Are we going to get to see out takes for this S4?

<Vigdis> Yes!! An Outtakes and Bloopers DVD would be delightful!

<Lex_G> Praxilla – oh I’m sure at some point or other… ga

<PeridotEyes> *pe waves wads of American dollars*Outtakes, please!

<Praxilla> πŸ™‚

<NecKRx> For a fist fulla Yen

* drat suggests PE wave scads of frilly panties and leather accoutrements instead…..

<NecKRx> hehehe Thodin in Metalbeast

<Lex_G> All frilly panties should be sent straight to Chateau Gigeroff (let’s bypass the petty bureaucrats at Salter St , shall we?) … ga

<angelmay> heheheheh

<PeridotEyes> *ok, whatever bribe works, he’s got* Lookie lookie, leather undies

<angelmay> Would cotton briefs do?

<angelmay> πŸ˜‰

<Praxilla> so you don’t want the old lady pantaloons?

<Splarka> wool bloomers?

<drat> consider it done πŸ˜‰

<theFrey> What part do you wish you could have played on Lexx that went to someone else?

<Lex_G> theFrey – none that I can think of … some parts I never intended to play anyway… ga

<Raven> Lex, who is your favourite Lexx villain?

<dgrequeen> I thought Kai already took care of all the petty bureaucrats

<Lex_G> Raven – Prince or Mantrid… ga

<theFrey> no Dgr, I still live

<dgrequeen> LOL!

<Doffy> hehehe

<Vigdis> Starglider says, they bred… It’s been a while.

<Lex_G> be right back

<angelmay> k

<Praxilla> awww

* theFrey shudders at the thought of working this chat log into something understandable.

* dgrequeen pat pats Frey

<dgrequeen> and thanks her lucky stars it isn’t *her* that has to do it

* Praxilla pat pats dgre, since we’re pat patting

<Night-gaunt> Lex: The crew of the Lexx fall through one of those convenient bruises in the fabric of spacetime, and materialise in another sci-fi TV show and promptly trash it. Which series gets raided, and what happens to the most irritating of its characters?

<Night-gaunt> D’oh πŸ™‚

<PeridotEyes> I would love to see Star Trek TOS meet up with the denizens of Lexx

<drat> “Lexx, destroy those Borg ships, please.””Sorry, Stan, I missed.”

<dgrequeen> πŸ™‚

<NecKRx> “Make it so, Stanley Tweedle!”

<Lex_G> I’m back

<Night-gaunt> Or TNG / voyager… Stan tries to score with the female stars… and against all odds succeeds each time…. πŸ™‚

<angelmay> wb

<theFrey> welcome back

<Lex_G> Nightgaunt – for me, it would have to be “60 Minutes”… ga

<Praxilla> lol

<PeridotEyes> LOL

<theFrey> ohhh good one

<Doffy> LOL

<Parasite> lex: you got craig charles and hattie hayridge in on lexx, did you try and get any other RedDwarf actors in?

<Lex_G> Parasite – I don’t think so, but CC and HH were a hoot…. ga

<Valdron> Who’s your favourite guest star so far?

<Raven> Tim Curry!

<Lex_G> Valdron – so many cool peeps to choose from I’d hate to leave anybody out, but Tim Curry is damn near the top of the list… ga

<Night-gaunt> While I’m in a flippant mood, I remember you saying in the documentary material on the DVDs that you wanted Douglas Hurd or Margaret Thatcher to play Yottskry… are there any other politicians of any nationality that you think could have shone on Lexx?

<Lex_G> Yes, Bill Clinton would’ve made a great Huff, Tony Blair would’ve been okay as Fifi, and Gerhard Schroeder is a natural for Bunny… ga

<PeridotEyes> you did better as Clinton the Clinton did, and I speak as someone who voted for him twice

* Parasite hears the mention of bunny and wipes the drool from the corner of his mouth;)

<theFrey> πŸ™‚

<Vigdis> Lex, Was Tim a lot of fun to play with?

<Lex_G> Vigdis – yes, immensely so…. ga

* Praxilla doesn’t want to know what kind of “fun” Mr. G has in mind

<Night-gaunt> UN Secretary general Kofi Annan as Dr. Longbore…

<Lex_G> exactly, NightGaunt…. ga

<theFrey> I want to know why they didn’t hog tie Curry into a brunnen-g wig

* drat thinks ‘bad hair’ was one of the reasons Tim Curry’s character was abandoned

<Valdron> How about the guests in fourth season

<Valdron> Who stood out, for good or bad

<Lex_G> Valdron – Louis Del Grande and Britt Ekland… ga

<Jooon|zZzZz> as part of the non sleeping german collective Jooon sees Gerhard SchrΓΆder’s butt wrapped in american colored clothes in front of him

<Valdron> Britt really struck me as an archetype for an older Xev, same sort of hair, look, accent, figure, same temperament

<Valdron> Was that accidental, or was there a trace of intention in that?

<Lex_G> Valdron – accidental, methinks… ga

<Valdron> I figured as much.But it’s still an interesting overlap.

<Lex_G> Valdron – yes I agree… ga

<Lex_G> I have a good Schroeder story – he visited the set in Berlin while we were filming Stan’s trial (before he was elected), and was unperturbed by the colorful art we had on the walls…. ga

<Lex_G> Jean Chretien visited the set of, I think, Gametown…. ga

<AZeeD> lex, 2 questions: 1) ALL seasons are coming to dvd right? 2) who’s going to be in the halifax uncon?

<Lex_G> AZeeD – not my department, sorry, but I hope to be there… ga

<AZeeD> k thanks!

<aleck> Azeed — All seasons, all the time.

<dgrequeen> How did Minna Aaltonen get chosen to play Vlad?

<Lex_G> dgr – we found her in London … ga

<dgrequeen> she was perfect

<Vigdis> theFrey, do you notice that the wig question remains unanswered?

<drat> wig envy perhaps?

<Lex_G> wig?Wig? what?

<Vigdis> Why didn’t Tm Curry wear a Brunneb-G wig?

<Cerri> Too much like the wig he wore in RH?

<Lex_G> Vigdis – yes I think he didn’t want to really wear a wig, but it was one of those things where you go “well, it’s Tim Curry, no one will care”… I suppose it could be argued that he really should’ve worn a wig, but in the end we were so happy with his performance that we said screw it… ga

<dgrequeen> that was a wig????

<theFrey> really, he was tricked out for that. Brunnen-g wigs would have been a snap

<drat> heh no need to put MM in a wig-snit it the Guest-star’s wig looked better than his did

<Raven> Well, Tim Curry has dressed up as a clown (Stephen King’s IT) So a wig would be nothing in comparison

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LEXX: S01E01: I Worship His Shadow

<Night-gaunt> Hey, Lex: In a somewhat illegal state of mind, you have broken into the post-production area, cut the usual theme tune and inserted a piece of pop music (as played by one of those modern beat combos we hear so much about these days) in its place. Which song is it likely to be?

<Lex_G> Nightgaunt – good one…. how bout Hank Williams’ “Settin’ the Woods on Fire”?

<Night-gaunt> Like it πŸ™‚

<Lex_G> As recorded by Eminem, of course… ga

<Night-gaunt> LOL!

<PeridotEyes> eek! too scary!

<Lex_G> Yeah, but Celine Dion balked….

<Cerri> hehehehe

* dgrequeen passes out from the horror of Lex’s choices

<Night-gaunt> Eminem, Johnny Cash and Barry Manilow should really get back together… they rocked…

* Praxilla joins dgre

<theFrey> πŸ™‚

<Lex_G> okay, okay – The Cure sings “Man of Constant Sorrow”… ga

* Cerri fans dgre & Praxilla

<PeridotEyes> *[e runs away in fear*

* Praxilla mutters, Retire, Celine, retire!

* Vigdis sways on her feet but manages to remain concious

* Parasite throws buckets of water over the passed out people

<Lex_G> Leonard Cohen singing “Oooops I did it again”…. ga

<Cerri> gack

<Praxilla> lol

<dgrequeen> *splutter*

<Praxilla> *cough*

<eo> that could be good

<Night-gaunt> As a duet with Axl Rose.

<PeridotEyes> choke

<Splarka> Yanni “I wear my sunglasses at night”

<AZeeD> 😐 eep…

* aleck shoots drink out of his nose.

* Lex_G cranks up the Ozark Mountain Daredevils and lights another joint

<PeridotEyes> LOL

<Vigdis> LOL, Sparlkla

<fx> would you care to talk about rutger hauer’s ideas for his character πŸ˜‰

<Lex_G> f/x – oh god… ummm… Rutger was a very naughty boy … ga

<Raven> do tell πŸ™‚

<Lunatic> awh..yes


<Lunatic> we wanna know πŸ™‚

<dgrequeen> Specifics?

<Doffy> details! we want details!

<fx> more about rutger please?

<Night-gaunt> Or at the very least scandalous filth!

<Vigdis> Tell us about Rutger… I am the proud possessor of Bog’s Pattern Jar!

<Raven> yeah!

<Lex_G> Basically I thought that Rutger – although a great actor – was in a bit of a rut…. and I noticed some of his acting choices seemed to me to recycled bits of Blade Runner….

<Raven> Lex, is Lexx your favourite thing that you have ever worked on?

* drat turns on the landing lights

<Lex_G> Raven – probably, although El Mundo del Lundo to this day was a great shitload of fun to do…. ga

<PeridotEyes> is there any possibility of getting el mundo down here in the lower 48/

<Lex_G> PEyes – I don’t think so…. ga

<Splarka> lexxual hauersment

<Valdron> Unterstadt? I’ve seen that on Splarka’s site as “lexx and jeff’s other show’

<PeridotEyes> RATS!

<PeridotEyes> does El Mundo air in Canada ?

<Lex_G> El Mundo died a quiet death on the Comedy Network…. ga

<Valdron> I’ve always thought that was a shame.

<PeridotEyes> thanks for the info

<Valdron> They’d air it at 0

<Lex_G> Unterstadt was a film script Jeff & I sold in germany that didn’t get funding…. ga

<Vigdis> Okay… Tell us about Malcom, please.

<Valdron> ahhhh, ok

<Raven> Lex, Why did Bog wear that thing on his nose?

<Lex_G> Raven – who the hell knows?Because he’s an “actor”, I guess….. ga

<Cerri> heheheheheh

<PeridotEyes> there isn’t enough funny stuff in the world these days

<AZeeD> amen!

<Lex_G> PEyes – not true; I just watched Schindler’s List…. ga

<Praxilla> What do you think of the Lexx’s shape?

<PeridotEyes> was the thing on his nose part of a clarinet?

<Lex_G> Praxilla – ummm, I like it…. ga

<Raven> Lex, what was used to make the pattern substance?

<Lex_G> Raven – garbage and body parts… ga

<PeridotEyes> LOL

<AZeeD> lol

<Praxilla> *giggle*

<Lex_G> PEyes – a nose clarinet…. yeah, that would’ve appealed to him… ga

<dgrequeen> LOL

<Night-gaunt> Lex: A meteorite hits the earth, bare inches away from you. Bending over to investigate, you find yourself bathed in cosmic radiation, granting you powers beyond the reach of mere humans. What powers have you developed as a consequence, and to what end do you use ’em?

 <Cerri> heheh

<PeridotEyes> ROTFLMAO

<Lex_G> NightGaunt – I have the amazing ability to… cloud men’s minds… ga

<Night-gaunt> What…? I… don’t understand… where am I, anyway?

<Vigdis> lol

<dgrequeen> I thought sure you were going to say X-ray vision, to help out the airlines

<PeridotEyes> but not womens’ minds?

<Cerri> heheheh

<Lex_G> There will be no need to fly again.Ever.

<Splarka> Timothy Leary had that power…

<Lex_G> Sadly, my powers on the female species aren’t quite as dramatic… ga

<AZeeD> lex, why and how did lyekka come back? i missed that part on the episode.

<Lex_G> AZeeD – we are very lazy writers, and whenever we need Lyekka to come back, we just (gasp) make it so…. ga

<Praxilla> hehe

<theFrey> noooooo, no ST quotes!

<Raven> Lex, did you like the idea of basing a whole season on 1 story?

<Lex_G> Raven – it’s an interetsing challenge… I think we wanted to make each season quite different from the last… ga

(Fire and Water in Season 3)

<PeridotEyes> IMHO, y’all succeeded in makingevery season of Lexx different from the last, and wonderfully so!

<Lex_G> danke, PEyes…. ga

<Valdron> I’ve heard that Minna/Vlad was only going to be a one shot, but after you had her, you decided to keep her around and use her in more episodes.Truth or Fiction?

<PeridotEyes> whose idea was it to put a flowerpot on the plant lady’s head?

<Lex_G> PEyes – some sicko in costumes/props

<AZeeD> lol

<theFrey> Last call Peeps, 10 minute warning. (for real this time)

<Parasite> TTFN y’all

<Lex_G> Valdron – she was so good we wanted to bring her back, so we did… ga

<AZeeD> like he said, “we’re lazy writers. if we want (insert character here) to come back, we just (gasp) make it so.

<theFrey> Lex, did you like the label on you Brigadoom CD?

<Lex_G> theFrey – yeah, tres, tres cool….

<Splarka> ahh.. what costume in your writing do you think was most/least successfully realized?

<Lex_G> Splarka – hmmm, maybe Wist’s…. ga

<Lex_G> and Doc Rainbow’s, of course… ga

* Splarka gets wistful…

<Lunatic> lol !!

<dgrequeen> thank you for coming to talk with us tonight, you’ve given us a lot of pleasure with Lexx

<Splarka> let us know when we can give you pleasure in return!

<angelmay> Yes, you certainly have!you and everyone involved with the show!

<AZeeD> more thanusual

<Arania> thanks very much

<PeridotEyes> I liked Doc Rainbow’s headdress, it was wonderfully deranged

<Lunatic> awh…yeah we notices you seem to lack fabric to finish said costume, Lex…there was so many holes in it πŸ˜‰

<eo> Lex: thanks for a rather unique and brilliant sci.fi series πŸ™‚

* Lunatic coulda fix that in no time πŸ™‚

<Lex_G> It has been my pleasure to chat with you, and I want to thank each and everyone of you for being so courteous and pleasant, and you guys are terrific, IMHO…. ga

<Praxilla> sorry I was late, thanks for chatting

<Doffy> Thanks so much for coming, Lex

<Night-gaunt> Lex, the feeling’s entirely mutual…

<angelmay> Thanks for coming, Lex!

<Doffy> and thanks for such a great show

<StunnerLuver4> thanks Lex, you’re the best!

<Vigdis> It was awfully sweet of you to patiently answer all these questions. We (I) tend to get a little detailed sometimes…

<NecKRx> Thanks for Lexx, Lex

<fx> lex, thank you again

<aleck> Thanks, Lex!

<PeridotEyes> thank you for the most memorable scifi series ever

<drat> some of us will see you later, the rest of us send out best wishes

* Lunatic huggles Lex for creating such a great show too πŸ™‚

<Splarka> long may you reign

<AZeeD> lexx is eternal!!!

<theFrey> Sadgeezer.com thanks all of you for attending this chat, and we especially thank our Guest Mr. Gigeroff and of course Rachel and Splarka for their assistance in making these chats possible. You have all been wonderful,Fx, Sadgeezer and I thank you all for attending.

<Night-gaunt> And we’re not just saying that ’cause of the satellite worms and carrots currently imbedded in each and every one of our bodies.

<Raven> yeah, thanks… it’s been awesome chattin with ya!

* Lex_G bows respectfully

<angelmay> Goodnight, Lex, *hugs and smooches*

* Praxilla applauds

<Doffy> g’nite Lex!

<drat> nite Lexx, the panties are in the mail!

<Mike-L> thanks lex

<StunnerLuver4> nite Lex!

<Vigdis> good night Lex.

<theFrey> Thank You very much Mr. G!

<Lex_G> Seriously, I think we have the coolest and greatest fans in the world, and the experience of meeting many of you has been quite wonderful and is something I will always treasure…. it sounds sappy, but is quite heartfelt… ga

<dgrequeen> and for us as well

<Cerri> *sniffle*

<fx> we’ll miss you

<Splarka> ya sure you wouldn’t rather have Martha Stewart’s fans?

<dgrequeen> we’re going to miss Lexx a LOT~

<Doffy> *sniffle*

<angelmay> We sure will miss Lexx

<Lex_G> Splarka – I have several of Martha Stewart’s fans tied up in the basement as we speak…. ga

<dgrequeen> Good, that’s where they belong!

<Doffy> hehehe

<Night-gaunt> Is there room for them AND Splarka, Lexx? πŸ™‚

* Splarka grins

<NecKRx> hehehe Martha Steward redecorates the Lexx

<Lex_G> Someone’s got to go…. πŸ™‚

<Praxilla> she’d turn the goo into curtains and blankets

<fx> goodnight

<PeridotEyes> nitey nite

<Splarka> “Now lets glue some acorns on this dangly bit here” “ouch!” “hey, where did they go” “I reabsorbed them”

<Night-gaunt> LOL

<Vigdis> As long as Martha doesn’t choose to use plaid…

<Lex_G> And on that note, folks….

<Praxilla> hey, I got a quick question, was it an inconsistancy that Kai could speak to the aLexx?

<Lex_G> Praxilla – inconsistencies?On OUR show?ga

<Doffy> LOL

<dgrequeen> LOL

<Praxilla> LMAO

<drat> LOL

<theFrey> never say

<fx> lol

<StunnerLuver4> lol

<Night-gaunt> Tee hee

<eo> lol!

<Maaxx> lol

<Lex_G> Ciao, y’all!!

* Lex_G waves!

<dgrequeen> What a great chat!

<Valdron> Well, that was interesting.

<Doffy> it was

<Mike-L> this was awsome!

<Splarka> what is the sound of 30 mirc logs being shut off? πŸ™‚

<Mike-L> awesome

<dgrequeen> LOL, Splarka

<theFrey> hehe

<Doffy> Thanks fx, frey and splarka for setting it up

<fx> good yob frey puppy!

<theFrey> you all were wonder full

<minecritter> thanks for the heads up on KEB, Frey – I got the message 5 minutes before the chat started – and made it in this time!

<theFrey> hehe

<theFrey> πŸ™‚ I live to serve

<dgrequeen> See, when you separate Lex and Paul, you actually get coherence and reason

* Night-gaunt simply has to head out. Great questions all round, people. Terrific fun.

<fx> gnight kiddies, thanx again

<theFrey> night fx

<fx> sweet dreams of lexx!

SadGeezer: Alas, this wonderful sci fi fan, Lex Gogeroff, passed away from a heart attack on December 25th 2011.  LEXX fandom was very sad at such an untimely loss.  I once had the pleasure of meeting him and his family and found them all warm, friendly.  We were very upset to hear of his passing.

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