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    I LOVE The Last Starfighter! Did you know they had to build their own compter to render the special effects?

    I love all bad sci-fi – I own Judge Dredd, Escape from L.A., Demolition Man, Starman and Enemy Mine (both which are actually really good), The Last Starfighter, Cherry 2000, 3 copies of 5th Element, and even The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen! I could go on?

    I fall in love with the Idea that the movie presents, even if it is badly rendered…

    Now, I have a bone to pick with the poster who listed Logan’s Run. That is not hall of shame material, it’s a cult classic!!!

    I did not know they built their own computer for The Last Starfighter’s special effects, cool!

    I, too, love bad sci-fi and you brought up some really, err, good ones like Demolition Man. Freejack is another fave of mine. Great cast, and, of course, “The Mick” playing a baddy was a fantastic treat. For some reason, that is one of the few movies I could watch over and over.

    Ok, luckily I am posting this from the saftey of my home and not presenting this on stage, but I like Kevin Costner movies. Waterworld and The Postman are ok in my book. I also fall for the Idea, so I really overlook the (many) times Costner hams it up in his films. I like the worlds he creates and many of the visiual scenes are fantastic. I see where he’s going and I make excuses for the rest of the cheesey crap.

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    Ok, I’m going to give this a go…this has been bothering me for years, but I cannot remember the name of this movie and I have not seen it anywhere since (since the early-mid 80’s when I originally saw it.)

    Genre– Japanese creature-feature (think Godzilla). But, instead of a guy in a rubber lizard costume, the hero was a giant robot, and (if memory serves) he looked a lot like Twiki from Buck Rogers only way bigger. He would battle other creatures, and he would finish them off at the end of the duel by blasting them with missiles or bullets from his mechanized fingertips. I think he flies into space at the end of the movie and dies somehow.

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    I will probably be shot for saying this, but I really think the first matrix film had an awesome end. (I thought the other two were crap).

    What makes you say that? Do lots of sci-fi fans not like the end of the 1st Matrix? I thought it was a great ending, but one thing I did not like was the whole Neo being brought back to life with a kiss thing. Sort of gave the movie an unnecessary chick-flick feel to it. Aside from that, Neo’s moment of clarity, when he could see the matrix for what it really was, was brilliant.

    I like the end of Lynch’s Dune. Ok, I did not read any of the books, but just speaking as a fan of the movie, I thought it was good (even though it moves kinda fast.) I like how Paul dispatched Feyd….twice.

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    The Neverending Story…ok, this is fantasy, but I love it. Love the theme song, too (twice the shame.)

    The Last Starfighter is another good one. I like the fancy trailer park. I always thought the the spaceship was cool, too. Plus, there were lots of funny moments. It was good clean 80’s fun.

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    In the Anubis posession episode, O’Neils treatment of the new Russian atache (telling him he wouldn’t be allowed offworld in a million years) had me rooting for the Russians!

    I daresay this borders on blatent racism! 🙁

    Yeah, I thought Jack’s reaction to the Russian came out of nowhere…it seemed odd for his character and the scene really stood out like a sore thumb. I felt bad for the guy.

    The US military is definately portrayed differently in the movie than the series. In the series, the military are part of the “good guys” and always try to do the right thing. I always suspected non-US viewers would get irritated from time to time by the US’s portrayal. As far as the movie goes, the military and government were more sinister, and I wouldn’t have turned my back on that Jack O’Neil. I thought the director was just trying to create a “scientists vs. the military” type friction, becasue the Stargate program was such a great discovery and you knew in the back of your mind that the American authorities were just going to screw it up somehow. I did not percive the movie to be lionizing the US in any sort of way.

    “AMERICA- F*CK YEA!!!”

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    I’m looking forward to BSG, the final episodes of SG-1 and SG- Atlantis in ’07. I haven’t kept my ear to the ground so I don’t know what’s coming up this year as far as new quality shows go.

    Hopefully Sci-Fi will come up with something good, but I won’t hold my breath. Eureka? I couldn’t get into it for some reason…it’s just not my thing. Ghost Hunters? Another installment of Who Wants to be a Superhero? Puhleez. It’s hard for me to believe some executive actually said, “Hey, that’s a great idea!” to those concepts. 👿 What a waste of money and air-time.

    My spouse and I also lost interest in Dr. Who after Eccleston left the show. He made a good, somewhat aloof, time traveler.

    I forgot about the new V series. I’ll definately check that out. I enjoyed the original, but it’s been so long I don’t recall how it ended. I thought the humans beat the bad guys with the red dust and that was the end? I guess not. I’m sure Skiffy will air the original series sometime in ’07 as a prelude.

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    Hey Spooookie. You pose an interesting question. I’m pretty laid back, so I don’t need a nail-biting story arc to keep me watching week in and week out. For instance, I liked the X-Files in the early seasons. They basically solved anonymos (but interesting) X-files every episode but once every 4-5 weeks there would be an episode about the whole “Cancer Man/ gov’t conspiracy/ alien cover-up” thing. That’s more my speed. Then you have shows like BSG that move so fast one really needs TiVO in order to follow all the nuiances and plot developments. BSG is still a great series, don’t get me wrong, but you can’t miss an episode and expect to be “in the know”.

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    Star Trek II- The Wrath of Khan is a great sequel…sure, it’s one of the more common candidates mentioned in this type of discussion but it’s a personal fave. I like the story line and Ricardo Montalban. The soundtrack is excellent as well. I’d be interested to see what others come up with.

    Back to the Future? That’s one of those rare movies that I could watch over and over again.

    Anyway, back to the top 10 list, I think Dune is pretty strong as well. Even if you haven’t read the book, just watch the movie 10 or 15 times and you’ll get the gist of it.

    I like Jurassic Park. The plot is dependent on hard science, and the special effects were the best in its time. I mean, they brought dinosaurs to real life for Pete’s sake!

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    Garbage pail kids?!? Wow, that takes me back. I once had a small collection.

    Anyways, thanks for the “sci-fi baby names” link, Hollydays. How cool! As chance would have it, my wife and I are expecting our first child…it’s a girl, and she’s due around Halloween. I wanted to name her Aeryn but my wife said no. She can be unreasonable sometimes. Maybe she’ll take a liking to one of these sci-fi generated names? 😆

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    Yup, Aliens was fantastic! For me, Bill Paxton’s character was one of the best “red shirt” type characters ever. Watching him bitch and moan amidst all the chaos was priceless!!!

    That’s a pretty solid list, and I agree with Faldor- I too am glad that it is not made up of recent scifi-sh “darlings.” Even though we all won’t agree with a “top 10” list, this particular list appears pretty well thought out as there are many picks that are considered groundbreaking and/ or revolutionary.

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    I’d like to see a Magneto movie as long as it’s still Ian McKellan. He’s a great villain (both Magneto and the actor)!

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    The Germans bombed Pearl Harbour? Wow, and I bet no-one knew because they were all distracted by the Japanese.

    Ha ha ha. Yeah, the “Germans bombing Pearl harbor” line is actually a John Belushi quote from the movie “1941.” He was giving an impassioned speech at one point in the movie when he made the (in)famous remark, which I always thought was hilarious. I guess no one remembers it. 😆

    Anyway, it’s been probably over 20 years since I last saw it but it was pretty corny if I recall. It had a good cast, though. Dan Akroyd, Christopher Lee, John Candy…

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    I remember Jon Pertwee a little bit, but Tom Baker the most from my experience. I wish PBS or some other American station would air the older episodes of Dr. Who…I’ve only seen a small portion of the series.

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    You know, I didn’t even know a “made-for-TV” production of this was in the works. I saw it air on TNT or USA or whatever per the cable-guide but that was it.

    in reply to: Top-Ten Sci Fi Monsters! #76491

    I don’t like appearing responsible for putting a damper on this topic, I think I was a bit too absolute in my perspective.

    Yeah, what a buzzkill, man. Waht’s up with that??? 😆

    Really, I’m just kidding.

    I think the reason you haven’t seen much chatter on this topic is that most people don’t view too many sci-fi monsters as truly scary (as you said.) Of course, that’s just my opinion and I could be way off base on this. My list was the product of a drunken night deliberating on said topic and, truth be told, I too felt that there are not many scary sci-fi monsters. But I forced the issue as only I can. 8)

    Hey, I still think creatures (abominations?) like the borg or replicants are scary for the reason I stated. But before Faldor or someone else (rightfully) moves my post to the “What is Sci-fi” thread, I will leave it at that.

    in reply to: Women in Sci-Fi Calendar #76390

    what a great link! 😀

    in reply to: Top-Ten Sci Fi Monsters! #76389

    I hope you don’t mind but I went ahead and posted my submission.

    10. HDS (Lexx)- damn bug
    9. Arachids from starship troopers- I hate spiders…
    8. the borg
    7. zombies/ living dead- a far stretch but there are some very weak sci-fi-ish explanations.
    6. Reavers- the movie really helped bring these guys to life, so to speak.
    5. TX Chainsaw Massacre (Sawyer family, or the Peacock family from “The X-Files”)…you can look at it from a biological standpoint, which would make it sci-fi-ish. Maybe inbreeding could spawn a very psychotic dominant gene. Being from Texas, I would know. Oh, the humanity!
    4. human clones/ AI- Blade Runner/ BSG/ Star Trek (khan)…I think it’s pretty scary when you have supra-beings…people who are so much better than you in almost every way.
    3. body snatchers…horrible. They get you when you sleep (and I’m pretty lazy.)
    2. Alien
    1. The Thing (Kurt Russell movie version…anything w/ more than 4 legs is pretty creepy)

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    Ok, time to get down to the nitty gritty. I was supposed to be filing my taxes but found myself surfing and then at the Sadgeezer site instead. This topic piqued my interest a few days ago and so I decided to search for obscure movies. Anyway, this guy has a website called “1000 misspent hours” (or something like that) and it has a nice database of bad horror and sci-fi flicks, plus reviews. Some of them are actually well known movies, but who knows? Maybe you’ll find a diamond in the rough that’ll make you think, “A-ha! I remember that movie and it was great!” Anyway, here’s some stuff I’ll throw out there:

    Metalstorm- the Destruction of Jared Syn- I remember seeing this on TV years and years ago so details are sketchy for me. It’s basically an 80’s “Mad Max” type flick.

    The Quiet Earth- Another 80’s film, but this time post-nuclear holocaust.

    Robot Jox- Anyone actually remember this film? Think “Mech Warrior” games, but on the big screen and with a, err, plot. Anyone see it?

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    How about “Pinata- Survival Island”? Ok, it’s actually a horror flick and Holy Christ, it was AWFUL- even by my standards. I think it is about an evil spirit that escapes from a pinata, then starts killing really good-looking college kids who are on a scavenger hunt. The funny thing is that I just saw this movie tonight on AMC (in the US), which I thought stood for American Movie Classics but I guess they are quite liberal with the whole “American Classics” thing.

    Seriously, though, how about “Krull” from around 1982- ish? It’s probably more fantasy than sci-fi but still, it’s a really good movie! It has knights, “the glaive”, fire mares, and bad guys that have giant cockroaches that live inside their heads. Also, it features a young Liam Neeson and a really kick-ass sound track from James Horner.

    in reply to: Which Character? #76197

    As much as I’d like to say Han Solo or John Crichton, I’m forced to face the cold, hard truth…

    Assistant Deputy back-up Accountant (Class 4) with some evil empire/ alien syndicate. I would inevitably do something catastrophic and bumble from one situation to the next. Also, I would try to score hot chicks (with little to no success worth mentioning.)

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    So let’s all stand on our beliefs of a Serenity 2. Because did Mal give up on getting back at the Alliance in any sort of way after the Battle of Serenity?

    And did the Americans give up after the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor??? Hell no!!!!!

    I’m with you, though…I hope your theory pans out and we get a 2nd movie.

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    Blake’s 7??? The Prisoner??? Where on earth do you guys find this stuff?!? Am I on a “trial membership” here at Sadgeezer.com and therefore do not have access to the secret portal to all these shows? 😆 I’ve heard these shows mentioned many times here but I still laugh to myself when I think about how much sci-fi that I have never seen/ heard of, but apparently everyone else has. Maybe I have a really crappy cable package? I don’t know. BBC America does not show sci-fi (that I know of), and PBS the public TV broadcaster here in the US, stopped airing Red Dwarf and Dr. Who years ago, at least in my neck of the woods. Oy, 🙄 I guess the local video joint may be a good starting place, but anyway…

    here are 5 faves that come to mind:

    5) Daniel Jackson- Daniel Jackson is definitely one of my favorite characters because he’s brilliant, curious, skeptical and resourceful. There’s also something very noble about him, especially when it comes to his unflinching sense of what he thinks is morally/ ethically right and wrong. Plus, the chicks dig him.

    4) Officer Aeryn Sun- There are lots of female characters that kick ass in sci-fi…Zoe from Firefly, Major Kira in DS9, Susan Ivanova from Babylon 5 and many others. But Aeryn Sun stands out head and shoulders above the rest. She’s no-nonsense most of the time and does not suffer fools, whether she’s dealing with unknown people, aliens (esp. parasite hunters) or putting up with Chiana’s antics. If a fight breaks out, she’s as cool as a cucumber under fire and is real handy with a pulse pistol/ rifle/ whatever is at hand. And if she is unarmed, she can still brawl bare-knuckles and never chip a nail. It’s probably that I lust after Claudia Black, her husky voice, accent and otherwise sexy self, but I think she’s a fine actress as well.

    3) Q- What’s not to like about an immortal, omnipotent being? I like how Q is a shady, mischievous and sometimes dangerous character that can never really be relied upon because he’s so unpredictable. A favorite episode is when he hurled the Enterprise into Borg space for the first time and the good guys got their asses kicked. Q had a really good speech to Picard at the end of the show about how the universe is full of all sorts of wonders, good and bad, but it’s not for the timid. Anyway, I also like how Q would toy with Picard by doing little things to annoy him. Q helped bring some balance to Picard’s seemingly infallible character.

    2) Anakin Skywalker/ Darth Vader- Ok, I admit I love the whole “good-guy-is-one-of-the-greatest-heros-of-all-time-but-then-turns-bad-but-redeems-himself-at the-end” thing. I just think Anakin’s life is a real cool story- his mysterious birth, his strength with the force, his excellence in engineering, piloting and, eventually, as a swordsman (Jedi/ Sith.) And of course, the “angry young man” streak that ran through his personality which helped lead to his turning to the dark side. Sure, some of the prequel movies really suck “the big one” at times, and as it has been mentioned on this board (and others) the set-up for Anakin’s betrayal was flimsy at best- but I get the gist of the story. Father vs. Son, the circle is complete, redemption, are all very good themes.

    1) Quark- The Ferengi are one of my favorites in the Trek world. The government corruption, the bribes, kick-backs, plea-bargains, shady back-room deals, extortion, swindling, false-advertisements, the Rules of Acquisition…it’s almost like real life except when you watch it on DS9 you laugh and laugh and are not outraged and jaded like you might otherwise be. Anyway, Quark’s lust for profit through any means necessary has provided me hours and hours of entertainment. But even as self-centered and greedy as he is, every now and then he surprises you be doing something “nice”- and by nice I mean that Quark does not get paid/ compensated for his deed. He has a strange kinship with the other crew members on DS9. Although he is not the enemy, he is not anyone’s friend, either, and everyone knows exactly what to expect when they deal with him.

    in reply to: got my copy of serenity #76077

    I’d like to get my own DVD, too. I still have a friend’s copy (sucker…) and it’s been about two or three months now.

    Anyway, I thought the movie was really good, but I did not pick up on any changes from the original story line (it’s been a while since I’ve seen it.)

    I liked the dead planet thing, as well. It was cool seeing the crew venture into Reaver space in order to get to that mystery planet, which turns out to be a really beautiful Earth-type planet. And then the poor lady scientist telling the story of how most of the people died…they just slowly stopped functioning- moving and breathing, if I recall- that was real interesting.

    And then the Reavers…they were real creepy and I finally got the sense from these guys that yes, they are very, very bad, scary and need to be avoided at all costs. I did not get that feeling from the series, but I guess it’s harder to convey that on TV.

    Yeah, I was disappointed that Shepard only got around 15min air time, and part of that was his ‘dead scene.’ Also, I really did not expect Wash to die…once he got impaled, I thought he was going to work his way off that spear (or whatever it was) a la Ming the Merciless, then “shake off” his wound and be back in the action. Alas, it was not to be. Bittersweet ending are ok, I guess, because the good guys don’t always make it back home.

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    On the whole, I liked this episode. I really liked Lee not acting like such a wuss and taking charge with the Pegasus pilots, with Starbuck’s attitude, and in the heat of battle (spur of the moment, no less) on the bridge.

    What I didn’t like was the abortion story…it just seemed “forced” into the Galactica story (for the sake of a controversial topic?) and did not make a whole lot of sense to me given our heros’ situation. Here’s why…the human race has been virtually decimated. And as was pointed out by Roslin, the key for the survivors was to get the F*&% out of Dodge and start having babies. Rarely does an entire society/ civilization pull together for a cause, but if there ever was a reason to do so, this would be it because as a matter of fact, it IS the end of the world. Ok, maybe not THE end but you get the point. Anyway, I would have thought that the remnants of humanity would have been on the same, baby-making page and really pull together to grow the population, but this was not the case in the episode (Cottle even made it sould like it was somewhat a regular occurance.) Anyway, the story did not compute! Especially given the fact that the Pegasus’ officers and raptor pilots (pilots in general) are dropping like flies!!! 😆

    Also, I had a problem with Cmdr. Garner going from rational, orderly engineer-type officer to reckless, damn-the-torpedoes and let’s-go-get-our-boys type jarhead. His decision-making process at the end of the episode seemed inconsistent with the structured engineering mindset they built up for his character. What? It could be a trap? Horsefeathers!!! Let’s violate Admiral Adama’s orders and jump the Pegasus to Gods-know where and go get them! Recon? Who needs it! Data? Spock was better. Sheesh. I don’t know, maybe I’m being too hard on him. What do the engineers think? Hedge?

    And yes, the Peggy sure does have some firepower, huh? I think I did see cannons on the front end (?) making short work of a nearby base star. That was nice!

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    Yes, once the cold front gets to Houston, it’ll be 56F and maybe even down to the 40s during the weekend. Woohoo!!! Time to go to the store to buy some wood for the fireplace, and make some chili!!! 😆 No, I’m not joking…I really have to seize any sort of cold weather that comes my way and make the most of it. *Now where did I put my gloves and scarf???*

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    Did that person have a cunning plan?

    Haven’t seen that episode of SG1, but a Baldrick character does appear in Stargate Atlantis. From the episode “The Tower” (which seems oddly reminiscent of Black Adder — haven’t seen it, just found trancripts and other stuff online about it)… Baldrick’s cunning plan works!

    Baldrick: I can’t believe that worked!
    McKay: What happened to positive thinking?
    Baldrick: I lied.

    Ok, that makes sense. Surely, it was the SG- Atlantis episode where I heard Baldrick mentioned and not SG-1 as I previously thought (don’t worry, I’ll stop calling you Shirley.) You see, I had two Friday’s worth of prime-time Sci-Fi DVR’d and I held a mini-marathon one evening recently. I was studying but had the shows playing in the background when I heard the Baldrick reference, but I guess it never dawned on me that one of the characters was actually named Baldrick. Thanks for the info.

    By the way, I very rarely reference Baldrick online, but not long before you posted this message I was writing at another board about that Vote topic where you wrote here,

    …anytime you can vote as often as you want pretty much invalidates the poll…

    , saying how I’d be tempted to vote For Blackadder, and offered this BA quote in reference to the aforememntioned multiple-voting practice:

    Edmund: Since Wednesday morning. I took over the previous electorate when he, very sadly, accidently brutally cut his head off while combing his hair.

    Vincent Hanna: One voter; 16,472 votes. A slight anomaly…?

    Edmund: Not really, Mr. Hanna — you see, Baldrick may look like a monkey who’s been put in a suit and then strategically shaved, but he is a brilliant politician. The number of votes I cast is simply a reflection of how firmly I believe in his policies.


    Ha! That woulda been great!!!

    in reply to: "Hyperdrive" #76033

    Looks kind of funny and interesting from the clips I’ve so far perused; no moments that struck me as Red Dwarf or Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy funny, by which I mean ball-bouncingly funny (oops that’s a Black Adder reference, my bad) but I do wish I got Hyperdrive on television.

    Seems that when it comes to Brit sci-fi, the new season of Doctor Who will have to do (and do it shall).

    Funny you mentioned Black Adder references…I coulda swore I heard Lt. Col. Mitchell make a ‘Baldrick’ dig at someone in a recent SG-1 episode. Did anyone else catch it, or was there really someone named Baldrick in the episode?

    in reply to: Vote for your show! #75978

    What? No SG-1??? 🙂

    At least they should have called it a favourites poll. More than one vote per person skews the results too much, and it might have worked better if they’d tried to do it by genre. Would be interesting if the ages of the voters, countries of origin, and votes per person were referenced since I don’t imagine you’re getting a good cross section of people.

    You bring up some very good points. And anytime you can vote as often as you want pretty much invalidates the poll. But it’s all in good fun, I guess.

    Anyway, this is such a hard question to answer ’cause there are so many good shows!!! You almost hate to single one out as ‘the favorite.’ But I guess I would have to say Star Trek- TOS is my fav because it was the show that got me into sci-fi when I was only 5 or 6 years old, and now that I’m older I realize how original it was and even ground-breaking in some respects. I still find it very entertaining.

    BSG- reimaged is another favorite and I never miss an episode. Great characters (top to bottom), compelling storylines and great FX make for a fine Friday evening.

    Farscape is another series that I love and I’ve been able to enjoy it all over again now that the local FOX affiliate and WGN air episodes weekly. I guess you could say that I’m on a Farscape ‘kick’ right now. DVR’d ‘The Peacekeeper Wars’ last night, too, and will enjoy them tonight and tomorrow or however long it takes. Anyway, Browder and Black are wonderful together and their crewmates were great characters, too. Just a very creative show that I never tire of watching.

    in reply to: Honestly Funny Sci- Fi Episodes #75906

    Of course! How could I forget the X-Files? The episode that stands out (in terms of humor) is the vampire episode featuring a then-unknown Luke Wilson.

    Basically, Mulder and Scully had to recount their version of certains events that led to Mulder shooting a “vampire” in a small town, so the episode was mainly one story told from both their points of view. Mulder/ Scully then used this opportunity to take subtle jabs at one another’s personality and professionalism in that funny, dry X-Files way. Their perspectives on the Sheriff was priceless…Scully recounted teaming with a dashing young Sheriff (Luke Wilson) who helped play a key role in their investigation; Mulder’s verison featured a buck-toothed, hay-seed Sheriff that Scully girlishly fawned over 😆

    A great episode and my spouse’s favorite as well.

    in reply to: Fav 5 villian catch phrases #75820

    5. “How Peculiar…”- Mantrid, from Lexx

    4. “Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagus the Wise?”- Chancellor Palpatine to Anakin Skywalker in SW III- Revenge of the Sith

    3. “I find your lack of faith disturbing.”- Darth Vader to unsuspecting Emperial Officer in SW IV- A New Hope

    2. “I have such wonders to show you.”- Pinhead, Hellraiser’s I – X (?)

    1. “Excellent.”- C. Montgomery Burns, The Simpsons

    in reply to: Honestly Funny Sci- Fi Episodes #75773

    I really liked the SG-1 episode where the show itself was parodied… this character (forget his name) tried to launch a new TV series (unwittingly) based off of the real SG-1 team. The actors playing O’Neil, Sam and Teal’C were gross mis-characterizations, the plots cheesy and the props were lame and it was all funny as hell. Can someone pick me up, here? What was the episode called?

    in reply to: Fandom Anecdotes/Stories… #75615

    Funny, now that you mention this…

    A co-worker of mine is absolutely infatuated with one of the star players on the local pro-baseball team. Recently, the team was in the playoffs and even made it to the World Series, so the entire city was abuzz with excitement for weeks. It was a very good time.

    Anyway, my co-worker was always talking about Andy Pettitte (said star player.) “Andy’s so great…blah blah blah.” “Andy’s pitching tonight so I’m going to the game…blah blah blah.” But the thing is, she’s in her early 30’s and married with maybe a kid or two, so I guess I didn’t expect this level of devotion from her. She had his replica jeresey and a poster of him at her cube- you name it. She would sit close to the field at the games, scream his name and jump up and down hysterically everytime he looked in her general direction, all while holding some lunatic poster-board sign (can’t remember what it said.) After the game ended, she would loiter around the seats closest to the field so she could get his attention or possibly an autograph…usually the kiddies are doing this sort of thing. The real kicker came when she told us that she actually met Andy…AT HIS CHURCH!!! She was so thrilled and was telling everybody at work. My co-worker knew which church he attended and, as chance had it, she also had a friend who attended that same church so guess what? My co-worker was going to church! Anyway, she ended up meeting him (without incident) and sometime thereafter even bought his wife’s CD (she sings gospel.)

    I was really amused by her antics. She’s actually a great co-worker…she’s just enthusiastic.

    Anyone see “Trekkies” or “Trekkies 2”??? I didn’t think so 😳
    It’s out on DVD and I rented the first one from Blockbuster one evening. The first DVD is about Trekkies in the U.S. and the 2nd covers the Trekkies internationally (though it still shows lots of U.S. trekkies.)

    in reply to: Delayed Reviews #75341

    Good luck with your studies, man. I know it will be tough.

    I’ve always enjoyed the reviews and I’m sure plagarists everywhere will be disappointed to hear that you will be out of comish in the coming weeks 🙁

    in reply to: New person here #75340

    LOL!! Never been to Boston before. If the Royals weren’t so bad I’d root for them. I do like the Red Sox because of Matt Damon.

    I think you meant Johnny Damon. Anyway, it was good to see him hit that grand slam against the Yankees last year…

    Oh- and greetings, BTW.

    Go ‘Stros!!!

    in reply to: Tornado Tidal Wave #75315

    But then they went more in detail, saying that this giant clusterf*&^ is actually just two individual separate bad movies. Once again SciFi you raised my hopes on something and just ruined it, just like you did with ‘Cool Whip.’

    Funny, I thought it was one movie as well. I was quite suspicious of it, too, and I watch some pretty bad sci-fi shows.

    Speaking of Bruce Campbell…I am a casual fan. He’s kind of a ham but in a good way and he has definately eeked out a good career for himself. Anyway, I noticed one of the local movie theaters showing someing called (and I paraphrase) “Q and A with Bruce Campbell.” Anyone see it? Anyone heard of it?

    in reply to: Ever happen to you??? #75314

    Yeah, I remember seeing “Bladerunner” on the cable guide awhile back.

    Anyway, I find that whenever I am in the mood for something on TV, like sci-fi, I will often find a “Tremors” marathon instead or something really lame that I don’t like. 🙁 Once about 6 or 7 months ago I was on an “80’s” kick one evening and managed to catch “Some Kind of Wonderful” and “Pretty in Pink” on TNT.

    Happy B-day, BTW. I hope you celebrate excessively.

    in reply to: Occult Cinema and TV #75180

    Interesting topic…

    “The Wicker Man”…I would have never known what this movie was about until I watched a ‘Top 100 Horror Movies of all time’ type show this past Halloween. It’s a 70’s flick (if I re-call) and it looked kinda low-budget but wow, the snipets I saw really had me wanting to see it. Unfortunately, the end was spoiled but it really doesn’t matter. Can’t wait to rent it but the spouse isn’t too keen on stuff like that. Guess I’ll have to wait till she’s outta town.

    Anyone see “The Believers” from the mid ’80’s? I saw it as a kid and being raised Catholic, it really had an impact on me (i.e. it scared the hell out of me.) It’s interesting how Catholicism has meshed with “paganism” in the Carribean and elsewhere. I guess the word Voodoo comes to mind but I guess that may not be entirely precise. A Tex-Mex buddy of mine in High School once confessed to me that his mom used to put a chicken egg (in some sort of mini-shrine) under his bed. I guess it was for good luck or to keep evil spirits away 😯 If it keeps the boogey man away, then whatever floats your boat, man.

    in reply to: I Hate The Crazy Frog! #75179

    What is this crazy frog???

    From what you guys have posted, I guess it’s best that I have not heard the tune/ jingle.

    in reply to: Scottie is Dead! #75178

    I was on the BBC website yesterday reading all the tributes to James Doohan and most were really touching. I had no idea how many engineers this guy actually inspired. Anyway, upon hearing the news of his death, you just knew all the lame one-liners were coming…

    “I guess he didn’t have any more power to give.”
    “You really can’nae change the laws of physics.”
    “Looks like God beamed you up.”


    What an amazing life he led, and what a wonderful character.

    Thanks, Mr. Doohan!!!

    in reply to: Beer vs Lager #75049

    The problem with so called ‘lagers’ is that no one knows how to brew, store or serve them properly in the UK. I cannot believe no one has mentioned the 2 homes of beer (Germany and Belgium). In Germany it HAS to be a good Hefeweizen – a great summer beer or a good pilnzner that takes 7 minute to pour (dry and refreshing). Belgium? Well there is nothing else to do there so take your pick:
    Qwak (8%) dark and sweet don’t expect to get home unaided
    Duval (9%) drink at your peril
    Satan (8%) a rip of Duval BTW
    Chimay Triple (7%) light colour but not in taste, made by monks, or in deed any of the trappist beers.

    Holland has to be Grolsh or Amstel. Hoegarten is nice on a summer’s evening.

    In the UK it’s Old Cantankerous if I can get it or Lancaster Bomber or Spitfire. Black sheep is also good.

    In the US? Sorry guys, you must try harder.

    Diz, I’m with you on the Belgian ales. For me, Duvel is the way to go. Probably the finest beer for my tastes. A solid beer with a great fruity taste, and yes, it takes patience and a little “know-how” to pour or else you’ll be drinking suds all day. The only real draw-back is that it’s expensive as hell. Then again, it’s worth it and I will not sacrifice the quality of my beer. Life’s too short.

    On a hot day? I like Bavaria, Dinkle Aker, Hollandia (sp?) and the like. Light but full-bodied beers with good flavors at a great price.

    However, 7th_Dizbuster, I must take issue with you on the American beer remark, good sir. Ah hell, we deserve that I guess 😀 . Coors, Bud, Miller…more gifts from us to you! Seriously, there are tons of great breweris here in the states, particularly in Colorado, California and Oregon. Here in Houston, there are a couple of local beers that many Brits/ Euros enjoy like Saint Arnolds (ale) and Shiner Bock (influenced by the German/ Czech settlers.)

    in reply to: Sci Fi Quote of the Month: May 2005 #74974

    I TiVo’ed a ST:DS9 episode last month (but have since deleted it 🙁 ) that had a funny quote from Quark. I wish I could remember the episode name but in this scene, he was facing certain financial ruin (i.e. death to a Ferengi), and started making his peace. Most humans (so religiously inclined, of course) would say something like, “When I get to the pearly gates of Heaven and meet St. Peter…”

    Instead, Quark says (and I paraphrase), “When I die and my soul goes up to the Divine Treasury, I will bribe the Grand Registrar knowing at least one thing…that I lived my life like a FERENGI!”

    Sorry, but to me that is just good comedy (tho it’s DS9.)

    in reply to: Harmes’ Topic: Sexy female aliens gallery #74973

    Harmes: I visited your gallery and really liked what you have compiled so far. I would like to submit Ensign Ro Laren from ST:TNG, played by the beautiful Michelle Forbes…wow…I’ve always had a thing for her!!! 😳 I know you had certain criteria specifying “sufficiently different from human” but since you had Major Kira in the gallery, I thought it would be ok to suggest her.

    question for the guys: Are three boobs better than one? What about that chick with a bit part in Total Recall with the three boobs?? Is she sexy?

    You pose a very interesting question here. This has been debated by great men (and perhaps a few great women as well) for many, many years, nay, centuries…nay again, eons. Socrates, Voltaire, Nietzsche, Navratilova, Hefner…

    In theory, three boobs is ideal because what is better than two boobs? Logic would dictate that one more boob would be better. But while that is possible, it is very impractical so the only likely compromise would be four boobs on aggregate, from two different chicks. And If you are lucky enough to score that Unholy tri-fecta, I salute you 8) …but back to your question, yeah, if I recall the “Total Recall” chick was pretty hot at first glance but the three boobs kinda wierded me out 😥 I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. She should probably be included in the gallery, though (IMHO.)

    in reply to: You Might Be A Redneck Jedi If……. #74894

    What a hilarious thread! Here a a few others, one or two of which have had some inspiration from previous posts:

    You might be a Redneck Jedi if…

    *Both sides of your family have unusually high counts of midi-chlorians.

    *Your Jedi robe is flannel rather than the traditional brown cloak.

    *Much to the bewilderment of yer opponents, you insist on fighting your light-saber duels at “high noon.”

    *Your X-wing fighter only gets 12.5 light-years to the gallon, but you brag to all your friends about making the “Kessel Run” in under 11.5 parsecs.

    *You’ve been cited by the Emperial Game Warden at least once in the past year for poaching Ewok outside of Ewok hunting season.

    *You’ve ever shot a fellow Jedi/ severed a limb by accident while yelling, “Hold my beer and watch this!!!”

    in reply to: patent pending #74891

    The funny thing is that I’ve been thinking about this every now and then for the past couple of weeks. But anyway, my invention has the commuting ‘geezer in mind, like me. You see, I live out in the ‘burbs and my office is about 30 miles away in a very busy part of town. But I knew what I was getting into when I bought a house out there but…if I had the knowledge, I would build some sort of vehicle that could cruise above all the traffic, maybe around 150 – 200 mph max and a ceiling of around 100 feet. Don’t have the specifics but I just need to be able to go over/ under power lines and bridges and what not. I was originally thinking something along the lines of Darth Maul’s speeder in “The Phantom Menace” but it would need to be a little more functional- maybe a two seater, good trunk space, beverage-holder, bitchin’ sound system, etc. It would be “the Hizzi”, as today’s youths would say. Damn…if I could do it all over again, I would have been an engineer 8) . I don’t think anything like that will be possible anytime soon but dare to dream…


    I hear what you’re screamin’. 🙂

    And the taps in the kitchen helped sell me on it too! 😈

    I’ve always said that a “swift half” would make the workday pass by so much faster!


    Yeah, my supervisor’s boss will periodically run internet activity reports to see what we’re up to 👿

    Anyway, I hope you don’t mind me asking (and if you’d rather not say, it’s cool) but do you happen to work for that brewery that produces the delicious Samuel Adams? Just curious.

    When I worked at PwC a few years back, we had a pretty good deal also. Snacks like pretzels, nuts, and candy were available in silver platters throughout the office. Plus our fridge was regularly stocked with frozen sausage biscuits, fruit, yogurt and the like. The best, of course, was the beer. The good stuff, too: Corona, Heineken, Samuel Adams, Shiner Bock. The reasoning being that we should be able to “unwind” while puttin’ in the OT…suckers (me and my coworkers, that is.) Anyway, PwC put an end to all that once we all started to blow through the goods (a month’s supply) after about a week and a half. Well, those days are gone forever. I should just let them go, but…oops. 😳

    Anyway, beer taps in the Kitchen… 8)

    in reply to: Stupid Product Placements #74841

    SG Atlantis- the ep titled “Home”

    While Sheppard was at his house with Teyla, they decided to crack open a coupla brews- Coors original (gold label.) Teyla even did the classic “bottoms up” as she stood chugging her beer with the label conveniently toward the camera.

    Soon after that, Sheppard (standing on the right-side of the screen) slowly glanced around his house as he grew suspicious of their situation, but that’s another story. A nice, black Calloway golf bag was just behind him to the left the entire time he did this. It was like a mini-blitz of adverts. I wonder if I missed any more?

    I really don’t care that this sort of placement is done. It’ just that I went from figuring out what was afoot in the episode to “Oh, look! Stupid product placements for me to note on Sadgeezer!” Anyway, I don’t like Coors and I don’t play golf well enough for me to run right out and blow all kinds of $$$ on Calloways so there.


    I honestly thought my company had had enough of me “screwing off” during work hours and somehow suspended my access to this website to teach me a lesson. Only when I got home did I realize that was not the case.

    Phew! 😀

    in reply to: FELIZ CINCO dEMAYO #74733

    Wow, this thread is old but since May 5th is quickly approaching I thought I’d dig it up.

    It has been interesting to see this relatively obscure day morph into a minor beer drinking holiday over the past couple of years, at least here in Texas. I’ve heard latin-themed jingles on the airwaves rave about Corona, margaritas and fajitas. A local Tex-Mex joint sports a large banner in front of the restaurant that reads, “Your local Cinco de Mayo HQs.” Party-favors and tequila specials are on sale everywhere…

    So my question is, has this marketing bonanza reached your part of the states?

    in reply to: Is it wrong? #74731

    I saw Lexx S1 for the first time this past December and quickly became a Zev fan…absolutely gorgeous. The light-blue hair thing really worked for her, and the accent (which comes in a little thicker than Xenia’s) added to her exotic beauty as well beacuse I’m a sucker for accents.

    Currently I think Dr. Elizabeth Weir from SG- Atlantis is one of the more attractive females in Sci-fi. My sis actually derided her as a cheap, Sigourney Weaver knock-off, but what does she know?!? 🙄

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