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    theFrey wrote:

    Yes, Lexx. The character Kai, had a alter-ego (?) sort of copy here on earth when the crew arrived.

    Anyhow, this Kai was a performance art nut-case actor who went on and on about his art and how you had to experience pain for your art. And part of the way he gathered his innerself together for a performance was to eliminate any kind of sexual activities while performing….. The amount of time for this abstinence was going to be six months…. (thoughtful pause) or longer if his grant was extended. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thank you. I apologize for my LACKK of LEXX, but I was working overseas the series ran. I have however seen a fair number of rerun eps.
    I really am nuts about the sex model Xev. I’m not sure if i’ve seen Zev.
    If i were on board, I would modify 790 to have an alternate function as a CD player so that first of all I could turn off his whinny voice and second of all play latin music rhythms from him while I spent quality time with Xev.

    I just checked out her photo and bio on IMDB. Apparently her lips are real and she sure has put her degrees in Latin and Philosophy to good use!!!
    Yes, her lips are real!

    Oh what happiness! Me and Xev in the belly of a flying spacebug dancing to burning Haitian rhythms.

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    lvcambot wrote:

    Thank God.

    All those stupid little twits got their movie.. yet they were all alone in the dark at the gigaplex.

    But low and behold the real CRAZY folks will buy hundreds if not thousands of Serenity DVDs to put in their local libraries. That way the spawn of their freak births will have a chance to see what their parents liked.

    They say everything goes in cycles. Whedon is a cycle all his own with his loser fans.

    Do you realize Children are being born and raised right NOW.. While they drink from their bottle MOM is watching Buffy, Angel and probably Firefly.

    Can anybody imagine the damage this will do with the latest generation of Freaks?? I mean those 1-4 year olds just might go into space when they become adults. Based on Mom and (if the kid has a dad) early programming they will SPACE themselves. Just like in Firefly, Serenity. Space is one magic game where science is just a plot device to drag poorly written characters through Whedons mind. If I live long enough.. I bet there will be many early decompressions and ships that fly right into stars because the idiot offsprings think Whedon’s universe is real.

    They will load up their ships with Horses.. so they can ride “Wildfire” on Mars. Only to find out the difference in Gravity between Mars and Earth. Did I mention that Wildfire will not be able to breath? LMAO.

    So how do you feel about the movie? It’s a little unclear. Did you like it? (Please don’t spoil).

    I don’t see too much what is wrong with bring earth culture to other planets, including horses and leather sofas in spaceships.

    “When you got it, flaunt it baby” as Zero Mostel said.

    Mars is nowhere near the firefly planets. They use a lot of good hard science, the only thing not so believable is rocket based spaceships,, they could never get the massive quanitities of fuel needed and they would need to jettison many stages of the rocket. They need a better propulsion system.

    Tell us some specifics. ..but remember to breathe.

    Which came first? The TV Buffy or the TV Buffy fans? When evolution goes on a downward spiral, the subspecies goes quickly to exttinction.

    in reply to: Poll: 1st T.V. sci-fi to have you hiding behind the couch? #75745

    I chose the old Outer Limits

    in reply to: FanFic Rules and posting instructions #75744

    What about copyright? What if someone takes the story and submits it somewhere?
    I was wondering generally what the internet has done to witers and the book and magazine publishing industry.
    Some wonderings:
    Are writers losing their incomes?.
    Is there more professional writing now done from the public?
    Are publishers gearing towards internet/email submissions?
    Are books and mags sales spiralling downwards?

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    lvcambot wrote:

    Oh well.. And more BSG to suffer through.

    You wouldn’t be W. C. Field’s re-incarnation would you? How do you feel about children and pets?.

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    cheesetoasty wrote:

    I didn’t know Solaris was a remake, what’s the original like?

    Regarding Solaris:

    The original to the remake is like a thoroughbred black stallion to a dead rotting donkey.

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    theFrey wrote:

    Hummm, now this sounds like the theory the Live Kai in Fluff Daddy was following…. and since the beans are writers… and they wrote the script…. this may be a defining truth here. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I don’t understand the reference here…fom LEXX?

    in reply to: Firefly/Serenity #75741

    I thought parts of firefly were really good. They treated the bad guys like the Bount yHunter ruthlessly when needed. They behaved like good friends and real people, had some good lines.

    But complaints are interesting. What is the problem with the science? I like the hard scifi here like when they shot a rifle through space to shoot out a control tower to save the ship from being hijacked. Except they were too chicken to show what happened to the two bad guys in the control tower.

    Loved the theme song.
    Didn’t like the River character completely. If she is so smart why she never acted like it, always 100 percent dizzy brained and hlepless… not real.

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    Sci-Fi is dead,
    Dead, dead, dead…..
    The future has been said,
    Said, said, said…..
    The sci fi fans have killed it killed it
    The sci fi fans have killed it killed it
    Stomped on its head and broken it

    A generation of scifi fans have lost their way
    They don’t honour their roots they travestise them.

    Science fiction is always there.
    It is at the borders of imagination and science
    The new generations take old new ideas and take them to the milddle ground where nothing new happens.
    Sci fi becomes the bedrock of Conservative Liberalism.
    Isn’t ET cute? Seven of Nine can never fall in love. Kirk is never kicked in the head. Muppets breathe and talk in space

    Challenge the rules of society, social structure and science and you will find science fiction.

    The science fiction fan from the middle class stays firmly in the middle. Nothing new happens there. Spider man kisses the college girl stereotype upside down. This is the borderline of a social class. Snake Dancer Replicants are too far beyond.

    There are some good efforts like BSG. They challenge much of the old rules. Space is unforgiving and uncompromising. It is not a liberal permissive parent.

    The fault is the masses and their edcucation. Education is going the rote/memorization direction such as has been established the Far East.
    R. D. Laing said if we just taught students to challenge all ideas our society would become prosperous and wonderful for all.

    It isn’t that the future has been said.
    It is that several generations have stopped writing the future.

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    lexxrobotech wrote:

    I havent seen it yet… and Im not to excited about it.

    I would have prefered it to have been set in the 30’s. But, maybe thats just me.

    What really gets me is the ‘amercanization’ of it. Bah! It’ll be like having Huckleberry Finn on the Thames…

    Whats more is it’s Spielberg & Cruise so more than likely, it’ll be a smash hit and prove that I am almost totally alone when it comes to taste in films.

    I haven’t seen it yet, but i can’t knockl Spielberg and Cruise. Despite being a megastar ( ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Cruise has done some knock me dead movies like Vanilla Sky and Spielberg (“Empire of the Sun” from J.G Ballard) is always gold quality no matter what he does.

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    ”kai” wrote:

    Whilst this is not technically sci-fi, it deals with themes of mind control which are an important sci-fi theme

    The Manchurian candidate:

    This film sounds like a pale and very distorted version of the concept. The whole plote replacced. The Manchurian candidate, the original. was a well produced film which produced a warning which echoed even till now. How dare they piss on it like that. They missed the point, the soldier was not the candidate, he was PROGRAMMED to kill an opposing candidate to allow communists to have a puppet leader in Washington.

    What views does everyone have on what was, once, a brillient piece of cinema?

    Yes, you are right. I was lucky enough to se the Manchurian Candidate before Frankie Blue Eyes bought up all the copies and snuffed it for 30 or so years.

    It’s been a little while since I saw this remake but I remember being very aggravated with the Tea-party Delusion Sequence. They did it so badly and wrongly with the wrong and unworkable idea I was just shaking my head and turning away.

    What is the problem? Trying to “modernize” it.
    Is the new generation the problem or the attempt to moderize to the constuct of an idea of an audience that doesn’t exist?

    In thinking about who they are trying to reach perhaps we can say the original tried to reach a minority group that cared while the new version tried to reach a majority group that superficialed.

    In the beginning, movie makers repected audiences, then later they found out they didn’t need to.

    Let us list modern remakes that failed :
    OK I’l add to to the list:


    (yes Manchurian Candidate is scifi)

    in reply to: Sci Fi Gets No Respect #75732

    Pul-eese! After carousing some TV fan forums i am quite depressed.
    TV science fiction fans (the fans not the shows) seem to be the most parochial, provincial, narrow-minded, anti-intellectual unimaginative, anti new-idea, anti-scifi group of people i ever come across outside of my immediate red-neck family.
    I think they are a different kind from “Movie and Book” Scifi people. the answer to that I think is found in the schitzophrenic creation method of TV series and it’s stick to: formula/watch the ratings/ satisfy all the population segments “No growth, no hugs” etc attitudes.
    Here is a great subject for sociological research and a book or two or twenty.

    Perhaps part of it is that movies and books are as if a story told by one person to one specific person but TV series are stories co-authored by many people to try to fit an audience of a composite person (the statistic) whcih sometimes turns out to be nobody real …like 3.3 children in a family.

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    Sidhecafe wrote:

    :mrgreen: ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜†

    not exactly what I meant but that’s funny!! heehee

    However, sex and toliet humor aside, I did get some writing done and I found listening to soundtracks was a nice way to put me in an imaginative frame of mind.
    Listened to soundtracks of: Gladiator and Ghost in the Shell.

    why they both start with the letter G – I don’t know.

    Anybody else get fixated on letters in their writing???

    I’m very fond of names that start with M.

    Quote from Fowler:

    “Writing is easy, just stare at a blank page until the blood drips from your forehead.”

    Yes i like love letters. Also, I like the letters “K” and “Z” they are both freaky and zexy and give us lots of good things like Klones and Klowns and Kippers and Zones and Zippers. “F” is a Fun letter too but i’m often timid about using it.

    Writing actually kills many people. It killed Hemmingway and Hart Crane and destroyed Melville and Steinbeck so that they gave it up completely. Maybe it killed Dylan Thomas too. I heard a story of a Chinese Writer who strived through adversity to get his first book published and then was executed for it.

    “There’s no success like failure and failure’s no success at all” …Bob Dylan

    Maybe writers should act like boxers as regards sex.. tanatalize themselves but deny themselves so they can KO the keyboard/pen/whatever.

    in reply to: Will Smith: The Acceptable Face of Asimov? #75729
    czinzar wrote:

    The movie version of I, Robot fills me with righteous fury. Asimov is probbably my favorite author, and the pathetic interpertation of his work by hollywood pisses me off to no end.

    I never heard the AIDs thing though…. weird.

    I have written a review of great fury and angst elsewhere on this site of this movie. This movie is the diametrical opposite of everything Issac believed in.

    The thing that is worse than that is that the “fans” don’t even know it. A read of “I, Asimov” is in order.

    in reply to: Stupid Product Placements #75019
    corvina wrote:

    7th_Dizbuster wrote:

    The obious one in I Robot is of course US Robotics. How much more obvoius can you get?

    Yeah but hang on I thought US Robotics is an original Asimov creation i.e. a name of a fictional company thats been filched by a real company. Been a long time since I read the books anyone know for sure?

    Asimov’s original name for the company was:
    “US Robots and Mechanical Men, Inc.”

    “US Robots and Mechanical Men, Inc. was the major manufacturer of robots in the 21st century in Isaac Asimov’s fictional Robot Series. Dr Susan Calvin, the chief robopsychologist at US Robots is the main character in many of Asimov’s short stories, usually dealing with robot problems in the lab. In other robot stories Greg Powell and Mike Donovan, field specialists for the company, try to solve robot issues in the field.

    The modem manufacturer U.S. Robotics appears to have been named after this fictional corporation.”
    “U.S. Robotics (popularly nicknamed USR), based in Schaumburg, Illinois and founded in 1976, is a company that makes computer modems and related technologies.”

    “The name for the company is a reference to Isaac Asimov, who is widely credited with inventing the term robotics, and whose Robot stories featured a fictional company named U.S. Robots and Mechanical Men. The 2004 Will Smith movie I, Robot, loosely based on Asimov’s works and set in Chicago, uses U.S. Robotics as the name of the fictional robot manufacturer. The film’s U.S. Robotics corporate logo resembles a former real-life USR logo.”


    From Wikipedia.

    in reply to: Stupid Product Placements #74849
    7th_Dizbuster wrote:

    The obious one in I Robot is of course US Robotics. How much more obvoius can you get?

    On the other side of the argument, (or am I just very naive?) the use of known brands can add a sense or realism to a Sci-fi setting giving the audience a feeling of connection with the story that you cannot get otherwise. Would not work in Lexx though or Farscape.

    I could see things going too far; what if the processor from Terminator had been picked up by Microsoft instead of the fictional Skynet?

    No, that is not realism, that is brainwashing. In reality we don’t stare long at product labels, blur out other labels from our vision nor listen to friends give long testimonials about products.

    Fiction is fiction but it also creates reality. It can influence us to be sane wholistic, growth oriented or as dysfunctional, neurotic, manipulable beings.

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    Shiroekitsune wrote:

    I-Robot (Converse I believe – the shoes….not only does he hold it up and say the name but the year!)

    Not only that but Will Smith endorsed the product and took sime time to do so, while talking to his shoes or himself, , i think saying how comfortable they were or how he had looked for them a long time.

    Let’s also not forget that I, Robot was a total betrayal of Asimov’s concept, or to make it even worse, a misrepresentation since few knew his original vision in the first place and this serves to bury Asimov.
    Also, a side note here, the movie producers did the same thing to Ursula’s “Earthsea”, the director refusing to work with a native people’s cast, saying he found it hard to work with “those people”.

    You know what this reminds me of?… It reminds me of the Jim Carrie movie”the Truman Show” where his whole life is on camera and his wife keeps looking toward the camera and plugging products and Jim’s mind is just blown, he can’t figure who she is talking to.

    Edit: I see Frey already made the connection or rather defined this phenomenon.

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    YOWAYYO wrote:

    SG Atlantis- the ep titled “Home”

    While Sheppard was at his house with Teyla, they decided to crack open a coupla brews- Coors original (gold label.) Teyla even did the classic “bottoms up” as she stood chugging her beer with the label conveniently toward the camera.

    The funny thing about that is that in SG1 Season Two, O’Neill at the start of one episode is seen taking a case of Heineken Beer (not Coors) into his house. The scene opens with a slow shot of the Heineken sitting on the seat of his vehicle.

    Whatever, whether i drink or not I don’t like product placement.
    It detracts from the film and is invasive and crazymaking for people.

    I can see the future here for everyone in daily life and it is not pleasant… Product placement on every medium personlly tailored to each of us. Radios calling out our names, electronic billboards changing to our names coded by our identity cards and targeting our marketing profiles kept in corporate databases.

    Edit: what was the movie that showed this at an airport with the protagaonist being deluged by holograms? Total Recall?

    in reply to: The Journalist and The Mercenary #74848
    Logan wrote:

    I’m afraid my brain simply isn’t up to very constructive critiquing these days, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading that. The formatting looks good. It works well. Definitely worth continuing.


    in reply to: Was Star Trek 1 That Bad? #74722
    YOWAYYO wrote:

    Picard said he wasn’t qualified to judge him, but maybe the Q are.
    Here ye hear ye. I say INNOCENT.
    Ask him for help with the Borg.
    But I think they came along in later episodes.

    Anyway, it’s small potatos…he’s immortal and has great powers nonetheless. And anyone who can whack 50 billion people with one thought is pretty strong in my book.

    Interesting quote by Picard, though. “I’m not qualified to judge you, but maybe the Q are.”

    Allow me to rewrite that sentence:

    Picard said he wasn’t qualified to judge him, but in my opinion maybe the Q are.

    ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜†

    in reply to: Well Frรคck me! #74714

    I heard about this.
    That guy and his brother Frick developed a line of vanities for space travel.

    The line of products is called Frick-Frack Bricbrac.

    in reply to: Was Star Trek 1 That Bad? #74713
    kokopelli wrote:

    Nice tid-bit…I love the Q. Spreaking of powerful characters, there was a pretty powerful guy (being) in ST: TNG. He lived on a planet that had been “cleansed” of all living things except for he and his wife and their little plantation. Turns out he was so powerful, he wiped out an entire civilization with a single thought. I think it was the alien race that eradicated the planet he lived on. That mellowed him out so he tried to lead a reserved existence. I often wondered what would happen if he and the Q crossed-paths, or if they were like peers or something.

    I found it on Scifi.com

    Season 3 episode 3 of TNG. “The Survivors”.
    50 Billion with one thought.

    Picard said he wasn’t qualified to judge him, but maybe the Q are.
    Here ye hear ye. I say INNOCENT.
    Ask him for help with the Borg.
    But I think they came along in later episodes.


    After answering a distress call from a remote Federation planet under attack, the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise is shocked to discover that all but two of the 11,000 inhabitants have been killed.
    Beaming down to Rana IV, the Away Team finds that the entire planet has been obliterated, except for a patch of land where an undamaged home still stands. Inside, they meet the sole survivors of the attack โ€” Kevin and Rishon Uxbridge, an elderly couple who cannot explain why they survived the devastation and refuse to leave the decimated colony.

    Meanwhile, back on the Enterprise, Counselor Troi’s head is inexplicably filled with music which continues to repeat unabated, day and night. She confesses her problem to Picard and admits that she is unable to read the emotions of the Uxbridges as a result.

    Suddenly, the ship that attacked Rana IV returns to the area and fires upon the U.S.S. Enterprise, crippling the starship’s weapons systems. In sick bay, Dr. Crusher tries to relieve the incessant music in Troi’s brain by heavily sedating her, then inducing a coma, but nothing seems to work.

    Following his hunch that the warship somehow responds to the Uxbridges’ wishes, Picard confronts them. Though Kevin angrily insists that he and his wife do not require the crew’s help, Picard tells the couple that the U.S.S. Enterprise will remain in orbit as long as the two of them are alive.

    A short time later, the warship reappears and obliterates the Uxbridges’ home. In response, the Enterprise destroys the warship. Despite the fact that the crew can find no signs of life on Rana IV, Picard insists upon keeping the planet under surveillance.

    Within hours, Geordi reports that the Uxbridges’ home has reappeared on the planet โ€” what’s more, the couple is alive and well inside it! Picard beams them up to the ship and forces Kevin to admit that his home, his wife and the warship are merely reproductions of the originals, which were destroyed in the attack.

    Kevin confesses that he is a Douwd, an immortal being capable of creating disguises and false surroundings. He explains that after taking a human form 50 years ago, he visited earth and fell in love with Rishon, who remained unaware of his true identity and magic powers throughout their marriage.

    Unfortunately, when the aggressive species known as the Husnock attacked Rana IV, Kevin refused to fight back or kill anyone. However, his wife joined the battle and was murdered by the Husnock, along with everyone else in the colony.

    Enraged by his wife’s death, Kevin then summoned his magical powers and in an instant of grief, destroyed the Husnock race of 50 billion. Fearful that Troi would discover his secret, Uxbridge put the music in her mind to block her telepathic powers.

    Stunned by Uxbridge’s confession, Picard tells Kevin that he is not qualified to judge his crimes and returns the man to his planet. But before leaving the Enterprise, Kevin restores Troi to normal.

    in reply to: Was Star Trek 1 That Bad? #74711

    I think ST-TMP is classic for it’s time.
    It is a new age now and we are all undergone evolution in our tastes. The age of the “flashing arrow” has died and now we apprediate muti-threaded stories with hard gritty reality. So now we can’t expect the same thing again.

    Here is a review stating that the plot partially comes from ST-TOS “The Changeling” (story of Nomad).

    The story is cerebral, with little in the way of space battles or other action. It is also, unfortunately, a re-hash of several old Star Trek episodes combined and re-arranged “The Changeling” being the most obvious inspiration”.

    Perhaps the greatest strength of Star Trek: The Motion Picture is that, despite a badly-paced middle, it boasts a strong beginning and end. The movie is more enjoyable on video than in the theater (a few character-building sequences have been added) since the special effects are less dominating. After all, beneath all the glitz, there is a legitimate Star Trek story struggling to escape.

    From TVTome:
    32. The Changeling
    gs: James Doohan (Lt. Cmdr. Montgomery “Scotty” Scott) Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Nyota Uhura) George Takei (Lt. Hikaru Sulu) Majel Barrett (Nurse Christine Chapel) Blaisdell Makee (Lt. Singh) Barbara Gates (Astrochemist) Meade Martin (Engineer) Arnold Lessing (Lt. Carlisle) Vic Perrin (voice of Nomad)

    Stardate 3451.9: The Enterprise crew discovers that the Malurian system has been destroyed, and during their investigation the ship is attacked by a small spacecraft of enormous power. When Kirk identifies himself, the attack abruptly ends and communication is established with the unknown vessel which happens to be small enough to be beamed aboard the Enterprise. Kirk learns that the vessel is actually a probe named Nomad and that the attack on the Enterprise was discontinued after Nomad identified Kirk as “the Kirk,” its creator. After consulting the ship’s computers, Spock finds that the probe’s origin is indeed Earth and that its creator, Jackson Roykirk, programmed it to seek out new life. Nomad, however, does not look like the picture in the ship’s record banks. Spock uses the Vulcan mind meld technique and discovers that Nomad was damaged in a meteor collision and drifted in space until it met another probe, Tan Ru, which was originally programmed to gather and sterilize soil samples. Now combined into one machine, Nomad believes that its mission is to seek out and destroy imperfect life forms. Unwilling to remain idle, Nomad erases Uhura’s memory trying to learn what music is and kills Scott when he tries to interfere. Nomad repairs Scott, but Kirk finds that he has a bigger problem after learning that Nomad is returning to its launch point, Earth, where it will find billions of imperfect life forms and sterilize them. Kirk gambles by telling Nomad that he is not “the Kirk” that created it. Since Nomad made a mistake in identification, Kirk convinces Nomad that it is imperfect and must be destroyed. While analyzing its mistake, Kirk has Nomad beamed out into space where it quickly destroys itself.

    b: 29-Sep-1967 pc: 60337 w: John Meredyth Lucas d: Marc Daniels

    in reply to: Was Star Trek 1 That Bad? #74710

    Nice tid-bit…I love the Q. Spreaking of powerful characters, there was a pretty powerful guy (being) in ST: TNG. He lived on a planet that had been “cleansed” of all living things except for he and his wife and their little plantation. Turns out he was so powerful, he wiped out an entire civilization with a single thought. I think it was the alien race that eradicated the planet he lived on. That mellowed him out so he tried to lead a reserved existence. I often wondered what would happen if he and the Q crossed-paths, or if they were like peers or something.

    Do you remember the season or episode title?
    I want to look up the story synopsis on one of the many Star Trek Blogs.

    in reply to: Was Star Trek 1 That Bad? #74709

    Charlie X was on Space channel this week.
    It has an idea close to “It’s a good life ” by Jerome Bixby … that was later a Twilight Zone Episode in the original series.

    ST- TMP filled a long void from 1967 to 1979. It sure took a long time for the industry to react to scifi fans. Why was that? It still took another 8 to 10 years for ST-TNG.

    What’s up with all that? Be scifi fans not human? If you prick us do we not whirr and beep?
    Does anybody understand this? What was the process?
    Is scifi now part of the mainstream? Or do we still shuffle our feet in the house of TV?
    ST-TMP very good, has a very cosmic theme. Man’s search for the creator. We were all glad to see them come back and .. remember Kirk’s last line..

    Marcy Lafferty (Chief DiFalco): Heading sir?
    William Shatner (Kirk): Out there… thataway.

    “Spock and V-Ger’s relationship — great. The Decker/Ilia relationship really got to me.” I agree, also the willingness to be merged into a new life form was a classy idea.
    None of : “kill the BEM” standard.

    Some information from Alpha Memory:
    The plot and script emerged from the failed pilot for Star Trek: Phase II, “In Thy Image”.The film was adapted as a novel and as a three-part comic.

    Saucer Separation
    Throughout most of the filming of The Motion Picture, a final ending story had yet to be developed. Designer Andrew Probert provided the producers with his own script suggestions for a visually dramatic conclusion, and storyboarded the key event. For the record, the possibility of the original Enterprise’s undergoing a saucer separation was first mentioned in the original series episode The Apple. But it was not until the pilot episode of The Next Generation that the maneuver was finally depicted.

    The Walk to V’Ger
    Twenty-two years after The Motion Picture appeared in theatre, the film was re-released as it was originally intended to be seen. The Director’s Edition added a new sound mix and new scenes to Robert Wise’s classic film, but one of the most notable changes from the original version is the stunning addition of new visual effects, specifically in how the mysterious craft V’Ger, is revealed. Since the walk to V’ger scene was the climax of the movie, it was important to convey a sense of the extraordinary and fantastic by using the new visual effects to complement the original film rather than overwhelm it.

    It’s interesting:
    There seems to have been 9 episodes prepared for Star Trak II with Willim Shatner, but I think only the first was aired (as the movion picture). apparently Star Wars had something to do with killing the series.

    Where are the other 8 episodes?
    In a vault somewhere? Pity!


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    Got it!
    Space jumped episode 5 “The Devil and a guy named Webster” so I didn’t see that. I read your review panning it, but I still want to see it.

    Don’t know why they jumped it. Maybe next week.

    “Totally Recalled” was great!

    Of course, Gus doesn’t want to join the revolution. He’s comfortable the way things are.
    He’s a “Remains of the Day” -bot .
    Balltar is not his style.

    He’s a little like the depressed Robot in “Hitchiker’s Guide”.
    He like so totally wouln’t be comfortable being in command.
    How could he be insolent and sarcastic if he was in command?
    I found the ” gayism” was lighthearted and funny.
    After all that IS gus.

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    Headgehog wrote:

    Heres my review for Totally Recalled. I don’t think I really did the episode justice though.

    Link not working…

    Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/sadgeez/public_html/html/modules/Reviews/index.php on line 1058

    I liked this episode (6) tonight.. but somehow Episode 5 was skipped in the series.

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    Logan wrote:

    kokopelli wrote:

    Logan wrote:

    A secretary is one of the most useful writing aides around.

    Yeah but the secretary’s salary is expensive. I’m saving my money up for a mistress.[/quote]

    Sure, as long as she’s good at taking dictation… trust me, avoid the Dominatrix Mistress type.[/quote]

    Ah….Logan it goes this way:

    Dom = Wife.
    Sub = Mistress.
    If you get this mixed up you’ve been misinformed. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    If you can afford a mistress and a maid. That’s not a bad solution.

    A mistress, a wife and a maid… maybe that’s a complete universe.

    Suits the “Higamous hHgamus” theory.
    Hogamous, Higamous,
    Man is polygamous.
    Higamous, Hogamous,
    Woman is monogamous.
    – William James

    in reply to: Writing Aids – What’s your favorite #74661
    Logan wrote:

    A secretary is one of the most useful writing aides around.

    Yeah but the secretary’s salary is expensive. I’m saving my money up for a mistress.

    in reply to: Canceled? #74655
    Headgehog wrote:

    Things frequently change between pilots and the actual series. Six’s appearance and Gus’s sissifacation come to mind immediately for TTR.

    The voice of Six always changes. She was first voiced by Patricia Beckman in Episode 1: Love and Darph. Then in the unreleased second episode: Oh Brother, Terry Farrell voiced Six, and she redid the voice of Six for episode 1. Terry was supposed to do the voice in the TV series but backed out after 3 episodes. She was replaced by Gina Gershon, and those episodes were re-recorded for continuity. Now for whatever reason, Six is being voiced by Carmen Electra.

    All I can conclude from that is that being SIX must lead to total character burnout for the actresses.

    in reply to: Added: Sidewalk Soiler #74654
    Headgehog wrote:

    kokopelli wrote:

    Where do you get those transcripts from?

    Good review.


    I use a TV-in card to capture the closed captions. I then format it into something slightly easier to read.[/quote]

    Neat! Very high tech, didn’t even know that could be done. I haven’t’ even got a CC television.

    How about that name “Tripping the Rift”? What does it mean?

    in reply to: Writing Aids – What’s your favorite #74653

    Hi TheFrey:
    Where does that name come from?
    It seems to me if you let the machine do it, you won’t put enough of yourself into it, like Lexxlurker suggests. Also i think you might end up following someone else’s structure instead of your own.

    The file folder sytem on Window is a good linear organization.

    But maybe that software might be good if it can do word searches to create indexes and provide links to titled sections on keywords such as in Wikipedia.
    Depends what features it has.

    I think if you want to study or have some guidelines for writing or screenplays there are some very good books out there. I would just keep a copy to refer to it.

    I was looking at Alex Epsteins webpages today, good information. probably good books.



    The screensavers on your site, front page, end up like this:

    “Site not found
    The URL you entered cannot be located at this site. The domain may no longer exist here, or you may have an invalid URL. “

    in reply to: Canceled? #74652
    sutekhsgift wrote:

    A new Six voice in the NEW Season. There was a post on the news section of this site about that about a month or two ago. The second question you asked: the series was entirely redone from the web based episode. the characters were kept intact and some addititonal characters were put in ( Whip being the most prominent one that comes to mind). I sincerely hope this answers what you asked. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh yeah Carmen Electra IS Six.
    Both of her…
    Great photo, I checked out the news site.

    I don’t know what “web based episode” means. I just come in at Episode 4 on Canada’s Space and can get the reest of the episodes ffor Season One.

    in reply to: Season 8 #74644

    Loved this week’s Replicarter!!

    I think Jack’s fantasies must have been working overtime. Too bad the Replicarter is not so nice.

    Well she is nicely evil!

    in reply to: Kai’s Ring For His Beloved #74642
    mysteriesofthesea wrote:

    That was written a long time ago! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Time has no meaning here in Deep Space.

    in reply to: Added: Sidewalk Soiler #74641

    Thanks for the transcript.
    I was able to get an impression of the bathroom scene I missed.

    Where do you get those transcripts from?

    Good review.

    I don’t understand the title too well, can anyone help?

    Prerhaps from “Tripping the light fantastic”…but why “rift”?

    What is “rift”?

    in reply to: Season 8 #74640

    Script from Broca Divide.
    (It’s about time you saw a doctor, Doctor)

    (Yeah it’s not bad. Why can’t they build on that experience?)

    O’NEILL: (Startled) CARTER! Uh… (pulls his shirt on) sorry, didn’t know you were in here.

    To his surprise, she pulls him to her, grabbing his head and kissing him passionately.

    O’NEILL: (muffled) Mmph! Hey! (pulls back) What the hell’s going on?

    CARTER: I want you. (kisses him again)

    O’NEILL: (muffled) Why? I mean, no! (pulls her off of him) CARTER, this is a little out of line, don’t you think?

    She grabs him by the shoulders and shoves him down on the bench, straddling him.

    CARTER: You want me?

    She leans down and kisses him a third time.

    O’NEILL: (muffled) No, no – (she pulls back for a second) not like this, not like – (she kisses him, and he shoves her off) CARTER! What’s gotten into you?

    She leans down and kisses him again, but he gets the upper hand, grabbing her shoulders and rolling off the bench, pinning her to the ground.

    O’NEILL: It’s about time you saw a doctor, Doctor.

    He hauls her up and out of the shot. The infirmary. CARTER kicks and struggles ineffectively as a medic secures a wrist strap. The camera pans up to show that she is strapped down to a cot, with Dr. FRAISER securing her ankles.

    in reply to: Canceled? #74639
    sutekhsgift wrote:

    PTB is “buffy speak” for Powers That Be. I look forward to the new season. If I recall correctly, Carmen Electra is the new voice of Six.

    Do you mean a new six voice in the NEW Season or in the old second season?.

    Which episode did Six change her appearance? Or was the series redrawn? She is the new SIX in episode four Season 1 so it must have been early she changed.

    in reply to: Canceled? #74636
    Headgehog wrote:

    Not to sound mean about TVTome, but I don’t consider them an accurate source of information. I’ve read too many things there, that were outright wrong. More specific to the TTR section of that site: it’s not actively maintained, and what information they do have comes from here (and is occasionally plagiarized).

    I don’t have a hard copy press release. But a PTB at Sci Fi told me it was coming back, as well as a bunch of people who work on the show.

    Well, it’s very strange. It’s like they took almost a full year off. The last episopde was May 2004.
    What’s a PTB?

    Well we wait and see,
    I dream of Six of one and Six of another.

    I seem to be at Sixes and Sevens (of nines). waiting waiting.

    in reply to: Which Sci-Fi Writer are You? #74635
    corvina wrote:

    Gregory Benford..I read his Timescape which is good as hard sci-fi goes not the sort of thing I’d re-read that often, Timescape was published early 8o’s and by then you had stuff like Neuromancer so Benford seems a bit Arthur C Clarke ish….

    I got Chip Delany.. but don’t know his stuff.

    The thing is that Gregory Benford does sound like me.
    That’s what’s so annoying about it. It’s more fun to be somebody else.

    in reply to: Tripping the Rift Verdict? #74628

    Oh goodie!!
    I just saw “Sidewalk spoiler, and I looked it up.

    It’s only #4 from Season 1 so i’m going to get a chance to see most of them in the reruns on SPACE in Canada.

    They didn’t advertise it much, thank god for forums or I wouldn’t hav etaken a look.

    Yeah the show rocks Big time.

    Violence !! You mean there is gonna be violence!!
    In Cartoons!! ohygod!

    I hope i can take it.
    Not much violence yet, just a ray gun zapping out of existence for littering and an attempted public execution by electrocution and some kung fu fighting by six in her high heels.

    Gina Gershon, the voice of SIX is really looks hot iboth now and when she was younger:”Showgirls”,”Matrix Reloaded”.”Bound”….




    So season 2 starts when????
    Maybe this was cancelled
    There’s been nothing since may 2004?

    1- 1 God Is Our Pilot
    1- 2 Mutilation Ball
    1- 3 Miss Galaxy
    1- 4 Sidewalk Soiler
    1- 5 The Devil and a Guy Named Webster
    1- 6 Totally Recalled
    1- 7 Space Idiocies
    1- 8 Power to the Peephole
    1- 9 Nature vs. Nurture
    1-10 Aliens, Gun & a Monkey
    1-11 Emasculating Chode
    1-12 Love Conquers All… Almost
    1-13 Android Love

    in reply to: Six vs Six #74627

    So when did Six change?
    Was the catoon redrawn, or in which episode did she make a change?

    in reply to: What kind of show? #74626

    Six is my favorite character hands down. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    in reply to: Is there much to uncensor? #74625

    Yes, I myself would prefer a less inhibited portrait of six.

    in reply to: What do you want to read (Insperation required) #74624

    InKorrect spelling right real turns me on.

    If you got punch pizazz style pinache it might work maybe.
    Shoot the reader in the first sentence and hang em high.
    God forgives because the reader don’t.

    Keep your bowels open and yer books dry.
    Don’t count your novels before they hatch.
    A spell check in time saves nine rejections.
    Find an spirit editor to guide you in a dream.
    I’m not too good in the advice department.
    I like any kind of fantasy or science fiction so long as it’s really really good.
    I’m kinda indiscriminate.

    in reply to: what would you do to six if you had the chance? #74623

    “To” is a word that leaves out ones partner and is a very lonely word.
    “With” is much more satisfying.
    But a gentleman never tells.

    in reply to: Honest Question about Six #74622

    I wouldn’t tell anyone. It’s not polite not courteous to the lady.
    Although she doesn’t dress nor act like a lady, she is still a lady.

    But for the “minute men” I suggest Kundalini Yoga. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    in reply to: Six vs Six #74621

    I think I voted the wrong one.
    The one with the tinted hair is best as per the infromation page.

    We don’t get scifi channel in Canada, we get SPACE.

    in reply to: Added: Sidewalk Soiler #74620

    Just saw it. This was my first episode viewing.

    Not bad at all.
    Six’s personality was not the least bit wooden. She had a great deal of bounce and vibrancy right where it was needed.

    Read the review Good review! Must be a lot of work tying teh speech from the sound track?

    …Drat!!! Missed the bathroom scene. SPACE aired it a few minutes before scheduled time. .. they are always doing that. Their sense of time is affected by temporal distortions from the Star Trek Series. I’ll have to accomodate for a plus/minus 5 minutes from now on.

    Love the way Six is jealous of Penelope. What does she see in Chode?
    On second thought don’t tell me.

    This was my very first time!

    Rate this 4 out of 4 electrocuted litterbugs!.

    in reply to: Season 8 #74614
    Sidhecafe wrote:

    jack needs to retire so he and Sam can finally get it on!

    Hey! Jack’s not the kind of guy that want’s to be put out to pasture!!
    He’s an alien butt-kicker. You can’t take that away from him.

    A vacation now and then with Amanda might do that sardonic attitude some good.

    I think he gets two Carters in the next episode, one of them firing a machine gun in command HQ.

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