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    I like definition #2

    A Cult TV Sci Fi SadGeezer is ANYONE who ‘knows where their towel is’, someone who ‘suspects that the Andromeda Computer is wearing a push-up bra’, a person who knows (or wants to know) which Space Corps Directive ‘prohibits officers from wearing a red toupe’, someone who has ‘fantasize about being Mr Flux or Mrs Goodchild’ or someone who wants to (but has never had the nerve to) wear a ‘Centauri hairstyle’.

    on my other forum I get an out break of “eyerolling” when mentioning my “red riding hood” / “ginger breadman” theory and this qoute made mine look completly (almost) sane…

    thanks for the forum Sadgeezer

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    input on pickuplines:
    nothing will ever beat “nice shoes, whan’a have sex”

    sad things on Swedish/English translations is the fact that the nummber six on swedish in pronounst and spelled “sex”
    and sex means the same thing on Swedish

    there are alot of jokes that can be done on that…

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    I loved the Tales From The Darkside television series as a kid, miss it. I saw the first of the TFTD movies in the movie theatre, knew one of the cast. I still vividly remember that scene with the cat flying into that person’s mouth — gross! 😆 If you liked that and you haven’t seen the Creepshow movies yet then you should!

    while waching it my friends cat
    (a black, thin one with no signs at all)
    was staring at me… couldnt get it to stop!! *paranoid*

    Would you consider someone weird if they had sex yo that movie??

    translated quote from “santa is father ta all the chilldren”
    – He would fuck a worm if it had tits!!
    – Die you devlish santa fuck
    – You dont give green plastic pinguins to pepole you dont know

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    late happy birhtdy 😉

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    I think Iw seen Dancer in the DArk… but Im not shure…

    I like Dogma
    (some angel movie… really funny)

    and Briesis got me to watch “mating habits of the earth bound human”


    If you want to watch a weird movie u should se the Swedish film “tomten är far till alla barnen”

    translated: Santa is father to all the children

    and Nasym is a great fan of “tales from the darkside”
    those movies are realy bad!! but funny[/img]

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    Do I dare ask the number of lights on the cake?


    in reply to: About Usernames & how many…. #67625

    Strangely enough, I’ve never come accross anyone else with the name SadGeezer 😉

    One of my favorit web pages are Wheezers house
    the girl that owns it calls herself Wheezer…

    (the resemblence of the name was one of the things that made me stick around)

    in reply to: Fatguy Is A White Man. #67598

    as I se it you should be proud of your color… white pepole spend hours and hours in the sun trying to become what you were from birth 😉

    nice wife, u should know that ur a lucky man
    (you probably know that)

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    Ok, I noticed how that looked… dont give me an anwswer : Red Dwarf

    I just mean WHAT will happen? Lister take cat to fiji?
    or heve he allrerady done that
    (Iw just seen the first episode)

    in reply to: Any news about the film? #67551

    I thought new zeeland was cheapest… 😕
    (not in anyway mentioning the LOTR movies wich I have to say stunk badly)

    what will the movie be aboute?

    in reply to: Prisoner Quotes #67547

    Ur a lucky men Logan… and If you think these sleep-less nights are bad. Just think of the ones u’ll have when she turnes 15 and dosnt come home fore the hole night 😕

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    ok so I dont know what you think of this show, but I have every epesode ether on tape or in file… Charmed

    here is a good one:

    Im Krell, a Zotar!
    Hi, Im Prue… Scorpio!

    from the movie Spawn:

    have you ever ridden a clowns pink pony before?

    Its a privlige beeing a hell spawn 😈

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    ur so pretty…

    nasym tries to stay the hell away from all sorts of cameras and camera-looking-objects
    (yes, even the ones that spray water)

    the worst picure I have is the one SumoKvalstreT took on me sleeping… I was about to kill him, but then I rememberd that his sister probably didnt want to be an only child
    If she ever post it Ill steal her bundle of joy (cat)

    my nick is and allways has been “nasym”, if you flipp it it becomes “mysan” and my real name is “My”
    (my mother say “mysan”)

    Yes I know My is a pronom, a guy from Calefornia had some fun aboute that

    Its pronounsed “mue”… and he couldnt say that so it became “me”
    (he had even more fun about that)

    but If its taken (dosnt happen much)
    I go by “MTTD”

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    I havent seen the first one, but my friend made me se the second… and he is just as much a comic freak as I, so we just sat there:

    what? they dont do that!
    who’s that??
    why isnt he with…

    well, yuo get the picture 😕 …

    in reply to: Prisoner Quotes #67487

    she can type 😯

    in reply to: Harry Potters for nerds #67461

    I think Its har for her to not do that… she allready “sold” seven books to WB, and they have a tendensy to change good things…

    and why this one was so late was becous she had some dissagreement with WB 👿

    in reply to: Pub… mmm like it… #67384

    rh.. what makes us Swedes
    (ok so we are the most beautiful of pepole 😉 )
    so good??

    in reply to: Sexiest Stars? #65024

    Angel: Buffy, tvS
    Kai: Lexx
    Kim: Star trek Voyager
    Cole: Charmed

    nothing can ever beat Julian mc Mayhon as “Cole” in Charmed

    in reply to: Sorry about the closedowns! #67311

    so this is an oooold forum mmm 60s…

    in reply to: Harry Potters for nerds #67310

    poor you… and pooooor harry…

    You realy get that


    in reply to: Pub… mmm like it… #67309

    well since my humor is lower then the “married with children” show it sounds like Ill fitt right in 😈

    I take the word “low” to hole new levels

    and igf I bug you… just ask me to shut up…
    (It works)

    in reply to: Does anyone know? #67292

    I have ’em on my computer… found them at KaAzA

    though my speakers are down

    my computer never works as it should

    in reply to: Dr. Jackson returns… #67291

    thank goood….

    I love that actor… (nice ass)

    in reply to: I dont know what to call this #67290

    Did you know teletubbies are trying to take over the world… I read it in Ernie…

    theý are running out of food (rabbits) even though the rabbits multiply alot! so they want humans to work at there rabbit-killing-factory…

    maby this is one of there brain-washing sites

    (I satt for an hour just playing)

    in reply to: Harry Potters for nerds #67289

    Warning spoiler!!!

    if you havent read the fifth dont read this!!!

    (black text)

    I think Sirius dying was a perfect escape for JK Rowling, since now Harry has a house
    (of course Sirius wanted Harry to have it)
    And now Harry needs to find a new father figure…
    (probably mr Weasly)
    couse when he had Sirius he was slipping away from Arthur Weasly and Dumbeldore… and from his “family”.
    + we all knew it had to be some reason Dumbledore wanted Harry to live there and semed to think that harry was beeing to dramatic when he said Petunia hated him.

    the man knows EVERYTHING else!!

    btw, on a scale of one to ten how much didnt you hate miss Umbridge?

    (no more black text)

    Its fun getting to discusse this, when I try to talk books with my friends they just look at me like Im a gren fluffy monster in a pink teddy….

    in reply to: What’s Your Number? #67277

    72… dont ask, I just stuck with me…

    in reply to: Just watched the 1st season on DVD! #67271

    god slopemaster, you have my envie…

    I havent even seen all episodes of the first year!!!
    (need MORE time for tv)

    in reply to: Dr. Jackson returns… #67270

    God I wish I had more time for tv…

    can you confirm *pleeeeaase* that its just rumors aboute the actor beeing on drugs
    *hope, hope, hope*

    in reply to: Harry Potters for nerds #67269

    The real question you should vent is: how do you read the book?[/b]

    do you read it the child way and get all “smotchi” over the magic
    (wich moste pepole sadly cant after reaching the gentle age of 15)
    or do you read it the adult way:
    a boy in a bad family makes up a dream to forget his real life…

    *hears how “child shrink” I sound*

    I can ad that Iw read all of the books, “the Order of the Fenix” took me two days since I couldnt put it down…
    (I read it the first way since my brain will never evolve… i hope)

    and as I se it 3-5 are the best ones yet!
    I wanted to read it again but my mother stole it

    and nursewhen, when I read the first book I thought it whas by Roal Dhal…
    It reminded me about his book “the witches”

    btw dudelove, If I wanted scary Id just skip putting my makeup on:

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