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    Hmmm…actually episode 208 is “Final Cut” and that is the episode Lucy Lawless will be appearing in. Here is a link to the story from her official fan club:

    “30 June 2005

    The following information is from The Official Xena Fan Club.
    Sharon Delaney spoke to Lucy about her upcoming episode/s:

    Just talked with her and she says she only did one episode, “Final Cut,” which is listed as #8. That’s the title on her script. She doesn’t know anything about “The Farm” or “Home parts 1 & 2.” We’ll have to wait and see what the official site says when they start listing the episodes for next season.”

    SPOILER WARNING: there may be some episode spoilers, so click on the link at your own risk.

    Also, episode 211 may not be named “Pegasus, part 2” but “Resurrection Ship” (working title).

    😛 🙂 😀

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    Good episode but there was one flaw that wasn’t explained. The technician stated that workers that touched the Dalek without gloves were fried. So why was Rose different and her DNA was absorbed instead? Is it was because she showed compassion? Even then a Dalek wouldn’t care and why would Rose end up being the one that could issue the “order” for the Dalek to self destruct? But those are just nitpicks and I wonder how many people got their brains wiped clean and reprogrammed after the facility was buried in cement?

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    ST:TMP was, to be nice, an average movie. It was a story GR had thought up years ago and frankly would have been better on the small screen. The characters of William Decker and Ilia was resurrected/reinvented later as William Riker and Dianna Troi on TNG and even then it didn’t work too well and the characters direction was changed later in TNG with more success. The most ardent Star Trek fans saw ST:TMP over 20 times and tried to keep it up in the top ten as long as possible with an ongoing campaign to ask people to see the movie. The strategy worked since more ST movies were made and those were supported by fans and new viewers.

    The beginning of TMP was great. We saw the “new look” Klingons and the classic Klingon battle-cruisers in action. On one hand, ST fans were ecstatic to see the original cast back in action after waiting for 10 years. But the Decker/Ilia arc needed to be focused upon a bit more since their characters were critical to the resolution/conclusion of the movie. A little more backstory would have done wonders and maybe a short verbal confrontation between Kirk and Decker would have cleared the air and answered a few questions and gathered more respect between the two. Yes TMP was slow after the beginning scenes, but for fans, it was easily forgiven.

    The Wrath of Khan brought back the ST ethos, examination of humanity, the wonders of discovery, and revisited mistakes of the past. TWoK was a huge success financially plus remains popular with ST fans today. In general, the even numbered ST movies were often considered the best ones.

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    ”LexxLurker” wrote:

    The show has already been renewed for 20 eps. So for the next year at least there is no chance of BSG being cancelled. And that’s a fact.

    Besides which, it has received unprecedented ratings, promotion, and attention from far beyond Sci-Fi’s demographic. In other words, it is their most successful show in history.

    You sure you didn’t fall prey to an Aprils Fools joke early? I can’t for a second believe that Sci-Fi listens to a few negative emails for successful shows, and ignores the tens of thousands of emails for their cancelled shows.

    Writing email and letters in support, is never going to hurt. But don’t fret, BSG is safe.

    I agree with your points. After double checking, it appears it is *not* an April Fool’s joke. Sad to hear about people actively trying to cancel *any* show that others are enjoying. BSG will live or die on it’s own merits like any other program. If you think about it, if one is enjoying a program and it appears to be doing well in the ratings, there’s no reason why someone will take the time to write. Believe the e-mail is an attempt to take a pro-active approach to counter any negative campaigning that has been going on. The internet radio broadcast also confirms what was in the e-mail. The posting is just an FYI, nothing more or less.

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    Headgehog wrote:

    I don’t think it really mattered who was cast as Apollo. It seems with every episode that that character has seen ever decreasing screen time!

    I would expect to see more character centric episodes in season 2. Season 1 was too short to develop/showcase all the characters and their back story/background.

    RDM appears to have focused the bulk of character development/background on 3 characters in Season 1: Baltar, Boomer, and Starbuck. Those characters have become popular, so it’s the other characters turn to be highlighted in the first part of Season 2 or at least sprinkled in during the upcoming season. Plus RDM has to answer some of the cliffhangers and twists he left viewers with at the end of season 1 and that could take the better part of season 2.

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    According to JMS, TMoS is dead/shelved:

    The rule of thumb in Hollywood is that for every thousand scripts that get written, o­nly a few dozen get into development, and out of those, o­nly o­ne will ever get made…if that.

    A little over a year ago, I was approached by a company that wanted to make a Babylon 5 movie. They optioned the rights, and commissioned a script. (It’s worth mentioning that I, not WB, own the rights to a B5 movie. When we were negotiating the original B5 deal — by whose terms I will never see a dime in profit — the o­ne thing they did let me have were the movie rights, figuring they’d never be worth anything in the long run.)

    Anyway…on December 27th of 2003, the script for “The Memory of Shadows” was turned in, and the process began of trying to make the deal work with all the various forces involved. It is, to say the least, a very difficult process o­n any movie where the studio does not directly take the financial reins. In terms of B5, Warner’s position was esssentially, “We o­nly do big-budget movies with big names, so you’re o­n your own.” If there were big-name movie actors in the film, they’d get behind it; without that, things become very problematic, especially as far as the financing was concerned. You much have to put together a consortium of international interests and business plans rivaled in complexity o­nly by the Allied invasion of Normandy Beach.

    Nonetheless, every attempt was made by the people involved to get this deal in place. This was not being done by Doug or myself, but rather by the company/individuals who approached us and optioned the rights. At times, it seemed we were inches away from a deal…stages were reserved at Elstree, actors were contacted, a director was in place, the script went through many revisions, a few key staff were hired, again not by me…it was really a year-long roller coaster ride. During that time, the people involved, with every good intention, tried very hard to pull the necessary pieces together o­n the deal. The option expired in late December 2004, but I renewed it without cost, to give those involved more time to try and make things work.

    In the end, however, the deal could be put together, and it did not look as if that was going to change at any point in the foreseeable future. So the option has reverted, and to all intents and purposes, the project has dead ended. Nor do I think this particular incarnation will arise again at any point in the future, though prognostication has always been a tricky art, especially if you have to do it without the benefit of hindsight.

    This was not the first time someone’s taken a run at a B5 feature film, and it will not be the last. Eventually it will happen, because such things are simply inevitable. If they can do a Brady Bunch movie, you can be sure that sooner or later, somebody’s going to do a B5 movie. The o­nly thing I can say without equivocation is that when that day comes, as the rights-holder, I will make darned sure that it’s done right, because I’d rather have no B5 movie than o­ne that doesn’t live up to what fans and I myself would want to see.

    To that end…I can wait.

    Anyway, just thought you should know the story.


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    Headgehog wrote:

    It never ceases to amaze me how America, a country which prides itself on its ruthless capitalism and marketing can wait so much time to put out TV Show and Movie DVDs. You guys are getting the DVDs only two months after the season ended. It’ll still be going through its first run over here by that time. We’ll be lucky to get our set within a year!

    While that may be true, the Region 1 DVD releases often have deleted scenes, commentary, and all the other usual extra goodies. So waiting, probably a December release, may be well worth it. It would be nice if they could put together an *extended version* like LOTR does. Many of the deleted scenes are finished works and could be inserted into the story arc and give more insight into what the director and writer intended for us to see but was cut due to episode running time constraints. RDM did say there were 20 minutes that were cut from “Water” and would have explained everything a bit better or added depth. Here’s hoping….
    😳 8) 😀

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    No Spoilers or Reviews??? NOOOOOOO….lol..j/k

    If you want to experience a never-ending rollercoaster ride of an episode, this is it. Try watching both episodes of “Kobol’s Last Gleaming” back-to-back, if you dare.

    😈 😳 😮 😆 😀

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    Probably somebody upstairs, the PC committee, or the legal dept had a problem with the Sanscript/Sanskrit chant they were singing in the U.K. version. I didn’t have a problem with it and thought it was a an appropiate theme, but thats just me. The reflectiveness of the song when shown with the scenes of war and destruction, then the fast pace of the drums fit nicely with the later montage of action and love scenes works well. Both intro tunes are Far Eastern sounding with the U.S. version adding the reverb/echo effects for a more “outer space” feel/sound.

    😳 8) 😀

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    There are currently 4 trains of thoughts on this.

    One is the obvious, one variation of the “6” model (the one that loves him) planted a chip in Baltar’s brain, ala Scorpio, and can talk to him in secret without the other “6” models knowing. If you notice, each Cylon of the same model line behaves and thinks slightly differently although the basic programming may be the same. Human-like feelings might not be shared or transferred among Cylons. They may view those as a virus or worm program.

    Two, Baltar is so full of guilt and afraid of being discovered as “The Traitor”, although an unwittingly one, “6” is just something his mind created to torture himself or to keep his sanity. The devil on his shoulder kind of thing. So he is going insane.

    Three, Baltar *is* now a Cylon. “6” successfully made a copy of his brain pattern and transfered it to a newly created Cylon model. To protect his core Cylon programming for a later activation, “6” appears to Baltar to give instructions/hints on what to do next or to warn him of upcoming Cylon attacks/events, plus give him a fantasy to bonk off on.

    Four, Baltar had been secretly experimenting, unlawfully, with genetic enhancements based on A.I. technology and decided to inject/implant himself with his own creations. Most likely to increase his sexual performance…lol…j/k. The unintentional side effects makes him more Cyborg internally, as well as a target of interest for the Cylons. Or they can no longer be controlled by his mind, ala DS9 the “Statistical Probabilities” episode and it is happening more slowly. Another possibility is that the Cylons may have hacked their way into his implants.

    😳 😯 8) 😀

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    It is interesting to note that the SkyOne Synopsis says:

    A political news show reports that ships are preparing for a U.N.-style meeting of all the ship’s delegates to be held on the yearly holiday of “Colonial Day.” The council of delegates will be made up of 12 survivors from the 12 different former colonies. The Astral Queen announces that their representative will be Tom Zarek, the controversial populist terrorist whose violent protests landed him in prison for two years making President Laura and the commanding officers of the Galactica nervous.

    Caprica appoints Baltar as its delegate: he’s popular, charismatic and has a reputation for having saved the fleet from disaster before. Kara is put in charge of security for the event, which will be held on a vacation destination called “Cloud Nine.” She pays particular attention to Zarek and his cronies, Grimes and Valance, who are clearly planning something nefarious.

    At a preliminary meeting, Zarek speaks before all of the delegates and explains that he believes it to be unfair if there is no Vice President as a second-in-command to Laura Roslin. A number of the delegates agree; one steps forward to nominate Zarek. Laura and company are cornered; Zarek is right, but they declare that it should be an official election, following the traditional process.

    Laura consults with an old advisor friend of hers, the intelligent & respected William Gray. She tells Gray she has breast cancer; if Zarek wins the election and she dies, he will become President. She pleads with Gray to enter the race. He reluctantly agrees. In a bar, Kara and Lee engage Zarek’s cronies, led by Grimes, in a violent fight. The brawl is about to turn fatal when Lee manages to kick a handgun away from Valance.

    On Caprica, Helo and Cylon Sharon plan their escape from the planet. Sharon contemplates telling Helo her secrets: that she is, in fact, a Cylon and is pregnant with his child. Kara and Lee interrogate Valance, trying to get him to admit to a plot to harm the President. He insists he has no idea what they are talking about.

    Gray goes to Laura to say he is dropping out of the race. Laura is devastated, but Gray explains that Zarek has unearthed a dark secret about Gray; back on Caprica he had a long-term affair with his secretary. If he were to run, it would become public and his family would be devastated. He has no choice but to drop out.

    On the news political talk show, Gaius Baltar makes a particularly showy appearance as the Caprica representative, wining over the hosts and viewers and with his candour and humour on political issues. Laura watches the show and decides she will ask Baltar to run for Vice President. Baltar accepts the nomination by telephone while engaged in a threesome with Number Six and another colonial delegate in a hot tub.

    Someone has leaked to the press the rumour of a plot to assassinate Laura, spearheaded by Zarek. Zarek’s popularity in the polls dips. Baltar narrowly wins the election by one point. Laura then reveals to Adama that it was she who leaked the rumour to the press, saying “politics are a lot like war.”

    As Helo and Sharon try to make their escape from Caprica, there is a shootout between Helo, Cylon Sharon and the other Cylons. During the fray, Helo sees another version of Sharon and comes to the horrifying conclusion that she must be a Cylon. He flees, leaving his love behind.

    Obviously, what was aired is somewhat different than what was in the synopsis, and the synopsis may be one of the first script drafts.

    This episode is taylor-made for those that wish to see Colonial politics in action, plus some implied shippy action. IF the Colonial goverment was fully intact, someone like Zarek would be offered a position and or absorbed into the system and/or his ideas would be embraced by one of the major/ruling parties/elite to take away any popular support. That happens in our current political system. “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer” mentality. The next episode shows Roslin has implemented the barter system and is looking for a way to go back on a monetary system for exchange. I found the Helo arc to be more watchable and unpredictible.

    Some lines from this episode are (from TGL):

    # “Roslin is the past, Zarek is the future, a blind man can see that.”

    # “…you can have any woman you want, but always remember – I have your heart….I can always rip it out of your chest, if I need to.”

    # “President Roslin and her polices, are all about holding into an FANTASY!!!”

    # “You are clearly a well connected, well informed woman.”
    “Wife of the X.O, whatever that’s worth.”
    “Quite a bit – now, and in the future.”
    “That’s what I’m interested in, Tom. My place – and my husband’s place, in the future.”

    #”Any man who uses their intelligence and resources to blow up a building doesn’t get my vote, no. I’m voting for your man, Grey, I mean, he’s really grey….he’s great, he is really great.”

    #”So erm, that bum knee of course is looking pretty good….and the other one is not too bad, either.”
    “Lee, if you want to ask me to dance, just ask.”
    “You wanna dance?”
    “Me in a dress is a once in a life-time opportunity.”

    # “Madam President, good evening.”
    “I thought you hated these things.”
    “Its Colonial Day, where else would I be? I’m a Patriot.”
    “You really are, aren’t you?”
    “Doctor Baltar, interesting choice.”
    “I figured, the devil you know.”
    “Politics. As exciting as war, and definitely as dangerous.”
    “Although in war, you only get killed once. In politics, it can happen over and over.”
    “You’re still standing.”
    “So are you.”
    “And I can dance.”

    # “If we get caught, if anything happens-”
    “You don’t have to say anything, I know. We’re gonna make it, Sharon.”

    # “Helo!!! Come with me!! Helo!!! Helo!!!”

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    During this time I took a few short breaks. o­ne of TPTB from Sci Fi Channel was there. She was very friendly, helpful and encouraging. I asked her a few questions, like what rating do they want for a second season. I was told that they sold the show at a 2.5 HH share, and want similar to renew. This wasn’t great news. 2.5 is much higher then any other series o­n Sci Fi. The Stargates average a 1.8. The mood however was confident. Somehow the episode downloading came up. This is a sensitive issue at the network. Some see it as an obvious threat. Other see it as a sign of confidence, that a lot of people want to see the show, and many think/hope that they will rewatch when the he show re-airs in the states. Here’s hoping. I also asked about Tripping the Rift, which will return for a second season. They aren’t sure when though, either spring or summer.

    Whoa!!! 2.5 share is pretty high for a Sci-Fi show, especially on a basic cable channel. Even SG:Atlantis which started out with a 3.4, has been dropping down to the 2.1 level:
    16 July: 1.01 “Rising” — 3.4
    23 July: 1.03 “Hide and Seek” — 2.47
    30 July: 1.04 “38 Minutes” — 2.45
    6 August: 1.05 “Suspicion” — 2.17

    Guess fans might have to consider spreading the word about the show and hope people will watch it and become new fans of the show. Many cable companies have or collect ratings and either post the numbers or charge a fee to companies that want to see hard numbers in key markets then compare with the Neilson ratings. If the back-to-back episodes shown this Friday gets SG:A numbers, then I hope the Sci-Fi Channel gives the go ahead for a 2nd season right away. Most productions start in Feb to March, so keeping your actors and crew together will be difficult and some may not want to wait and seek other job opportunities.

    Read a comment made at another forum that SkyOne was rumored to have exercised a 3 year option on the series, BUT how much does the series really cost? There was an article posted that SkyOne pays $400,000 per episode and some believe that’s only 1/3 of the cost, but who knows for sure? Olmos and McDonnell don’t come cheap especially with their acting credentials. Good thing the Sci-Fi Channel ordered 6 scripts to be written or everything might be too rushed. Maybe find an additional investor/partner(s) to pickup part of the costs or dump some of those big name/well known actors cast in those lame original movies of the week that cost big bucks the Sci-Fi Channel has been churning out. How many giant snake, insect, and killer puppet movies can a viewer take anyways? With all those reality shows they have been airing, the Sci-Fi Channel should generate plenty of cash from those shows.

    😳 😀

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    Personally, I enjoyed the episode. It was nice to see Vipers use other armament, like missiles and drop delayed charges (bombs?) and fly over terran. But to the chase:

    The religious mythos (prophesy) has a few interesting twists. Both Roslin and Baltar have been told of the ancient prophesy foreseen by Pythia…” The exile and the rebirth of the human race… and the Lords anointed a leader to guide the caravan of the heavens to their new homeland and onto the leader they gave a vision of serpents numbering 2 and 10 as a sign of things to come”…“that the new leader suffered from a wasting disease and would not live to enter the new land” (sounds like Moses). Both probably believe they are the chosen one for whatever purpose. But the big question is, why are the Cylons even remotely interested in and quoting from Colonial Mythos, Prophesy, and Religion? Besides, the God that the Cylons believe in “doesn’t take sides”, one only has to give themselves freely to him/her (shades of Count Iblis). Maybe a setup to develop the Roslin character more in future episodes. In any case, the short glimpses into the Sacred Scrolls and Colonial religion might satisfy those fans that want to learn more about it.

    The music didn’t bother me. LOTR, Blackhawk Down, etc. used similar tunes/songs to give an uplifting and reflective mood to scenes.

    Adama giving permission to pursue and destroy the remaining Cylon Raiders after the base was destroyed is a welcome change from the original series, where they seemed to always break off right when they should have eliminated or at least severely crippled the Cylons ability to regroup or follow them. However, it was never explained if any of the 50 (2nd group) or 90 (1st group) Cylon Raiders were recalled to the base for defense and we never saw what the other 10 vipers hidden in the cargo ships were assigned to do…high cover maybe? In any case, it seemed odd that the Cylon Raiders didn’t press home the attack on the Galactica or the remaining Vipers even if part of their force was diverted back to the base. They could have resorted to suicide runs if they didn’t have enough munitions on-board or fuel/power to jump out.

    Nice to see Apollo being showcased more in this episode. More development of his character. His reluctant decision to throw out the book and take chances (the tunnel run) might give him more confidence in his abilities and respect from others. Gives some insight of how the crew views him as the CAG and a pilot, but looks toward Starbuck for winning tactics and moves that aren’t taught in War College or flight school.

    Adama withholding critical tactical information hints of distrust of anybody he hasn’t worked with before and probably doesn’t trust the Cylon detector test and/or has suspicions about Baltar and/or Roslin. Let’s face it, both have been acting odd with more frequency, Roslin under the influence of Kamala (sp?) and Baltar’s escapism with “6” at meetings and in public makes it seems he just goes blank and loses touch with reality. I’m surprised Baltar hasn’t dropped his pants in public yet…lol…j/k.

    😳 😀

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    My guess from the characters seen so far are:

    Mrs Tigh or Tom Zarek.

    Even though Leobin said Adama was a Cylon to Roslin, which Adama was he referring to? The Commander or Apollo? Might be just a psychological ploy to cast suspicions and paranoia throughout the fleet. It only takes a few false rumors to spread and take root plus some people will begin to believe its true. Others will give their observations/explanations on an individuals behavior as proof of guilt. The Cylons can simply sit back and watch the Colonials kill each other off. It’s like the Twilight Zone episode “The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street “, where a few strange observations/situations turn neighbor against neighbor and the invading aliens that are causing all the problems are just sitting on top of the hill watching all the carnage.

    Most of the Bio-Cylons seen so far are not visible, high profile power brokers/politicians, but are lurking nearby in trusted positions and can influence decisions or gather vital information without being viewed as a potential rival or a threat.

    😳 😛 😀

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    Adama: “If I’m a Cylon…you’re really screwed”.

    😯 😳 😛 😆 😀

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    Mainly a Colonel Saul Tigh centered episode, which is nice to know a bit about his past and personal problems (his wife). Another episode with many comic moments.

    One wonders if Tigh’s wife will become another weekly addition or recurring guest role to the series and/or if she is really a Cylon copy (since Baltar is passing everybody). Helen made some nice digs at Roslin (kindergarten teacher as president) and the “now boys, boys…don’t fight over little old me” and “don’t frak with me Bill” comments shows a side of her that would cause a lot of problems on the Galactica. Poor Tigh looked like a whipped puppy in the hallway when Helen yelled at him to “Come on” and dragged him to the lab.

    Yes, the Starbuck catching Baltar with his pants down was hilarious as well as Helen Tigh playfully putting her foot (under the table) on Apollo’s jewels at dinner. 😳 😈

    The scenes at Baltar’s lab were hilarious too, where accusations, suspicions, spying, awkward excuses/explanations, and confessions abound with good comic timing. Wonder how long people really had in the observation deck…”Times Up”….lol…and you can see a long line waiting on the hallway.

    Helo, as well as Tyrol, should have figured there is something wrong or different about Boomer that doesn’t add up. Either that or one of them is badly out of shape….lol…j/k. Another hint about what the Cylons want with Helo for….to develop, experience, observe human emotions, and see how it affects the Cylons (Boomer in this case) and alters their judgement process. Perhaps the Cylons wish to add a measure of unpredictability, adaptiveness. and creativeness to their programming. Six looked upset (almost crying) when Doral commented that she was jealous that she never felt those emotions and wishes he could experience them.

    It was interesting to find out that it appears that Lieutenant Gaeta is the 3rd person in the line of command. Or was it because Apollo was out on patrol at the time?

    Why would the single Cylon Raider not report the fleets position? Or is this another Cylon experiment in their grand scheme of things? Giving the Colonials data about their Raider jump systems is rather odd. The Cylons definately have the technological edge in this area….why give it up?

    Baltar’s withholding conformation of a Cylon makes sense in a way. Baltar is being smart by not disclosing who didn’t pass. After everybody is tested, then expose the Cylon copies. Less chance of activating an unknown and undetected Cylon agent(s) and being targeted/getting killed by them or their copies. Of course after 61.5 years of testing, it probably wouldn’t matter by that time. In the meantime, if a Cylon agent is found out, Baltar can always use the excuse that he didn’t test that blood sample yet. Baltar, above anything else, wants to survive and is willing to do anything to shift the blame or cover his behind and look good doing it.

    😳 😉 😀

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    ”LexxLurker” wrote:

    I think Gaeta is weird period. I was speculating with Headgehog yesterday and I’ve come to the conclusion that Gaeta is a Cylon in disguise 🙄 hehe

    You think there are “gay Cylon models”???…lol..j/k (my poor attempt at humor) 😳

    Seriously though, Gaeta looked pretty bad in “33”. If he was a Cylon, wouldn’t he fare much better like Boomer? Or is he an advanced bio-Cylon model that shows the effects or mimics extreme stress and sleep deprivation more realistically?

    Viewing the episode again, Baltar is not all that cracked up as an artificial intelligence expert/scientist/programmer. He can’t even manipulate/crack that computer terminal in the lab or even pull out the power cord. Obviously the cd was downloaded to some server/remote computer. If he couldn’t destroy or find the cd, so what was the point of trying to use the chair to smash the screen? Ctrl-Alt-Del doesn’t work either?…lol…j/k 😳 Afterall, Baltar must be familiar with the various computer systems and OS’s used by the Colonials and he was using the same equipment to “develop his Cylon detector”. Plus adding a backdoor(s) to programming seems to be the standard operating procedures used by Colonial government contractors. For somebody in his position, he should be able to point out vulnerabilities/flaws in any previous programming to promote his own solutions to gain contracts and more prestige. Or was all the programming used in the Galactica some hard coded machine language?

    BTW, since Baltar seems to get off all the time with “6”, wouldn’t he have to change his pants/underwear often?
    😯 🙄 😳 🙂

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    Seems like this episode had more than its share of comic moments when compared to previous episodes.

    Did anybody find it kind of weird that in the restroom scene it seemed like Gaeta was just sitting on the can with his pants up? Was an amusing scene though…. “wait…you forgot to wash your hands”…”no more mr. nice Gaius”…lol.

    Baltar thinking he was going to be executed was pretty hilarious too….”wait…I haven’t even had a trial yet”….lol

    Baltar calls “6” ….Sarah…in the apartment…and where did she disappear to at the end? Are the writers starting to explain what that Cylon device they removed from the bridge…a form of hologram projection?

    Boomer caressing the Raider was spooky. It appears the Cylons downloaded and used whatever brain pattern they felt was appropriate for a particular function/ship/etc whether it be animal or human or whatever.

    The religious aspect doesn’t bother me. It appears the Lords of Kobol were the ancient wise men of their society. God or Gods is basically what we still believe in or refer to today…a mixture of early or ancient local religions/ceremonies and the various current religions…we still use the terms or attribute events to…mother nature, ocean gods (various names depending on geographical location), act of fate, etc etc. I believe the writers are mirroring the controversy today, where there are many interpretations of what “God” means to different groups of people and there really isn’t a right or wrong way to worship or what you personally believe in.

    😳 😛 😀

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    And why not send a complete unknown to blow up Galactica, instead of the one guy who is likely to be recognized?

    Just to add:

    It would make sense to send in Doral at this point instead of using Boomer or another Cylon replicant. Not too many people know that he was a suspected Cylon, plus he was seen walking around apparently with free access to the ship prior to the attack on the colonies. So if one was a familiar sight to personnel/security, the less chance of being stopped and questioned/detained.

    Most of the bio-cylons we have seen so far are placed in trusted but relatively invisible support positions or behind the scenes personnel. Those are the hardest to detect since it would be easy to point the finger elsewhere or have a solid cover story. Also being somebody that appears to be trying to helpful and viewed as harmless adds to the deception. In the case of “6”, having an egotistical boss that takes credit for all your work helps too and she probably plays up the dumb blonde angle too.

    😛 😉 😀

    in reply to: Added: Bastille Day #73247
    Sci -Fi

    Not a bad episode, but one wonders why Zarek is thinking about an election when everything has been destroyed and people are trying to escape and survive. The prisoners should have at least demanded unconditional pardons/releases instead of “Freedom Points”. Where are they going to go anyways?

    The Colonials should have desalination abilities and salt can be used in a variety of ways. So salt water isn’t really a bad thing when you don’t have any resources and many sea going warships today desalinate salt water. BUT since it’s implied they don’t have the capabilities, melting ice is their only option.

    If I was Adama, I would only give Baltar just enough Plutonium for his “Cylon Detector”. Giving Baltar a complete nuclear warhead, considering his erratic behavior, could be a recipe for disaster.

    The Helo arc seems to be a bit off. Why would you yell loudly or shoot your gun needlessly when you know there is a Cylon presence on the planet? Or even stroll out in the open for that matter? One would have to decide whether to get to an armory, hospital, or find edible food first to get needed ammo/guns and/or medical supplies, food and water. Then you would need to find/identify several defensible positions with an escape route to hide out, store supplies, or escape to (probably using the sewer system). There should be a few secret military or civilian underground facilities they can hide in, even if it’s from the previous Cylon war. What about transportation? If the Colonials don’t use cars, then there should be some sort of ground transportation. This is a Mad Max world now, you do what needs to be done. What happened to all the other people that were left behind with Helo? You would think many would stick with Helo instead of blindly running around. And since the Colonials seemed to be a militaristic society (all those battlestars and warships would seem to point in that direction), many “civilians” should have served the armed forces at some point and have the training.

    There is even a possibility of repairing the defense systems and just set it on automatic to destroy any current and future Cylon basestars in orbit and any reinforcements from landing. Most defensive and offensive systems are heavily protected against a first strike and many should have survived the initial attack. Could even plant a few nukes as booby traps or for remote detonation. Many have complained about the apparent lack of building damage from all the nukes. But if the Cylons used Neutron bombs over the cities, then you wouldn’t see a lot of damage. Although there will be an explosion, the radiation over a wide area is what you want rather than a concentrated blast. But that begs the question of why the Cylons want the cities intact?

    My only other question is why does Doral say “But parents have to die. It’s the o­nly way that children can come out into their own”. If there are improved Cylon models in the future, who’s to say they won’t eliminate the present models and their programming? One would suspect the next evolution of Cylon would include even more “human traits” . In the mini, “6” did state the old model Cylons still have their uses in a sarcastic way and that may imply those models now perform as their slaves.

    Enough nitpicks, the episode rates a B to B- in my book.

    in reply to: Sex Questions, I mean SIX! #73183
    Sci -Fi

    It’s hard to tell what “6” is up to. Too many twists and turns, but it keeps you on your toes trying to figure out what’s next. There’s reports that in “Bastille Day” she gets upset with Baltar and gives/tells him the critical information to build a workable and reliable Cylon detector. If true, then why would she do that and seemingly betray the Biobot Cylons? 😯 😕 🙂

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    ”LexxLurker” wrote:

    ….., the decompression of the Water ship (wouldn’t it flash freeze? Thus expanding enough to destroy the entire ship? Maybe the hull is pretty hot.) lots of good action in Ep2 that can get lost in the dialogue.

    Great review too!

    No…in a vacuum, water would boil and vaporize first before freezing into very fine crystals. Even an ice cube will boil in space until the stored heat is used up or dissapates. As air pressure decreases, so does the boiling point. That’s why water boils much faster on a mountaintop than it does at sea level. By the same token, you can make water boil at room temperature in the laboratory by applying a partial vacuum.

    The old argument is: if the vacuum of space is so cold, then why did it take millions of years before the universe cooled down from the big bang?

    Explosive decompression from the rupture of the hull would literally suck out the water, so as the water vaporizes, it’s moving away and spreading out exponentially and would be difficult to recover. It’s similar to what happened to Apollo 13 when the liquid oxygen tanks blew, the liquid oxygen boiled and vaporized into space and liquid oxygen is a lot colder than water. Kind of makes you wonder how strong and thick the outer hull and armor is on the Galactica (either one, old or new). The explosion should have collapsed the bulkheads towards the inner part of the ship and maybe lose some outer armor plating or put a bulge in the hull. Even though Gaeta mentioned the cylon nuke that may have weakened that area, there should have been a mention about inspections done after the “33” episode to properly access any damage. Or maybe they were too buzy catching up with some Zzzz’s or fixing Vipers and Raptors to worry about it.

    😳 🙂 😉

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